In season 2 of Only Murders in the Building, Cara Delevingne stars as Alice Banks, the quirky love interest of Mabel King (played by Taryn Manning). As an art gallery employee, Alice Banks creates a mystery when she suddenly disappears, leaving her boss to wonder if she took off with some paintings or was murdered like the other people who worked at the building. In this episode of Only Murders in the Building, we find out who Alice Banks really is and what her real relationship with Mabel King really looks like behind closed doors. Only Murders in the Building: Cara Delevingne as Alice Banks (season 2)

Is This A Show About Women Being Murdered In NYC?

The Most Shocking Premiere of Season Two of Mabel is Only Murders in The Building, which introduced us to a bunch of new and interesting characters, including one played by model/actress Cara Delevingne. The episode was mostly about Mabel attempting to solve a murder, with some minor plot points about her relationship with Angus and Rebecca’s escalating depression. It was shocking to see what was ultimately a show about murders happening on television being so affirming for women, especially since it’s rare that you get an entire episode focused on one woman who isn’t focused on at least halfheartedly trying to hook up with men. But it was refreshing after witnessing yet another rape story line playing out across two other shows I love – The Leftovers and High Maintenance.

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The Coolest Scene from The Premiere

The Not-So-Sweet Surprise It’s been a long time since Twin Peaks ended its two-season run on ABC, so it felt refreshing to see how David Lynch revived one of TV’s most iconic characters: Agent Dale Cooper. The FBI agent who investigated Laura Palmer’s murder was portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan in both seasons, but there are some key differences between his early and late 90s portrayals. Most noticeably, Coop has shorter hair, which makes him appear more mature and confident — it fits perfectly with Laura Dern’s well-established character of Diane Evans.

Is this Weird Relationship Fictional or Based on a Real Life Couple?

In real life, Mabel is dating social media star Tana Mongeau. But according to Way’s Instagram and Twitter, it appears that she and Mabel are just friends and co-workers. So you’re probably wondering if there is any truth to Tana appearing on a Netflix show? According to Way, no. We have not worked with her yet; she doesn’t know about it at all! We’re just kind of like obsessed with her. We love her on YouTube; we think she’s so funny, but she doesn’t know anything about it right now. But we won’t say no to an appearance from one of our favorite YouTubers!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Moments, Where Characters Confess Their Feelings Out of Nowhere

When it comes to Brooklyn Nine-Nine moments, fans are used to seeing Jake and Amy’s relationships go through some very eventful times. One of these moments is when Jake confessed his feelings for Amy on The Bet. And that was just one of several confessions made on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fans will remember a few big outbursts, including Terry’s confession to Holt. Yes, a lot of surprising things have happened when characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine decide they want to say something important. The question is how do they decide that now is finally time?

Bob Odenkirk and Stephanie Beatriz Play Each Other’s Love Interests on Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill’s unlicensed attorney Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, has a new love interest. But unlike Skyler White, Kim Wexler and Hamlin Hamlin & McGill secretary Francesca Liddy—three of his characters’ more memorable exes—his latest paramour is a little less mysterious. He has just started dating actress Stephanie Beatriz, a.k.a. rookie cop Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, who also happens to be playing Odenkirk’s onscreen love interest Alice Banks on Better Call Saul.

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When We Are Going to See Alex Karpovsky Again?

Alex Karpovsky played Ray Hueston, Mabel’s father and her main love interest throughout season 1. We’ve yet to hear about him or his possible relationship with Bill Pardy, who just might be his lover, in season 2. When will we get some answers? He is known for playing Jelani Noble on HBO’s Girls and Nick Sobotka on The Wire. Let’s see him again! (Season 3 confirmed Alex Karpovsky will appear at least once.)

Reminder That Alia Shawkat Once Played Ted Mosby’s Ex-Girlfriend On How I Met Your Mother

Not that we need reminders, but just a friendly reminder that Alia Shawkat, star of Search Party and co-star of Arrested Development, used to play a love interest for Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother. She was Robin Scherbatsky’s cousin Isabel from The Pineapple Incident, if you remember…which you probably don’t because no one remembers her. When she appeared again in season 6 as Ted Mosby’s ex-girlfriend Alice Banks, played by none other than Cara Delevingne of Paper Towns fame, it was obvious that someone realized how good Alia Shawkat is at comedy and how much fun it would be to see her pop up here and there. Now she pops up all over the place.

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