If you’re not a Microsoft insider, you may not have been aware that the company has been working on an overhaul of its email client, Outlook. The biggest addition to this new version of Outlook is its conversational in-app AI assistant, Erica, which can complete tasks, respond to questions and even answer emails on your behalf when you’re busy or away from your computer. Here’s what else to expect from Outlook, including support for Google Drive, real-time anti-phishing tools and an improved calendar experience. Outlook for Windows gets a makeover – Here’s what’s new

New interface

The email inbox is now split into three columns that show your messages, unread messages, and other folders. The left-hand navigation panel has been replaced with a search box. You can customize the interface to switch between categories of emails like newsletters, social media updates, and deals. Plus it comes with some nifty features like being able to set reminders on emails to ask you when you want to be reminded about it. If you’re an Office Insider then you can download Outlook for Windows from the Microsoft Store today!

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Tasks section

– Microsoft has updated the way you open and close email messages with Outlook by introducing the ribbon interface.

– Outlook now has an improved search bar to help you find messages more quickly, as well as labels to help categorize your conversations.

– The attachment browser has also been updated, which will allow you to preview attachments directly in the message list.

– You can now toggle between reading and editing messages with one click of the mouse, so no more switching back and forth between modes. Outlook for Windows gets a makeover – Here’s what’s new

New Calendar

The new Calendar has a cleaner, more streamlined look, and the navigation pane at the left-hand side of the screen is much easier to use. There are also some cool features like an Assistant that automatically provides you with suggestions based on your past activities and preferences. You can set up the assistant so it proactively sends email reminders about things like travel arrangements, package deliveries or dinner reservations. The assistant can even remind you when its time to call someone back after they leave a message.

SkyDrive integration

One of the biggest changes to the Outlook app is that it will now sync with Microsoft SkyDrive. If you have any attachments saved on SkyDrive, they will automatically be synced with your Outlook account and will appear just like any other attachment. Emails can also be dragged from your inbox into a folder in SkyDrive.

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Focused Inbox

The Focused inbox is an attempt to help busy people cut down on the time spent looking through their cluttered email inbox. With this view, only emails that require your attention show up in the inbox so you’re not spending time looking at things like newsletters or other irrelevant emails. The idea is that you’ll spend less time sorting through your messages and more time reading them. For example, if there are four categories of messages in your inbox: important and unread, unimportant and unread, important but read and unimportant but read; then the Focused Inbox would just list those two categories. To enable it go to Settings -> Mail -> Under General tab -> Sort By select Most Recent

What you need to know before using Clutter?

Clutter is an intelligent system that automatically highlights emails you might want to act on, but it only operates in the background. Clutter can be turned off by clicking on the Clutter icon next to your inbox and then clicking Turn Off Clutter. This will remove clutter from your inbox. There are also options to turn off email notifications. Clicking the gear wheel at the top of your screen will take you to Account Settings where you can choose which types of notification email messages you would like to receive.

Outlook for Windows gets a makeover - Here's what's new
Outlook for Windows gets a makeover – Here’s what’s new

How do I make Outlook look like new Windows?

Make your inbox look like new windows with these quick and easy steps. Simply click on the gear icon in the top right of your inbox and select ‘Turn on this look.’ You’ll then see three options: (1) Mail, (2) Calendar, and (3) People. Choose which one you want to use and you’re done!

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How do I change Outlook back to classic view?

If you’re not completely sold on the new Outlook and don’t like the modern look, it is possible to change your settings so that you see your email in classic mode. To do this, head into Options > Preferences > General and scroll down to Email Format. You’ll see two options: Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013 (or whatever year you’re running).

How do I make Outlook look pretty?

When it comes to making Outlook look pretty, you have a few options. First, you can choose from one of the many themes that come preinstalled with Outlook. Second, you can go to File and then click options and select customize. From here you can add backgrounds to your inbox and compose window as well as change fonts.

How do I fix the way my Outlook looks?

1) Create an email. 2) Change the font size by clicking on the A button, then clicking on Font Size. 3) Click on the Size tab to change your font size. 4) Select your preferred font style. 5) Choose your desired background color. 6) Change the text color by clicking on Text Color and selecting from one of the many choices available.

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