A new season of Love & Anarchy begins with the arrival of an IT temp to Lund & Lagerstedt – computer genius and anarchist Max, played by Bjorn Mosten. This blogger had the chance to catch up with him, and wanted to share his thoughts on the upcoming season… and the series in general, since it’s one of his favorites! So here goes! (Article excerpt) Mosten as Max: Love & Anarchy in the IT Department

The most exciting moment of any job search

When a company calls to ask you to come in for an interview, it’s not just good news — it’s love at first sight. It’s that exact moment when Bjorn Mosten fell head over heels for Lund & Lagerstedt, who called him up asking if he’d like to show off his IT skills. I was immediately intrigued and very excited, says Mosten. But of course I also felt quite nervous. And rightly so! He really had to make a lasting impression on Lund & Lagerstedt, showing them why he would be perfect for their open position.

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Who is Björn Mosten?

Björn Mosten is a man who wears many hats. He’s one of those rare folks with three dashing beards, one atop each cheek and a full lumberjack on his chin. Björn is also a fantastic actor and can bring dozens of different characters to life, almost instantly, each more memorable than his last. A man of many accomplishments, Mosten has shown an incredible ability to adapt throughout his career. The big question is: What does Björn Mosten have in store for you next?

Mosten as Max: Love & Anarchy in the IT Department
Mosten as Max: Love & Anarchy in the IT Department

bjorn Mosten Play as Max

In his debut at Lund & Lagerstedt, Bjorn Mosten plays a character who is not very communicative, and therefore has few lines. He conveys his thoughts through gestures and facial expressions. His movements are sharp and crisp, but short and stiff. He maintains a sullen expression throughout most of his scenes, only showing emotion when he’s forced to interact with people – mostly his girlfriend Katja Nyqvist (Olivia), but occasionally also others within both companies. However… Max’s body language immediately gives away that something is wrong before he even says anything, telling us that he hasn’t let go of his past yet…

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How old is Björn Mosten?

Mosten is 30 years old. He’s from Stockholm and has studied at Chalmers. We can say that he likes challenges and is highly qualified, but most of all that he’s a great guy. We think Björn will fit well with us here at Lund & Lagerstedt and are very excited to have him on board, even if it’s only for a short time! 🙂

Fitting in with your future boss and colleagues

It can be intimidating when you’re joining a new company. But Bjorn Mosten said he knew how to break through any barrier – by creating opportunities for both of you to step outside your comfort zones and try something different. For example, he encouraged Lund & Lagerstedt CEO Stellan Gjerde to attend a company-wide Christmas party dressed as Santa Claus. At first, Gjerde was a little apprehensive, but Mosten convinced him it would lead to valuable connections with his employees and team members. That is one of my most fond memories at Lund & Lagerstedt – standing there with Stellan smiling and laughing while giving out presents, said Mosten.

Mosten as Max: Love & Anarchy in the IT Department
Mosten as Max: Love & Anarchy in the IT Department

Have your elevator pitch ready

Have you ever been asked, So what do you do? and found yourself stumped? Most of us would like to say we’re experts at something. So before an interview or networking event when that inevitable question might come up, think about what it is about your work that makes you proud and practice talking about it.

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Nail that interview!

The first question you get asked at an interview is typically, Do you have any questions for me? It’s easy to dismiss a few obvious ones like, What’s your pay range? but that’s not always going to be a fair question. There are probably other things you want to know about a job that could go along way towards helping you decide if it’s right for you. Also worth noting is that some of your interviewers may have been with your future employer for years and be able to tell you what it’s like from their point of view. Use these opportunities wisely and it could really make all the difference.

Close on a positive note

Employees value respect. The final step is to end your e-mail on a positive note. One way to do that is to thank them for their time. Another tactic is to offer additional resources, such as links or phone numbers, should they need more information. Include your contact information and schedule an appropriate follow-up date and time for them to reach you by phone or e-mail with any questions about their report. Your job isn’t done until you’ve addressed all of their questions or concerns.

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