Finding quality entertainment can be tough on Netflix, but if you’re interested in foreign television, you won’t want to miss out on the newest thriller drama coming out of Venezuela – The Marked Heart (Spanish: Pálpito). This show offers gorgeous cinematography, edge-of-your-seat action, and an unpredictable plot that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Netflix’s newest thriller series The Marked Heart


Netflix made waves in Hollywood when it bought its first big television production, House of Cards, in 2014. But Netflix is already thinking bigger. On April 20, Netflix will premiere an exclusive Colombian thriller drama called The Marked Heart (Pálpito). If you haven’t heard about The Marked Heart yet, don’t worry; it hasn’t been advertised much in English-speaking countries like Colombia or Venezuela. That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about what kind of show it will be and how to pronounce its name.

Cast of Characters

One of my favorite things about The Marked Heart is that it has an incredible cast of characters. And by incredible, I mean every single one feels like a realistic, three-dimensional person rather than some monolithic plot device. Padrón does a great job at developing these characters and making you care about them–both from an emotional standpoint and from a standpoint of wanting to see them succeed in their missions. I was on board for most all of them to do well; I just wanted to see how they were going to get through their ordeals.

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Creating Suspense in Every Episode

One of Colombia’s most watched television series in recent years, Netflix’s newest foreign-language offering is making waves for its methodical delivery of suspense and addictive nature. Written by Academy Award winner Leonardo Padrón (My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done), The Marked Heart (or Pálpito, in Spanish) has delighted Colombian audiences with a gritty and enthralling storyline. We loved working with Leonardo because he was open to changing anything we were concerned about, says director and producer Karel Liška [es], who worked on such projects as Assassin’s Creed before taking on directing duties for Pálpito. Most writers aren’t so open to suggestion; they want it their way. This changed everything.

Where to Watch the Series

Netflix ($7.99 per month) also offers other streaming entertainment options, including Hulu and Amazon Prime. These services, however, typically cost more than Netflix but have a larger collection of movies and TV shows. In addition to adding another $5-10 to your monthly bill, there are several drawbacks to consider when selecting a different streaming service over Netflix: you lose out on original content from Netflix’s 1304 creative partners (House of Cards), you will lose some movies and shows that aren’t currently available on Amazon or Hulu, and it may be difficult to cancel service once you sign up with a third party provider because agreements tend to be non-transferable.

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Netflixs newest thriller series The Marked Heart
Netflix’s newest thriller series The Marked Heart

How many episodes will there be?

It was confirmed by lead actor Pablo Marzán [es] that there will be 14 episodes of 45 minutes each. First season release date: April 20, 2022. Second season release date: April 2019.

  • 1          “La felicidad no es redonda”
  • 2          “Un huésped dentro de mi cuerpo”
  • 3          “La búsqueda”
  • 4          “Ese corazón nunca debió ser tuyo”
  • 5          “La organización”
  • 6          “Sin cabos sueltos”
  • 7          “Un momento crucial”
  • 8          “¿Mi esposo es un asesino?”
  • 9          “Estamos aquí para cambiarle la vida”
  • 10        “La terrible verdad”
  • 11        “El infiltrado”
  • 12        “La cicatriz”
  • 13        “La próxima víctima”
  • 14        “La confesión”
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What is the storyline?

How many episodes is it? 14 episodes; 10 in Season 1, 3 in Season 2. The show follows a young woman who discovers that her husband has been murdered and sets out to find his killer. But as she gets closer to solving his murder, she begins to realize that he was not all he seemed and that there are people who will do anything to make sure she doesn’t uncover their secrets. As she digs deeper into her husband’s past, she realizes there was much more to him than she knew and soon realizes that everything he told her about himself was a lie… or maybe not? It’s up to you to decide!

Who are the directors?

Leonel Liria, Tito Muñoz, Jorge Nisco and Julián Salgado have directed a few of these episodes. Four directors have worked on individual episodes for season 1 so far, which is unusual for a television series that’s just under 20 episodes long. In addition to their work on The Marked Heart, each director has several other credits to their name in both film and TV. They’ve also all been involved with Netflix projects before: Liria was one of four directors who worked on Netflix original movie Virgenes (Virgin). Muñoz was an assistant director on Netflix original film La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers), while Nisco directed an episode of Netflix original drama series Camino a Marte (Path to Mars). Salgado also had an episode in Camino a Marte but has mostly been involved with theatre work.

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When was it filmed?

Filming of The Marked Heart began in August 2018, with an end date of November 8th. An unusual shoot for a television series—the average shooting time for a 10-episode season is 7–8 months. This was attributed to Netflix wanting to bring its Colombian original content creation in-house and make it more efficient than its other internationally produced shows. Due to budget constraints, filming took place primarily in Bogotá and only included four weeks’ worth of scenes shot outside Colombia; these were filmed on location in Lima, Mexico City, and Mexico City.

Where was it filmed?

With a 60 million-dollar budget, and with support from NETFLIX,  it was filmed in Bogotá and Mexico.Netflix announced that it would release all thirteen episodes of Pálpito worldwide on April 20, 2022. It will be available in Spanish, but subtitled for different languages, and dubbed for Spanish speakers. This is Netflix’s first Colombian original production. Production started in February 2021, and took a year to film.

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