The BBC series Peaky Blinders was recently renewed for a third season, which should be cause for celebration, especially if you’re as big of fan as I am. It’s gritty, yet whimsical; an interesting combination that makes it difficult to look away from the screen, but also difficult to describe without giving too much away! I’m not alone in my adoration of this show, either; the first season got an 8.2/10 rating on IMDb, which certainly says something! New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong

Meet Some of the Previous Characters in Peaky Blinders

Season 1, episode 4 is when Cillian Murphy returns as Tommy Shelby. Meet some of his previous characters while you wait for series 3. Then you will have time to watch them all. Here’s a list of some of his characters, but there are more!

Meet the New Character

The makers of Peaky Blinders have added a new cast member to season three—Sons of Anarchy actor Ned Dennehy. The official Twitter page for BBC Two shared a photo of Dennehy on set with Cillian Murphy and others in early October, but Dennehy’s character name wasn’t revealed until November 14. While many fans were hoping it would be Tommy, they weren’t too upset when they learned that Tommy wouldn’t appear on screen because of Murphy’s schedule. Instead, we’ll get some insight into how Tommy became who he is through his father.

New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong
New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong

The Similarities Between the Two Characters

Both Ned Dennehy and Charlie Strong have been living in America (specifically New York City) for several years. In both cases, their accent helps them stand out from others and their mannerisms help them get by in a strange environment. Neither man is necessarily trying to hide his true identity, but there is a sense of mystery surrounding them because they both operate on a different wavelength than others around them. The two characters are both relatively quiet and reserved, but people can’t help but notice them because of how distinct they are.

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The Differences Between the Two Characters

Both men are strong, powerful leaders that are respected by those in their industry. They both have a no-nonsense type of personality and don’t put up with excuses from their underlings. However, whereas Ned was portrayed as a villain or rival to Tommy and was ultimately killed by him in season 1, Charlie has a much more positive outlook on life and his relation with Tommy is much more beneficial for both of them. In fact, they worked together well while they were on Al Capone’s payroll. This type of camaraderie is an aspect that we didn’t see with Ned Dennehy’s character in season 1, but is present in multiple episodes throughout season 3 thus far.

How Will Charlie Change Over Time?

Charlie’s personality will evolve over time due to his experiences. He will definitely become less naïve and experience, learning what he can and cannot do in order to survive. He will also experience sorrow from having lost his wife and children, which will make him more resilient in other ways. Additionally, he has already demonstrated an ability for planning attacks against people who threaten him or his friends; as he becomes more comfortable with his situation and develops relationships with Tommy, Arthur, Ada, Michael, Chang Lee and others it is likely that he will begin planning on a larger scale in order to build defenses against more dangerous enemies than just policemen who are harassing them.

New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong
New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong

Will He Be a Good Influence on Tommy?

Filming for season 4 is set to begin on August 31st. This means we won’t be seeing it until 2018 at least. It also means we might see a few new additions like Steven Knight recently hinted at when he said We’ve got three major characters coming in, but I don’t want to say who they are. One of these roles could be played by Ned Dennehy and bring his character back from series one. It will take some time before we know whether Dennehy’s return is a good or bad thing for Tommy Shelby, so in my opinion it would be better if he had returned earlier in season 3 so that audiences could make up their own minds about him before going into season 4.

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How Did Actor Ned Dennehy Prepare for His Role?

Before beginning filming for season 4 of Peaky Blinders, British actor Ned Dennehy began getting into character by picking up a variety of skills. The recently released season includes many scenes that include guns, and Dennehy explained that these scenes were all simulated with blank rounds, so he never actually got to fire a real gun while preparing for his role. For that reason, he took up target shooting as a fun way to get into character. Additionally, because his character is introduced in season 4 as a boxing coach, Dennehy took it upon himself to become a certified trainer and learned how to box before filming started. So far fans have enjoyed seeing him onscreen and can’t wait for more!

Did You Know That Season 5 Is Officially Set?

Early rumors are saying that filming has begun on Season 5, and it looks like Tom Hardy will be returning as Alfie Solomons. There is no official release date at this time, but fans can expect new episodes starting in 2019. The show’s creator, Steven Knight, did state last month that there was quite a lot of stuff written for Season 5 already. But does that mean he’s actually written an entire season’s worth of material? Or is he just referring to ideas for where his main characters can go? We may have answers soon. Stay tuned! And if you need help staying up-to-date with all things Peaky Blinders , check out our handy guide .

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Who is Charlie Strong to Thomas Shelby?

Thomas Shelby, also known as Tommy, is an iconic figure from British History. He is a fictional character from Cillian Murphy who plays in BBC series Peaky Blinders (2013). In Season 3’s episode 5 titled Darkness, Ned Dennehy played a small role of Charlie Strong. But who is Ned Dennehy really?

Are Charlie and Polly related?

There has been a lot of talk about whether Charlie and Polly are related, but their last names are different. They have matching tattoos, and their birth dates aren’t too far apart from each other. However, there is no proof that they’re related by blood. In fact, Polly appears in multiple episodes as an extra character with no relation to any major characters on Peaky Blinders. So while it’s fun to theorize that they’re related, they might just be really good friends (or secret lovers).

New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong
New Addition to the Peaky Blinders: Charlie Strong

Is Charlie a Shelby?

Spoilers ahead. The most recent addition to season 4 of Peaky Blinders, a group of gangsters in early 20th century England, is not your run-of-the-mill bad guy. Played by Ned Dennehy (also known as one of Arya Stark’s many beaus), young Capone-esque Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) takes on his newest protege, none other than Charlie Strong, played by none other than Ned Dennehy. How meta!

How is Polly Gray related to Tommy Shelby?

Polly is Tommy’s sister. Polly was born when Tommy was 5 years old, meaning that she is currently 30 in 2018. While their parents were both alive and living together, Tommy and Polly did not grow up together. It seems that after their parents died, they didn’t see each other again until they were adults. In Season 1, Episode 6, we see them reconnecting as adults after being apart for 20 years. It is a joyous occasion as these siblings have been separated for so long! Of course there are some disagreements between them (as older brothers are wont to do), but overall it’s a happy reunion with many more hugs and smiles than arguments.

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