The final episode of Too Hot to Handle (season 3) has aired and Nathan Soan Mingomezulu was the runner-up of the season, going home with $500,000 in his pocket and the knowledge that he was one of the best bachelors in America. But how did he get here? Here’s how Nathan Soan Mingomezulu won Too Hot to Handle (season 3) according to our correspondents on the ground. Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

Meet Nathan

South African Nathan, runner-up in Too Hot to Handle season 3, began pursuing his culinary career after a childhood watching his mom cook delicious meals for him and his brother. Nathan hopes to open up his own restaurant one day so that he can share food with the world, eventually adding hot sauces to the menu and traveling the globe. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with friends and family as well as indulging in some quality television or book time.

What does Nathan love most about cooking? The reward, says Nathan. You put all this hard work into it and then you get this great result.

How he got into the competition

Not many are aware that international student Nathan Soan Mingomezulu was eliminated from the third season of TV show Too Hot to Handle.

Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)
Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

When Nathan found out he had been selected for this show, he was absolutely ecstatic. He went in thinking it would be his way to let himself shine on national television. I love this country, he says. It’s so beautiful and there is so much opportunity here. It felt like I finally found my place.

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I’m just a guy who loves music and likes to write and sing about what I see around me, but that’s not enough. To me, being on the show was more than an opportunity to share my music with people – it felt like an opportunity to share myself with people.

He is not only a man who has dreams but also a man who never lets go of them!

His journey in the show

Nathan Soan Mingomezulu made it all the way to the final two contestants on Too Hot To Handle season three. He was eliminated when he picked a horse named ‘Paulie’ over his trusted cow, ‘Katie’, and lost the challenge. Despite being eliminated in third place, Nathan managed to make his mark in popular culture with his fabulous cowboy boots and wardrobe that many were envious of. When asked about what he would do if he won the show, Nathan responded by saying I would buy my momma a new house.

Nathan did not seem too upset about losing out on winning $1 million dollars but rather enjoyed his time on the show while showcasing how diverse South Africa is.

Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)
Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

What made him lose his way

He didn’t want to be rejected and would go out of his way to avoid risk. He found it difficult to create boundaries and had difficulty asserting himself when others would try to make decisions for him. He felt disappointed by his lack of success as a leader in challenges as well as by the lack off guidance from older men in his life. Nathan felt like he was not good enough, leading him down a path towards depression and isolation. Despite being born into poverty and never attending school, he knew that there was more out there than what he was experiencing. His self-esteem wasn’t on the same level as his intelligence which led to an imbalance that made him feel unhappy with who he was. One day Nathan saw a group of women walking on the street looking beautiful and confident, so later that day Nathan put on clothes for the first time in years and decided to walk outside for ten minutes.

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The winner announcement

In this blog post, we announce Nathan Soan Mingomezulu as the runner-up on Season 3 of the hit show Too Hot to Handle. Having been eliminated in Episode 9, Nathan has proved himself a loyal competitor and stayed humble throughout his tenure on the show. He is often teased for being too emotional but has won many hearts with his personality nonetheless.

In our first challenge, he had said that he is not really into fashion which made me laugh but I found out that what he meant was that he likes the idea of it more than the reality of it. He would’ve loved to be one of those stylists who get paid to dress people up everyday but was not so lucky!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Nathan Soan Mngomezulu?

Nathan is a freelance journalist from Cape Town, South Africa. He was 24 when he auditioned for the reality show and was eliminated in the 8th episode. Since then, Nathan has contributed as a staff writer at various newspapers and magazines in Cape Town, including Taarifa magazine.

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Who are Nathan Mngomezulu parents and where are he from?

Nathan’s parents are Shirley and Linda Mngomezulu, who raised Nathan in Cape Town, South Africa. His father is an English teacher while his mother is a secretary. Nathan is first seen at the hospital bedside of his father who passed away from cancer. He had a hard time coping with the death and shared how he still loved his dad despite their rocky relationship. In one conversation, he revealed that he wanted to start a restaurant.

Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)
Nathan Soan Mingomezulu: The Runner-up of Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

How old is Nathan Doan?

Nathan Soan Mingomezulu is a 24 year old from Cape Town, South Africa. Nathan’s got a natural talent for cooking. In the first episode of Too Hot to Handle, he had no problems making fried plantains and mango chutney with the help of his mother Ö despite not being able to speak English fluently Ö and it was because he used his nose as well as his eyes. Nathan lives with HIV which he contracted when he was three years old.

How much did Nathan and Sacha Mngomezulu win on Love Island?

The winner and runner-up of Love Island’s third season made over a million dollars for themselves in prize money. Nathan won $350,000, while Sacha Mngomezulu took home $150,000.

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