It’s not every day that Netflix drops an original series on us, so we were excited to binge-watch Animal Kingdom and see how the streaming platform handles outside creators and stories. The answer? Very well, and they’ve hit another home run with this southern-fried crime drama ased on the 2010 Australian film of the same name by David Michôd, who also wrote the first pisode of the series. Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

10 Reasons to Watch Animal Kingdom

1. Ellen Barkin. 2. Ellen Barkin. 3. Jonathan Lisco has once again teamed up with director David Michôd (one of my favorite directors and writers) to bring us another harrowing but engrossing look at a group of people at their breaking point–or maybe they’ve already passed it and are just trying to cope with life in prison? 4. Read on… 5. There is one very funny moment where Ellen Barkin’s character, Jani, goes to see her son who is incarcerated and asks him if he would like her to get him some books from Amazon.

Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

He says yes, but she says she can’t because Amazon doesn’t deliver books to prisons anymore. 6. The trailer really doesn’t do justice for how darkly humorous it is! 7. It does a good job showing how brutal prison can be for someone not used to that kind of lifestyle 8. And yet, there are still moments where you think that things might work out for them despite all odds 9. I’m interested in seeing how well Netflix can keep up with content compared to HBO or Showtime 10: The cinematography is excellent as always

The Actors Are All Amazingly Talented

The series is based on a 2010 Australian film that starred Jacki Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn, so you can expect excellent acting. But in addition to Weaver and Mendelsohn, who are reprising their roles as Jani’s mother Smurf and her brother Craig, respectively, Animal Kingdom boasts some serious talent. For example, Ellen Barkin stars as Jani’s grandmother Christine Smurf Cody. Scott Speedman plays Baz (aka Barry), one of Smurf’s other two sons; Shawn Hatosy portrays Pope; Finn Cole plays J Pope; Jake Weary plays Craig Jr.; and Australia native Ben Robson portrays Craig Sr., who is in prison for attempted murder.

Netflixs Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly
Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

The Script Has Surprises Around Every Corner

We don’t know how many twists and turns we can expect in season 2, but there’s no doubt that, like last season, it will be filled with new people entering Jann’s life, both good and bad. Her father is back from prison but not necessarily to stay. He comes around occasionally to visit her but always leaves again soon after. Then there’s Duke (Floyd Cardoz), who has his eye on Jann from day one. It seems unlikely he would let something as little as being a cop stand between him and what he wants. So far, Animal Kingdom is proving itself to be just as dynamic as its characters – which is saying something! (Marinella) [9]

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The Storyline Continues to Grow and Develop

A major perk for fans of 2011’s crime drama film, Animal Kingdom, is that its storyline continues to grow and develop on Netflix as part of their original series, Animal Kingdom. That will mean more stories about Baz (Scott Speedman), Jani (Ellen Barkin), Smurf (Jake Weary) and Craig (Ben Robson). We can expect to see their lives continue to unfold over four seasons with a 15-episode order. This should be great news for viewers who are already enjoying everything they’ve seen so far. Netflix is also reportedly impressed with how fast everything has come together which is why it looks like production will continue to move forward despite Scott Speedman’s arrest over an alleged domestic dispute incident earlier today.

The Dialog Is So Powerful

In addition to his Emmy-nominated performance, Jason Bateman also serves as an executive producer alongside Liz Watts and Jonathan Lisco, who have done a remarkable job adapting Michôd’s 2010 feature film. Throughout 10 episodes (the series will be 13 when all is said and done), each episode feels like it is going to be what turns him from innocence to full on malice and wrath.

Netflixs Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly
Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

Each time we see him with his siblings, or really interacting with other people in general, there’s a sense that something horrible is about to happen. As he makes decisions – largely based on feelings over logic – we watch as things spiral out of control for all involved; but that dialogue keeps us grounded along for ride.

There’s Plenty of Drama and Action

The first episode was released last week to general acclaim and while it might be too early to call, Netflix seems set to have another critically acclaimed hit on its hands. Jonathan Lisco is masterful at playing with emotions and leaving audiences guessing; there’s plenty of drama and action, as well as some more reserved moments that help you get to know these characters. One thing’s for sure: once you start watching, you won’t want to stop. The series has 10 episodes planned for its first season so you can binge watch your heart out until it comes back for Season 2.

