The podcast has become so big that we can’t ignore it anymore, says one character in the dark comedy Only Murders in the Building, premiering Saturday on Showtime. The dark comedy features Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, a financially struggling Broadway director who spawns the idea of the podcast and becomes its director. He lives in 10D at the Arconia, an apartment building where all the residents are trying to make it as artists—and where murder lurks behind every door. Each episode of Only Murders in the Building will explore two mysteries. ‘Only Murders in the Building’: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam

A look back on the career of Martin Short

Martin Short has come a long way since he first came to fame on SCTV, one of Canada’s most popular TV shows. Since that time, he has appeared in numerous blockbuster films, including Father of The Bride, Three Amigos and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. He is also well known for his work on Saturday Night Live and other television roles, like his famous Jiminy Glick character. But his latest project is something quite different: Only Murders in the Building tells a podcast-like story with an inventive sound design and features Martin Short himself as director Oliver Putnam.

The making of Only Murders In The Building

It was shot before a live audience with improvisation and many unexpected twists and turns. The play was also written with an audience in mind. According to Richard Kahan, The material is being written with an audience present all week long.

Only Murders in the Building: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam
‘Only Murders in the Building’: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam

This will be reflected by whether they laugh at things that aren’t funny, but were intended to be funny because of a twist that comes down at another point later on. They are going to decide what works or doesn’t work for them based on their own reactions, not just those of us onstage reacting to one another, which can often be misleading. (2) Comedy masks chaos. Creating comedy out of certain scenes brings unpredictability into writing; thus making each performance different.

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Interview with Paul Middleditch, creator/producer

In my show, there’s a death every five episodes. They’re sometimes murders but we don’t have to say that. Middleditch said that he was inspired by real-life experiences he had with listening to other people’s conversations at work. I really enjoyed listening and hearing things they were saying; it made me wonder what they were like when they weren’t being themselves. He has received good reviews for his performance, which is comedic and serious at times (for example, when Martin Short’s character reveals information about himself). This lends to a realistic feel of each podcast episode where everyone has their own stories.

Review by Ken Tucker (of Entertainment Weekly)

There is nothing more difficult for a TV series than finding an identity when it first begins. Comedy, drama, sitcom — what’s it going to be? Blue Eyes has opted for a hybrid of two genres that seem unlikely to blend well: murder mystery and talk show. At least three television detectives (Hawaii Five-O, Riptide and The Rockford Files) had similar successes with similar hybrids during their long runs, so Blue Eyes may be onto something here. That said, as with any such premise, success depends on its execution. If one or both halves of each show’s split personality fail to ignite interest every week (as they do here), then viewers will just turn off their sets and do something else.

Only Murders in the Building: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam
‘Only Murders in the Building’: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam

What is Martin Short real name?

Marty The Temp Short (born March 26, 1950) is a Canadian comedian, actor, singer and writer. He performed in many Toronto productions and was also a member of The Second City comedy troupe. Later he appeared on SCTV Channel from 1980 to 1984 and won two Emmy Awards during his time there. He later moved to America where he joined Saturday Night Live for three seasons from 1985–88; in later years he has been working with Jim Henson’s Muppets.

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How rich is Martin Short?

Martin Short and his wife, Nancy Dolman, have worked together on many projects over their decades-long partnership. Together they wrote a musical called The Secret World of Og that opened at a small theater in New York City, but did not make it to Broadway after one performance. Still, they were able to turn The Secret World of Og into a children’s book based on their work, which made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list. If you enjoy reading, check out some books by celebrity authors like Robin Williams and Bill Cosby while you wait for these series to come back on TV.

Is Martin Short British?

Yes, he was born and raised in Canada but moved to England when he was seven. He lived there until his mid-20s before returning to North America. He’s not exactly Hollywood North, but more like Hollywood Europe. With a stint at The Second City comedy troupe on his resume, Short went on to star in sitcoms like SCTV (Yeah! TV!) and NBC’s Help Me Help You before moving into movies with high-profile turns alongside Tom Hanks in Turner & Hooch and Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy.

Only Murders in the Building: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam
‘Only Murders in the Building’: Martin Short as Oliver Putnam

How old is Martin Short and Steve Martin?

Steve Martin is born on August 14, 1945 and he is 73 years old. I believe that he will be 74 at some point during season 4. Which means that Martin Short is 7 years younger than Steve. He was born on March 26, 1950, so if you do the math he would be 64 and will turn 65 around July or August of 2019. While listening to their banter I am able to gauge how far they are into their careers and am able to gauge how long ago they worked together on a set. They both have been working for over 50 years and some of their work dates back to 1966 (or earlier).

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How old is Danacarvey?

Danacarvey, originally Dan Carvey, is a stand-up comedian. As of 2018 he was 50 years old. The character has never given an exact date, but always refers to his age, whether directly or indirectly (for example: if I didn’t turn 50 soon I’d be dead anyway). At first he was 45, then 46 and finally during an appearance at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles April 8th 2018 he mentioned that he had turned 47 just two days before and that it was his first time there after moving to LA a year before from New York City.

How old is Nathan Lane?

Nathan Lane, who plays himself in his role of Brad Zimmerman, is 67 years old. The actor and comedian was born April 3, 1956. He started his career on stage before appearing on television series like The Single Guy and Modern Family. His big break came with a supporting role in The Birdcage, for which he earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In 2000, he played Max Bialystock on Broadway and earned a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Since then, he has been recognized with four more Tony nominations, one Emmy Award nomination and two Golden Globe Award nominations.

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