You may know her name or her face, but there are plenty of things you don’t know about Nelly Korda, one of the most successful women’s golfers in the world today. Here are five things you didn’t know about this Olympic gold medalist and highly respected pro golfer who lives and plays in the United States… Nelly Korda: Five Things You Didn t Know

Her two sisters are also competitive female golfers

2012 Solheim Cup winner and world number one tennis player Sloane Stephens and Madison Stephens, who has played on multiple tours. Her father Petr was a professional basketball player from Czechoslovakia, who played for teams in France, Germany, Italy and Spain between 1977–1987. He played college basketball at Kansas State University in 1976-77 before returning to Europe to pursue a professional career. Her mother Nicole is American of Hungarian descent and teaches math at Loyola Marymount University.Nelly Korda: Five Things You Didn t Know

She began playing at age 3

she was home with a 103-degree fever, and her parents brought in a teaching pro to entertain her. She was so good at age 8 that she made it onto Junior Golf’s Tournament Players Club and saw a sports psychologist. She studied psychology in college and worked as a club pro before moving to Spain to play on another LPGA tour, LPGE Ladies European Tour. She plays for Ohio State University.

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When she was 9 years old, her father left her mother for another woman

It was very hard on me and my brother. And I remember there were nights where we didn’t have dinner, we would just sit there with empty stomachs and wait for mom to come home. Her father committed suicide in her junior year of high school and she began struggling in school after that.

Nelly Korda: Five Things You Didn t Know
  • Born: 28 July 1998 (age 23 years), Bradenton, Florida, United States
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Nationality: American
  • Professional wins: 10
  • Current tour(s): LPGA Tour (joined 2017)
  • Parents: Petr Korda, Regina Rajchrtová
  • Siblings: Jessica Korda, Sebastian Korda

There are no regrets about her dad leaving

She said she respects her father but has no regrets about him leaving. I love my dad, but I’m grateful that he left when he did because it was hard to see him around growing up, she said. It was better that I didn’t get to see him much because I would have looked up to him in a different way if we saw each other more often.

As a child she had bad handwriting due to nerves

Her handwriting was so bad as a child that her teachers would ask her to stay after class because they couldn’t read it. It wasn’t until eighth grade that she started to get more comfortable with writing and was able to develop legible handwriting.

5 more things

Nelly has a husband, John and a dog named Pacha. Nelly has been wearing Asics since she was 10. The Solheim Cup is her favorite tournament to play in. She played in her first Olympic Games at age 22, where she won gold in 2020. The next season she captured her first LPGA win in 2021 at 20 years old. Nelly is good friends with Phoebe Yang, who plays on LPGA too!

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If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, it would be…

Henry Ford (1863-1947) – I would like to pick his brain about what it was like to invent and reinvent himself as a product and a person over such a long time span. He’s had more life experiences than I could ever imagine. Who do you admire most? Why? What lessons have you learned from them? If there were one thing that you could change about yourself, what would it be?: I wish that I could be more patient with my friends when they are struggling in life.

In my free time I like to…

Nelly is a U.S. Solheim Cup participant and Olympic gold medalist. She started playing golf at just three years old, but in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and going to college football games. Here are five things you didn’t know about Nelly Korda, one of America’s favorite golfers.

My best friends are always surprised when they find out that I can…

Golfing is a sport of many skills, including pitching and putting. But even Nelly Korda, one of golf’s rising stars, has hobbies outside of her chosen profession. These facts about Nelly will definitely surprise you. Here are five things that you didn’t know about professional golfer Nelly Korda.

My favorite TV show is…

When I’m not practicing or competing, I love to watch reality TV—especially competition-based shows. Whether it’s Survivor, The Voice, or America’s Got Talent, it just makes me feel like competing again!

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The last thing I watched was…

No spoilers! But it was at a wedding, and since we were celebrating my brother’s nuptials, it wasn’t exactly one of those can’t wait to get home and finish watching films. I think you know what that means—lots of dancing. We take weddings very seriously in my family, so as soon as dinner was over, all bets were off!


Q. Where do you like to play? A. My favorite course is Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles; it has everything I love about golf, great scenery and a lot of difficulty. I’m actually a big fan of golf courses that are full of trees and have a more natural feel. Q. Who is your favorite player? A. My favorite player is Inbee Park, as well as my family members—that’s how I got started playing in Europe, too! Q.

Why is Nelly Korda not playing golf?

Nelly Korda doesn’t play golf anymore. Why is Nelly not playing golf anymore? Did Nelly leave professional golf on her own or was she fired from LPGA Tour? If you thought Nelly wasn’t playing golf anymore, you were wrong. She is still alive and well and enjoying retirement. Here are five things you didn’t know about Nelly Korda

What ethnicity is Nelly Korda?

Nelly Korda is Caucasian. She was born in New Jersey, and her parents are from Serbia. Her father played professional soccer for a few years before retiring to work as a high school soccer coach. Her mother also played professional soccer for a few years before giving birth to Nelly at age 22. It’s clear that sports run in Korda’s family, but so does passion for their home country of Serbia.

Which Korda sister is married?

Bridget Korda, who’s married to Dustin Johnson. She’s also a professional golfer. The sisters have been playing golf since they were kids and both have had success on tour. They’re basically mini-versions of Tiger Woods—except with way less sex scandals and fewer divorces.

What kind of surgery did Jessica Korda have?

According to Golfweek, Jessica Korda, who is Nelly’s sister, had surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor from her body. The tumor was located near Jessica’s brain stem and caused back pain for two years. In July, she had surgery and all symptoms have since gone away. You can read more about it here .​

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