Mike Morbius, the main character in Spider-Man spinoff Morbius the Living Vampire, has cast Martine Bancroft as scientist Adria Arjona in the film based on the comic book character created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane. The movie will also star Matt Smith, Jared Leto, and Tyrese Gibson as an unknown character. Morbius Casts Martine Bancroft as Scientist Adria Arjona

She is a co-founder of Alchemax, alongside her lover Dr. Michael Morbius.

A scientist and Michael’s girlfriend.Arjona said the character was the smart one in the room and took inspiration from politician and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.She is also familiar with Kraven The Hunter. Also, according to producers, she has had a scientific background that was steeped in biochemistry before getting a master’s degree in molecular biology at Stanford University.: Her name is Dr.

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While not much is known about her appearance, she seems to have feline eyes (that go with her cat references).

She looks like a scientist. She is wearing glasses and has short black hair. She also wears some kind of beige shirt and dark blue jeans with a belt that seems to be holding her pants. Her neck seems covered in some kind of scarf or bandana in addition to having earrings.: Usually seen dressed casually, she typically wears jackets and boots, along with t-shirts and skirts when not working.

The movie looks like it will be pretty realistic so far.

 Jokester #1: Morbius is being directed by Daniel Espinosa from a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, with Greg Littlejohn serving as executive producer. This will be Littlejohn’s second superhero film after serving as production designer on Deadpool 2.Director Espinosa said, He [Dr. Michael Morbius] is trying to cure himself and failing terribly.

The makeup effects look really good.

Very impressed by all of what I’ve seen of Morbius so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing more. All of these characters look like they’re going to fit in perfectly with established MCU characters which is great. Michael’s girlfriend, Martine Bancroft, looks like she’s going to be a very solid new addition to the cast. The one thing that stood out most to me was how good her makeup effects look. Definitely some great work here from Shari Hanson and Studio ADI!

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We don’t yet know how the story will end.

A scientist and Michael’s girlfriend. Michael and Dr. Bancroft are in a relationship, but we don’t know if it’s a romantic one yet, Arjona said of her character in an interview with Marvel Studios . I’m really excited about that because she really gets to be my vision of her, too. We’re eager to see how that relationship progresses and what role she’ll play in helping him get control over his new abilities…but we won’t find out until later. ( Source )

Since it doesn’t seem like anything else out there right now, I think we’ll give this one a chance.

Marvel has cast actress/model/activist Adria Arjona as Michael Morbius’s girlfriend, scientist and researcher Martine Bancroft. We’re still waiting on confirmation that Jared Leto is playing Morbius (which seems to be a given), but we do know that production begins next month in London and that Daniel Espinosa will direct from a script by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama.

Did Martine become a vampire?

Marvel Studios’ Morbius, starring Jared Leto and Dane DeHaan, revealed Monday that actress Adria Arjona has joined its cast in an undisclosed role. Although it’s being kept under wraps for now, a spokesperson confirmed to TheWrap that Arjona will play Michael Morbius’ (DeHaan) girlfriend. … Keep reading…

Morbius Casts Martine Bancroft as Scientist Adria Arjona
Morbius Casts Martine Bancroft as Scientist Adria Arjona

What was Adria Arjona in?

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) AMC’s Better Call Saul. She also starred in A&E’s 2014 series, Bates Motel, and was a recurring character on Amazon Prime Video’s 2018 show The Tick.

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Does Morbius have a love interest?

Yes. Michael Morbius will have a love interest in his standalone movie. Academy Award-nominated actress and rapper Awkwafina has joined Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff movie, with a familiar character from Marvel Comics lore attached to her role. As of now, we don’t know anything about her character except that she’ll be playing Michael Morbius’ (played by Jared Leto) girlfriend.

Does Adria Arjona speak Spanish?

Michael Morbius is a science genius. But you probably already knew that, because it’s in his name. But one thing fans of Spider-Man (and human beings) didn’t know about our favorite vampiric antihero? He has a girlfriend—and she’s played by none other than Alita: Battle Angel star Adria Arjona.

Is Adria Arjona related to Ricardo Arjona?

actress Adria Arjona will play scientist Martine Bancroft in Marvel’s Morbius, Sony Pictures announced Tuesday. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane, Morbius is a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who has developed a way to cure all disease—but whose efforts are complicated by his own failing health. He consumes his own serum and becomes a living vampire who seeks blood to cure his condition.

What disease does Dr Morbius have?

Dr. Michael Morbius is a scientist in search of a cure for his rare blood disease, which has turned him into a vampire-like creature trying to live amongst humans. He is an older gentleman (played by Jared Leto) and has an assistant named Martine who doesn’t want to reveal her actual name because she’s keeping it a secret from Dr. Morbius.

Can Morbius turn others into vampires?

Spider-Man: Far From Home ends with a post-credits scene in which we see Morbius (aka Dr. Michael Morbius) hand Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) a vial of his blood, presumably so that Spidey can inject it into himself and obtain anti-venom powers. But fans know that Spider-Man cannot be transformed into another vampire because he’s already one. So why is Morbius handing over his blood? Does he want to change Peter?

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