It’s rare that an actor gets to work on a long-running show as prominent as House of Cards, but Neve Campbell recently joined the fourth season of the popular Netflix series. In her first major television role since playing Julia Salinger in the cult classic Party of Five, Campbell plays LeAnn Harvey, a political consultant hired by Claire Underwood to run her congressional campaign. She then becomes campaign manager for the Underwoods and guides them through their 2016 election victory. Neve Campbell on Why House of Cards is Important to Her

How Being in House of Cards Gave Her Confidence

Actress Neve Campbell revealed that when she first started playing LeAnn Harvey, a political consultant in season four, it was a difficult role. I had so much anxiety, she told The Hollywood Reporter. But I got such amazing feedback from people who were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so crazy seeing you play someone like that.’ It was empowering for me.

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How Playing Somebody in Power Made Her Feel Empowered

I think I felt empowered through playing somebody in power, she explains. It was important for me at that time in my life because I felt like it was a way for me to have control over something, because I was feeling out of control and powerless.

Neve Campbell on Why House of Cards is Important to Her
Neve Campbell on Why House of Cards is Important to Her

What It Was Like Shooting an Episode the Night Before Trump Won

The night before Donald Trump was elected president, you were shooting an episode of House of Cards. What happened? _ That was definitely a weird experience because I don’t think any of us knew that he would win or that it would have such an impactful effect. Even though we didn’t know what kind of man he is, we all kind of felt like it wasn’t going to go well for America with him in charge.

On Where Season 5 Will Go

I asked Neve Campbell why she wanted to be a part of House of Cards. She had previously worked with producers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson on Narcos, but even that show didn’t seem like enough reason for her take on such a dark character.

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