Peaky Blinders , the hit show on BBC Two, has introduced many new characters since its beginning in 2013. One of these new characters is Erasmus Duke Shelby, played by actor Conrad Khan. In this article, you will find out who Erasmus Duke Shelby really is and what you can expect from him in season three of Peaky Blinders . New Character Profile: Erasmus Shelby of Peaky Blinders

Conrad Khan Play As Erasmus “Duke” Shelby

This picture doesn’t show very much but we get to see a guy who looks like Conrad Khan and he’s Duke so that works out. He did have to cut his hair for another project, but then went bald for his role as Andrei Draganescu in Wonder Woman 1984, so all is good. Unless you’re trying to reenact your favorite scenes from Season 1, then no it isn’t, because you won’t be able to do that any more. Still, I’m happy Duke got a look and I hope we see him again soon! ( Source )

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New Character Profile: Erasmus Shelby of Peaky Blinders
New Character Profile: Erasmus Shelby of Peaky Blinders

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Who is he?

You probably recognize him from NBC’s Grimm as Nick Burkhardt, but actor extraordinaire Conrad Khan is joining BBC’s newest drama series Peaky Blinders. In a recent interview, Khan told E! Online that it was pretty intimidating because I literally went straight from Grimm to here. Everyone on set was very friendly and nice and helpful. I didn’t feel like they were breathing down my neck. It felt more like they wanted me to do well.

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How does he fit into the story?

​Erasmus Duke Shelby is a London criminal and legendary bare-knuckle fighter who comes to Birmingham in series one and changes everything for Tommy, his family, and their criminal enterprise. He’s cunning, he’s shrewd, he’s savvy. As such, he quickly becomes a trusted adviser to Tommy while also forging relationships with everyone else who is affected by his presence – whether they like it or not. He has an undeniable chemistry with Polly that leads many to suspect they were once lovers, but whether Duke seduced her out of genuine attraction or just because she was one more thing he could use against Tommy remains unclear.

New Character Profile: Erasmus Shelby of Peaky Blinders
New Character Profile: Erasmus Shelby of Peaky Blinders

What do we know about him?

The character, who’s based on a real historical figure from Birmingham, is described as one of the most fearsome gangsters ever to emerge from Birmingham. Shelby rises through society and becomes a big player in the dark heart of industrial Birmingham. The BBC promises that his rise to power will be fueled by gambling, sex and murder. Not to mention absinthe—the trailer above suggests that Prohibition doesn’t stop him from hitting up speakeasies with his posse.

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How does this change his relationship with Tommy?

In the UK, on BBC Two; In America, on Netflix. Other countries can find it with a quick Google search. There are other sources as well. It’s been covered in places like Time Out London, The Hollywood Reporter and The Telegraph, who described it as possibly [Tommy]’s most twisted scheme yet. However, we’re not here to talk about Tommy. We’re here to talk about his brother, Erasmus Duke Shelby (played by Conrad Khan). Who is he? What is his relationship with Tommy? And what does he bring to Season 3? Let’s take a look at what we know so far…

Where can I watch it?

The show is available for streaming on Netflix. The Peaky Blinders series also happens to be one of my favorites (I’m a HUGE Cillian Murphy fan), so I can’t recommend it enough! It will definitely suck you in and keep you hooked until Season 3, which just premiered in 2017. There are currently four seasons available to stream, so there’s plenty of time to binge-watch and get caught up. Don’t miss out! You can watch Seasons 1-3 on Netflix now and see what all the hype is about. If you like gritty crime dramas, edge-of-your seat plots, epic fight scenes (or just Cillian Murphy) then watch it! You won’t regret it 🙂

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