Ruth Langmore’s (Julia Garner) storyline may be the most fascinating in Netflix’s hit crime drama Ozark. But, how does Ruth’s journey compare to her on-screen cousin Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan)? Ozark star Charlie Tahan opened up about his character’s evolution in the series at the 2018 Vulture Festival in New York City over the weekend and his insights are intriguing to say the least. Ozark Star Charlie Tahan on His Character’s Journey

From town jerk to bad guy: A chat with Ozark star Charlie Tahan

Ozark star Charlie Tahan has emerged as one of that show’s biggest scene-stealers, particularly in season 2 when his character, Wyatt Langmore, descends into true villainy. In season 3 (debuting August 31), things will be different for Wyatt: he’ll be working from behind bars. We talked to Tahan about Wyatt’s arc and his upcoming involvement in a new TV project called The Family Business.

Why do you think your character, now portrayed in such a morally grey area, was so respected by his father in season one?

People saw him as a good person, but I think what he wants is to be seen in a different light. He doesn’t want to be seen as a good kid—in his mind, people don’t realize how clever he is. I guess in some ways Wyatt sees himself as being one step ahead of everyone else. In season one, he wouldn’t have killed anybody unless it was necessary for his own benefit; for him it was about not losing face. When things become more desperate in season two, I think that really changes and you see Wyatt turn into someone capable of hurting people or murdering them without flinching. I don’t think that side of him existed before; now all bets are off.

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Where do you see Wyatt going next?

Wyatt is a guy who made some bad decisions and now he’s doing his best to fix them. In Season 2, he gets into some trouble and ends up taking more extreme measures to protect his family. I’m not quite sure how Season 3 will play out, but I think it’ll be a wild ride—maybe even more so than last season. We can definitely expect Wyatt to become more devious in order to save everyone that he loves. Also, keep an eye out for [Wyatt] trying some new hair styles throughout next season! It was so fun seeing how long my hair got between each episode of last season—and then seeing it cut down again![…]

Ozark Star Charlie Tahan on His Characters Journey
Ozark Star Charlie Tahan on His Character’s Journey

How did working alongside Laura Linney and Jason Bateman influence your acting?

The biggest thing for me was being able to see Laura and Jason work. They have such a great dynamic together, so being able to watch them play off each other and really learn from that experience was invaluable. I’ve been acting since I was very young, but you never stop learning how to do it. Every moment I’m in front of a camera or with another actor is an opportunity to hone my craft and they were truly wonderful teachers!

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Do you have any projects coming up that we should be excited about?

The first thing I’m really excited about is Ozark . I think it came out to rave reviews and just a great response. In addition to that, I was fortunate enough to go and shoot The Goldfinch in New York with Nicole Kidman and Sarah Paulson. That was an incredible experience as well, so I’m looking forward to that coming out later on in October. Lastly, we finished up season 3 of Manhattan and that should be premiering in late September or early October as well. All three of those are all very different from each other, but I’m super proud of them all!

Who is Wyatt to Ruth?

He’s very important to her. He’s kind of like a conscience for her—he’s like, Hey, if you go and do that you’re going to regret it. You shouldn’t be doing that. I know you want to help but maybe we should do it in a different way. Maybe we should think about our safety as well. So he balances out Ruth in a good way.

Was Wyatt from Ozark in I Am Legend?

Wyatt Langmore is not to be confused with Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend, Robert Neville. Of course, Robert Neville was just a book character until 2007, when he was made flesh by Will Smith in The Last Man on Earth.

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Is Wyatt Ruth’s brother?

Yes, Wyatt and Ruth are brother and sister. That becomes even more of a focus in season 2. But his journey is more about really accepting who he is, what he wants and that he’s a grown man now. He’s been very much under his father’s thumb since they lost their mother at an early age. He has to realize that he can be independent from him and make decisions for himself. It comes to a head in episode 4 when they have it out over what I do with [Wyatt’s] money, which was given to me by my father so I could start up my own business.

What happens to Wyatt Langmore?

Ruth Langmore on Ozark season 3. What happened to Ruth in Ozark? How is Ruth from Ozark connected to Kevin Costner? Is she his daughter? Will Wyatt and Ruth marry in Season 3 of Ozark? Why are these two characters getting married? Who does young Wyatt (Charlie Tahan) look like in HBO’s Ozark? Does he look like his mother, or his father?

Are Ruth and Wyatt related on Ozark? Ozark Star Charlie Tahan on His Character’s Journey

Well, Ruth and Wyatt Langmore are actually cousins. While they aren’t blood-related, their parents had a relationship with each other back in the day. When Ruth was younger, she got involved with some sketchy business dealings and messed up pretty bad. This resulted in her getting sent to prison for a while. However, she got out and wants to turn her life around…that is until she finds out that her brother died in prison.

What happens to Ruth langmore in Ozark?

In Season 3, Ruth disappears for five episodes and is presumed dead. But in episode six, we find out that she was kidnapped and is alive. When we last saw her, she was being wheeled into a hospital room by two men — one who had been tailing her since Missouri; another whom she knocked out after they drove away from their cabin hideout. Who kidnapped Ruth? Was it Augustine? And if so, why?

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