Known for his natural acting and versatile roles, Pankaj Tripathi, who’s playing the role of a don in Mirzapur on Sony TV, talks about his career and challenges he has faced being an actor. Pankaj Tripathi talks about the challenges of being an actor

Breaking away from the stereotypical roles

In a country like India, where there is so much focus on a conventional identity, it’s difficult to break away from that and get people to realize your talent. Although I may have been stereotyped as Sultan or Kaleen Bhaiya, I was always fortunate to be able to choose my projects. The fact that I am able to make those decisions is something that many actors in India can only dream of doing.

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Know your worth

While most actors are gracious and supportive of their fellow colleagues, there are times when they feel that someone else is getting more attention than they deserve. I’ve seen it happen with several successful actors in every industry, where one was envious of another who was achieving more success or fame. The first thing to realize is that you don’t need to be successful for yourself—success for others doesn’t equate to your failure!

Have a deep understanding of your craft

It takes a lot to be a professional. Acting, like any job that requires skill and training, takes commitment and dedication. This is especially true if you’re going to take on starring roles in film or television. Whether you’re playing a tragic hero or an evil villain, it’s up to you to show up to work each day ready and willing to bring these characters alive on screen.

Pankaj Tripathi talks about the challenges of being an actor
Pankaj Tripathi talks about the challenges of being an actor

Bring versatility in your game

It’s not just one role which brings you success, it’s a combination of roles. There is no specific way to get success in acting. In my case, people accepted me in certain characters but not all. With time I was able to convince them for all my other characters too and that’s when I got success. There is no shortcut for success; you have to work hard day and night for your goal, he says.

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Choosing jobs that excite you

Every one wants to be a super-successful star, but it is important to choose roles that are realistic and will help you grow as an actor. Choosing a role just because you feel that it will make you famous or get you noticed is not always a good idea. Pankaj Tripathi tells HT why he chose to play Kaleen Bhaiya in Mirzapur instead of Sultan.

How do I become like you?

One of my favorite actors, Pankaj Tripathi is known for his naturalness. I watched ‘Sultan’ recently and didn’t recognize him. The hero (played by Salman Khan) asks him, Kaun aaya?

Set achievable goals and be realistic about where you are headed

It’s good to have high aspirations and big dreams, but if you don’t set small and achievable goals, you won’t be able to achieve your big ones. In fact, setting small goals can help prepare you for large ones; learning how to shoot for smaller targets in life will also teach you how to set your sights on bigger things.

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No regrets, it’s all been good so far!

When I was trying to decide whether or not to become an actor, I’d often ask people what they thought. Most would tell me that it was a difficult industry and life can be tough but you get through it. But one person said, No matter what happens, don’t regret your decisions because they have made you who you are today. And since then, I try not to regret anything.

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