It’s the top 12 episodes of Lucifer, ranked from worst to best! This article will tell you the best parts and worst parts of the Netflix series, which has been canceled by FOX. The streaming service picked up the option after its cancellation, so it’s unclear how many seasons we’ll get. We don’t know if there will be an official season 4 on Netflix, but for now we can pretend there will be! Netflix’s Lucifer Ranked Worst to Best

Seasons 1-3

Lucifer is a fantastic show. It’s a great update of one of my favorite Sandman-inspired stories. However, if you’re looking for classic police procedurals and crime dramas then Netflix has done an amazing job on their adaptation. In fact, I almost hate giving it credit just because it makes it harder for me to watch some of my other favorites with someone who hasn’t seen them yet!

Season 4

The season is a pretty good one for Lucifer. The viewer get some closure with Amenadiel and Maze’s storyline (at least until episode 15) as well as some solid development for Detective Douche. It’s a solid set up for next season and I hope it gets renewed on another network or by Netflix itself.

Netflix's Lucifer Ranked Worst to Best
Netflix’s Lucifer Ranked Worst to Best

Final Thoughts

Netflix’s Lucifer series is one of 2017’s most pleasant surprises. Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed graphic novel The Sandman, it was picked up by Fox as a television show after its first season and eventually cancelled by Netflix before finding new life on… well

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