Season 3 of Ozark, which premiered on Netflix on August 31, has added yet another award-winning name to its cast: Janet McTeer (The White Queen) as Helen Pierce, who serves as a Chicago-based attorney who represents the Navarro cartel. This article will analyze McTeer’s character’s background and discuss her importance to the ongoing plot of season 3 of Ozark, which stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, who play the characters Marty Byrde and Wendy Byrde, respectively. Ozark’s Janet McTeer as Helen Pierce: A Chicago-Based Attorney Who Represents the Navarro Cartel

Introducing Helen Pierce

The Navarro cartel is back in season 3 of Ozark, and Helen Pierce is ready to take them on. Played by award-winning actress Janet McTeer, Helen is a tough lawyer who represents cartel leaders Carlos and Daniel Navarro. In season 2, she established herself as a formidable opponent for Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), Hank (played by Pablo Schreiber) and Wendy (Jordana Spiro). Although she didn’t appear in many scenes, her presence loomed large. In fact, She’s going to be one of our most important characters moving forward, Bateman told TV Guide.

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What drew you to this role?

He is a dream to work with, said McTeer, who previously worked with Bateman on The Family Fang. He is one of my favorite actors. I think he does an extraordinary job, and I just love watching him do what he does. When asked about her character and how she views Helen, McTeer replied that she feels that Helen doesn’t necessarily believe what she’s doing is wrong. However, when pressed if it gets to a point where there is enough guilt or damage done to make her regret or repent of her actions? Said McTeer, Yes it does and there will be plenty of opportunity for remorse in season 3.

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How is working with Jason Bateman?

It’s been like playing tennis with a great player, McTeer said, according to Entertainment Weekly. I love that he gives me a lot of space and tries to throw it out there, so I can play with it. We play off each other very well. Bateman is also definitely more self-deprecating than his Office persona Michael Scott would lead one to believe, she said. And Ozark star Laura Linney is amazingly smart. On working with her in Manhattan Murder Mystery and The Big C, which Linney both directed and starred in, respectively: She’s such an astute actress herself that she could really help me from an acting point of view, she explained.

Was it hard being away from home so much while shooting in Atlanta?

Absolutely. I don’t travel much for work, and when I do, it’s usually just to London, where my husband and kids live. So moving from New York to Atlanta for a couple of months was a big deal—I love that city, but it felt very far away from my family. And shooting so far away from home added an extra layer of emotion that I didn’t expect…That said, because I had never done a series before, I found myself really connecting with our cast. It was such a wonderful experience; you really get to know people fast when you spend 12 hours on set together every day!

Ozarks Janet McTeer as Helen Pierce: A Chicago-Based Attorney Who Represents the Navarro Cartel
Ozark’s Janet McTeer as Helen Pierce: A Chicago-Based Attorney Who Represents the Navarro Cartel

Where would you like to see your character go next?

I don’t know for sure, but I do hope to see a little more of Helen and Wendy together. I like that relationship, and I feel like we just got to a nice place with it before things went crazy with Hank/Billings (Jason Butler Harner). Maybe in season 4 we can get back to some of that. That would be fun. And now that she has her little army going, maybe Helen will be able to take on [some] of those other cartels? That would be interesting! But not too interesting or else she might get killed off…

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Did Helen change in Ozark?

Before she was confirmed as a season 3 regular, Janet McTeer’s character on Ozark, attorney Helen Pierce, was heavily teased in trailers and promos. She played an important role in money laundering for the cartel that Molly grew up with, but by all accounts she was ruthless and her morality didn’t appear to be very high.

Who is Ellen Pierce on Ozark?

Michael M. Robin, known for writing Narcos and Boardwalk Empire, is executive producer and showrunner. Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off The Boat) is executive producer and writer. She’ll also direct multiple episodes of Ozark season 2.

Who played Helen in Ozark Season 3?

Although she was born in Ireland, so is not at all a naturalized American citizen, McGowan became an American citizen during Season 3 of Ozark when she joined up with villains known as The Navarro cartel. To do that, she needed to be granted citizenship by either her own actions or those of a relative. Here’s how it happened on Ozark.

Why did Helen leave Ozark?

I think [the cartel] made it clear that they didn’t want to deal with someone who had a law degree or any sort of intellectual power, because they could see her having an independence of mind and thinking, You’re paying me to do something, but I can also say no. They wanted total control and she knew too much about them.

How tall is Helen Pierce?

Pierce stands an imposing 5 feet and 11 inches, making her taller than almost every other character on Ozark. The one exception? Her husband, Jacob, played by Hill Harper. Harper’s towering height (6 feet) is what originally drew McTeer to the role of Pierce. I think I was initially attracted to [the] idea of being with someone tall because I’m quite short in real life, she told Variety.

How old is Janet McTeer?

She was born on 22 February 1959 in Lancashire, England, UK. She’s 57 years old.

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