In Elden Ring, the most mysterious and dangerous caves are located in the part of the map called The Morne. The name of this area tells us that it’s related to caves – but why is it called Morne? What does this mean in Elden Ring? Where can you find the Morne cave in Elden Ring? Read our guide to find out all about the mystery behind this part of Elden Ring and how to get there! Mysterious Morne Cave Location in Elden Ring

Morne Cave – a useful quest item

The cave is a very dark place. A torch or light spell will make it easier to explore, but they will both run out at some point. This can be avoided by carrying around an item with a continuous light source – such as an enchanted ring or staff of light. But these items are fairly expensive and can only be obtained by defeating draugr bosses and forts. In fact, if you’re looking for a free option, there’s one available in Fort Amol (east of Morthal). In one of its rooms there’s a chest containing an arcane enchanter that spawns two random enchantments when activated. So if you’re lucky enough to get Light on Touch and/or Waterbreathing on your first try (which should take no more than 3 tries), you’ll end up with a nice piece of equipment that you don’t have to spend any money on!

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Morne Cave location

In Elden Ring, you’ll meet a lot of NPCs (non-playable characters) on your journey, but one of them, Unferth, is especially important to follow. He’s one of Talion’s guides and provides plenty of lore that helps you get an understanding of what’s happening in Mirkwood and beyond. One thing he mentions is how he was once part of an expedition into Morne, which was left abandoned after a few days. After defeating all enemies in his region, go back to Unferth and he’ll let you explore Morne for yourself. You can find it by heading east from where you first met him. When inside, head north until you see some mushrooms on your right side; there’s a cave entrance here that leads to Morne Cave.

Mysterious Morne Cave Location in Elden Ring
Mysterious Morne Cave Location in Elden Ring

Morne Cave – an important story point

In Elden Ring, you’ll visit a cave called The Morne that has been overrun by monstrous plant creatures. If you choose to explore these depths with either of your party members, they’ll share their experiences with how they were attacked by monsters and forced to run away. However, if you explore The Morne on your own, it will be an entirely different experience; you’ll discover hidden treasure and take note of key information about your quest as well as its ultimate villain. Whether you go alone or with company, however, make sure to search every corner of The Morne for loot!

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Morne Cave – an Elden Ring easter egg

In Elden Ring, there is a cave named after an open-world RPG fan favorite; however, it can be difficult to find. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features a radiant cave named Morne and Ploobas that you must enter before learning more about its namesake from an innkeeper. In Elden Ring, you are tasked with helping local tavern keep Doran Martell locate his missing son – so he may ask for your help. After tracking down a group of bandits who kidnapped him, head back to town and speak with Doran once again. He will tell you that they tracked down his son as far as the caves near Morne Lake but were unable to continue searching because they couldn’t get past all those bandits. You will then need to travel north until you reach a lake called Morne Lake where you will find two entrances into a small cave system – one on either side of waterfalls.

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