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The Characters Are Intelligent (and Stupid at Times)

The characters are intelligent, but not perfect. They make mistakes and take risks. J and Smurf may get into trouble more often than they should, but I love how they were portrayed as flawed people rather than bad guys who always made wrong decisions. At times, they seemed so similar to me that I felt like I was watching episodes of my own life with family and friends. . . . It has been a long time since I’ve seen such an interesting portrayal of realistic characters doing things that aren’t necessarily good or bad but simply true to who they are as human beings living in their own worlds—who sometimes take themselves too seriously but also have a good sense of humor about it all. Human imperfection is beautiful just as it is.

Netflixs Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly
Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

You Want to Feel Empathy Towards Them

Baz, who’s having sex with Jani (Ellen Barkin) just minutes after meeting her, has probably become your favorite character on Netflix’s gritty new drama. While that may sound like it wouldn’t be such a good thing — and to be honest, it isn’t — you still can’t stop watching his nihilistic rise to power. By now you know everything about him: he was abandoned by his mother as a kid; got kicked out of high school for fighting; became an addict; and has been living with his grandmother and aunt ever since.

You’ll Probably Love J Baz’s Character

If you enjoyed Ellen Barkin’s work on Side Effects, you’ll probably love her role as Smurf on Netflix’s original series Animal Kingdom. The actress, who plays matriarch Jani Smurf Cody on TNT’s remake of the Australian crime drama, delivers an equally compelling performance alongside such heavy hitters as Scott Speedman and Shawn Hatosy. The dysfunctional family-drama packs quite a punch; it follows an 18-year-old boy who moves into his late grandmother’s house after she passes away—only to discover that his relatives are involved in an elaborate criminal scheme.

There’s No Predictability To This Series

The first season was deliciously dark, peppered with twists and turns that left viewers hooked. Season 2 will be just as riveting (if not more so) with more twisted storylines, unexpected reveals and complete chaos. Alongside Liz Watts (The Originals), Jonathan Lisco (Southland) brings us another gripping season that is well worth your time! Trust me when I say you’ll be left yearning for next year when you finish episode 13’s cliffhanger. Don’t even think about trying to make it through without an ugly cry or two!

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Season 2 Will Leave You Hooked Until Next Year

Netflix’s new hit drama, Animal Kingdom, will undoubtedly leave you craving more episodes. The show centers around crime and family, which come together seamlessly. It follows 17-year-old Joshua J Cody after he moves from Michigan to Los Angeles with his brother and sister. There he is drawn into their criminal life after his troubled and rebellious mother dies under suspicious circumstances. With Ellen Barkin playing the wild, out-of-control Smurf (the matriarch) of one of L.A.’s most notorious crime families, J has no choice but to give in to them for protection if he wants to stay alive. Season 1 ends on a killer cliffhanger that leaves viewers asking when they can watch Season 2.

Netflixs Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly
Netflix’s Animal Kingdom Is a Gripping Portrayal of Life in the Underbelly

Is Animal Kingdom on Netflix?

If you’re interested in seeing what all of the fuss is about, then you can find Animal Kingdom on Netflix. The first season is available for streaming, and there are talks about whether or not it will be renewed for another season. While I couldn’t find an official announcement about when or if it would return, I’d have to guess that it’ll at least be back for another single season, considering Netflix tends to renew most shows unless ratings are low. Either way, there will probably be some time between its first run and any potential renewal. You could always wait until season two hits before watching to ensure that it hasn’t been canceled before you start binging. If you want to watch now though, just search Animal Kingdom on Netflix and hit play! Enjoy!

How many seasons of Animal Kingdom are on Netflix?

Two. While there’s no news yet on whether or not Netflix will renew its true crime series, it has already been renewed for two seasons. The first season consists of 10 episodes while season 2 has 13. For those keeping count, that’s 23 episodes to binge on!

Is Season 5 of Animal Kingdom on Netflix now?

Yup, and just in time for Independence Day! It was released on June 29. The action-packed season follows matriarch Jani ‘Smurf’ Cody (Ellen Barkin) and her three estranged sons, J (Finn Cole), Craig (Ben Robson) and Deran (Jake Weary), as they deal with their manipulative mother while dodging enemies who are out to get them. The cast includes: Ellen Barkin as Smurf, Scott Speedman as Baz, Shawn Hatosy as Pope, Molly Gordon as Deran’s girlfriend Tess, Charlie Carver as Craig’s fiancé Rebecca Pope, Devon Graye as Pope’s son Baz III and Pruitt Taylor Vince playing drug dealer Mr. Briggs.

Where can I watch Animal Kingdom all seasons?

Animal Kingdom Season 1 is available on Netflix and Amazon. Animal Kingdom Season 2 is only available on Netflix. Other seasons may become available at a later date. You can also purchase all episodes on Amazon to watch offline or if you don’t have access to any of these options.

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