The lore surrounding Elden Ring has been on fire since it was revealed at E3 2019 and tons of questions have been arising ever since, but most of them have been answered or will be answered in the near future. But the question that’s eluded everyone so far is how to obtain the assassins prayerbook, which has been added to the list of in-game items available only by pre-ordering the game or obtaining it with exclusive editions. Here’s our theory on how to get this powerful item. One Piece of Elden Ring Lore You Probably Missed

Where did it come from?

When it comes to hardcover books, lore notes rarely appear at all—so when an image of what looks like a lore note from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey showed up in an Amazon Japan listing for Assassin’s Creed: New Dawn, fans quickly tried to unlock its secrets.

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What is it?

In a game as enormous as Elden Ring, there’s bound to be a few easter eggs and mysteries you might have missed. One such mystery is found in a little-known area called Shrivenrock Hall. Inside you’ll find a clever reference to an enemy type called Assassins — who are clearly modeled after several well-known assassins from other works of fiction. Once you take in all they offer, these enemies can be quite powerful!

One Piece of Elden Ring Lore You Probably Missed
One Piece of Elden Ring Lore You Probably Missed

Why do people want it?

The Assasin’s Prayerbook was a very powerful tome in Lord of Shadows, and with it came great power at a great cost. In certain hands, dark things can happen if it is unleashed too early. The game sets up how epic a battle will be when one wields all four books and unlocks their potential, as well as hints that there may be more books that have yet to be revealed.

How was it used?

This little book is possibly one of my favorite pieces of Elden Ring lore, but it might be one that you missed when playing through The Lord of Shadows expansion. This book is your key to obtaining an item known as The Assassins’ Prayerbook, which allows you to create weapons and armour with skills from different classes. Yes, I know it sounds like a given that a Lord of Shadows expansion would include some form of inter-class items—but hear me out!

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