Beginning in 2016, Animal Kingdom has established itself as one of the best shows on television, and deservedly so. It follows the Cody family, made up of four brothers who run a criminal enterprise out of their home in Southern California. One character that really stands out among the others is Nicky Belmont, who doesn’t even appear until halfway through the first season. Nicky isn’t involved in her boyfriend’s family business; she believes they are simply high-end antique dealers. Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family

Basic Information

Nicky Belmont is one of three main characters in TNT’s show, Animal Kingdom. Played by actress Molly Gordon, Nicky is seen as innocent and nice. Throughout season 1 and 2 we see Nicky start to learn more about her boyfriend Baz’s life. In season 3 she deals with her cousin falling in love with her. This character goes through many changes throughout season 1 and 2 as she learns more about her boyfriend’s family that she is not aware off until they are revealed to her. When Nicky found out about Baz having an affair with their Aunt Crystal, after some convincing from Smurf and Craig, she was ready to leave him because he did not respect or value their relationship but luckily his grandmother, Janine convinces her otherwise.

About the character

Nicky (Molly Gordon) is J’s girlfriend who, unbeknownst to her, is unaware of her boyfriend’s family’s criminal activities. Nicky is an intelligent and snarky girl with a wry sense of humor. Although she can be awkward in social situations, she’s friendly and kind-hearted to those around her.

Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family
Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family

Nicky was once friends with Angie but doesn’t see much of her after she begins dating J and ends up separating from him after Season 3. She occasionally works at Cody Tool & Die as well as Warren & Sons Construction with Angela.

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Role in Season 1

Nicky was a normal girl who just so happened to meet Michael Cody, who lived in NYC with his parents. Though she knew that he didn’t have much money, she was nonetheless attracted to him because he seemed to be good, unlike any other guy she had met before. Her attraction for Michael made her blind for three years about all of Cody’s criminal activity. Even when she finally began catching on that Michael was up to something suspicious and illegal, she chose not tell anyone about it for fear that no one would believe her and would call her crazy instead.

Relationship with a member of the Cody crime family

Nicky had been dating Jason Cody for some time when she eventually discovered that he was in fact her boyfriend’s father. Although she initially tried to end their relationship, Nicky fell in love with Jason and they resumed their romance. In season two, Nicky discovers that she is pregnant with Jason’s child and gives birth to J.J. (short for Jason Junior) at the end of season three. Despite being born into a crime family, J.J grew up as an innocent child unaware of his family’s criminal activity and eventually began spending less time around his family members so he could develop as an individual without feeling responsible for their actions or tarnished by their reputation.

Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family
Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family

Description and Characteristics

Molly Gordon is best known for her role as Nicky Belmont in Animal Kingdom. Prior to that, she appeared in movies like Jack Reacher and Ice Age: Continental Drift. She has also guest starred on shows like Weeds and Castle, as well as appeared in a number of commercials and infomercials. Gordon seems to be sticking around Hollywood for now, but her career is likely to become more private once she marries fellow actor Andrew Wilson—despite their closeness in age (they’re both 27), they’ve dated since they were teenagers! Lucky for us, their wedding will be documented by People magazine when it finally happens!

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Relationships with other characters

During her time on Sons, Gordon was involved in romantic relationships with both J and Juice. Gordon was best friends with Lyla. As of season 2, she is engaged to Jax (Charlie Hunnam). She is also good friends with Tara (Maggie Siff), who is married to Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman). She comes from an upper middle class family; her father is a CEO and her mother has an advanced degree in sociology.

Differences between the book and TV adaptation

3×01 A Dollar and a Dream At first glance, Molly Gordon seems like she couldn’t be more different from her character on Kingdom. In an interview with People, Gordon opened up about filming for Kingdom’s third season in New Orleans and working with co-star Frank Grillo (her boyfriend IRL). New Orleans is my favorite city ever, said Gordon. I grew up there so it was really fun to be back. According to People, producer Byron Balasco put together some casting directors that he knew personally and already had a good relationship with including Julie Tucker who works at Baron/Barry who has cast for AMC shows including Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Preacher and Hell on Wheels.

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Picture Gallery

Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family
Nicky Belmont: The Unsuspecting Girlfriend of a Crime Family

You’ve seen it on TV, now get an insider’s look at how real crime families live in Animal Kingdom. We sat down with star Molly Gordon to discuss her role as Nicky Belmont, J’s girlfriend who is unaware of his family’s activities. In our interview below, Molly talks about what it was like shooting some of season 2’s most heart-wrenching scenes and previews what viewers can expect from Nicky in season 3. Continue reading for more exclusive pictures!

Who is Nikki on Animal Kingdom?

A Fish out of Water: Molly Gordon, best known for her role as Chloe Bennet on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., plays Nicky, J’s girlfriend and mother to Smurf (when he isn’t throwing her across the room that is). In tonight’s episode A Fish out of Water, Nicky is given more depth than we’ve ever seen before and it turns out she has no idea about J or his family and criminal activities – which makes it even harder for Vic to deal with life from inside prison walls. And if you’ve noticed… she has kind eyes and smiles a lot – something very hard to come by in Animal Kingdom!

How old is Nicky in animal kingdom?

Nicky is in her mid 20’s in Animal Kingdom. She is unaware that her boyfriend and his family are criminals until they are on vacation and end up kidnapped. If she survives, we will continue to see Nicky struggle with adjusting to life as part of a crime family who seem to murder without any hesitation or remorse. Although she wasn’t around for much more than two seasons, Nicky has already left quite an impression as one of TV’s most unique, most dangerous female characters. It’s easy to forget that Animal Kingdom is only about three years old at this point.

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