The Marked Heart, Netflix’s new Spanish-language drama that was released on December 12, 2017, stars Michel Brown as Simón, an outcast policeman who risks his career to pursue the truth about his wife’s murder. Though it may be due to the fact that the show was created by the same production company that created Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries, there are plenty of reasons to check out The Marked Heart’s first season as well. Here are just some of them. Netflix’s The Marked Heart Starring Michel Brown

Michel Brown as Simón

Michel Brown recently starred in Netflix’s Spanish original series The Marked Heart. He played Simón, a husband who embarks on a journey to find his wife and ends up meeting a mysterious woman who has visions of his family. Though many of his fans were upset by his departure from Sense8, they are no doubt enjoying seeing him take on new roles in different series.

What is it about?

Michel Brown plays Simón in Netflix’s Spanish-language original series The Marked Heart. Simón is a world-renowned journalist and writer who, after years of living a self-imposed exile, comes back to his hometown in order to take care of his father and also bury a family secret.

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Michel Brown is a character actor most famous for his starring role as Simón in Netflix’s recent hit series, The Marked Heart. Although he gained popularity playing against type, he was born and raised in Hamburg. Though his upbringing was rather humble, he began to study at a young age and obtained roles throughout his childhood and teen years. He then moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA on a full scholarship where he graduated magna cum laude with an MFA in Acting.

When does it air?

A few months from now. In July, as of publication date, no specific release date has been announced for Netflix’s Spanish original series La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist). When we do know more about when it will be released, we will update our guide.

What do the reviews say?

Positive reviews for Netflix original film, The Marked Heart starring Mexican actor Michel Brown, who plays a professional boxer that is in a terrible car accident. During his recovery period, he learns he has been given a second chance at life from a local doctor (Terence Telle), but with a catch: he must sign an unusual contract that will bind him to repay his gift by fighting professionally once again.

Netflixs The Marked Heart Starring Michel Brown
Netflix’s The Marked Heart Starring Michel Brown

Where can I watch it online?

If you want to watch it online, Netflix is probably your best bet. You can watch it on their website or by downloading their app. Make sure you have signed up and downloaded onto your smart phone or TV if possible. There are other streaming sites, but they aren’t as reliable as Netflix. If you’d rather not stream it, I’m pretty sure Target sells a DVD version of it somewhere in-store.

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What you need to know

Michel Brown (no relation to his notorious namesake) is starring in a new thriller on Netflix, and it’s been getting some great reviews. Directed by Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe), The Marked Heart is about a blind pianist and her brother who have started a cult. It’s creepier than it sounds! You can watch it on Netflix now, or you can see my review below.

Why you should watch it

Simón, a gay teenager in a small Mexican town, turns to his diary to help him cope with an overbearing religious mother and an unrequited love for Alejandro. This film has received a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is based off of Alex Sanchez’s novel of the same name. If you’re looking for a new, thought-provoking coming-of-age story, then The Marked Heart should be your next Netflix binge!

An interview with cast members of the movie

One of today’s most well-known and talented Latin American actors, Michel Brown (Beautiful Creatures, Brotherhood) stars in Netflix’s first Spanish Original series—The Marked Heart. Based on a book by author Laura Freixas, you can expect romance, murder and mystery when it is released on August 3rd.

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Where is Michel Brown from?

Fans of film and television may recognize Michel Brown from his work in such projects as How to Get Away with Murder, Westworld and Empire. But now, a new project has catapulted him into stardom. Netflix’s crime drama The Marked Heart is one of Netflix’s most-anticipated series to date. Featuring an ensemble cast, including Catherine Deneuve and Jamie Dornan, it tells a story of deceit that spans decades and continents.

How old is Michel Brown?

Michel Brown was born on January 9, 1984. This makes him 34 years old at present. He is an actor and producer from United States of America. He is best known for his role as Simón in Netflix’s The Marked Heart.

michel brown series

Review. Netflix released their latest television series The Marked Heart based on a novel written by one of Spain’s most notable writers, Roberto Santiago. This is set in a boarding school for boys from wealthy families with high expectations. Here we follow four young men as they navigate through love, loss and adulthood while dealing with their own self-discovery and realization as to who they truly are.

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