Jeon Jong-seo , known as the queen of romantic comedies, will be taking on a different role in Money Heist Korea (formerly known as Misaeng), according to Korean news site Xportsnews . She’ll play Tokyo, one of the original members of the gangster team Pirate, alongside Ji Hyun-woo and Chae Soo-bin . Director Jo Dong-hoon , who was behind critically acclaimed movies like  The Thieves  and  Happy End , will direct the series. Money Heist Korea stars Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo – a must-watch for fans of the original!

3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed This Show

I was introduced to Money Heist in 2017 by a friend. Even though it is originally from Spain, its Korean adaptation had been so well done that I found myself hooked on it. Seoul is an impressive place, but I would never think of it as standing up to much larger cities like Paris or New York. That’s why when I started watching Money Heist and saw some shots in Seoul’s Yongsan district next to Namsan Tower, my jaw dropped. It looked amazing! I wasn’t only impressed with how photogenic Yongsan was; one of my favorite moments happened during episode 9, when main character Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo) performed her iconic sliding down banister shot while dressed in an adorable blue jumpsuit!

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What The Viewers Are Saying About Money Heist Korea

I love it just as much as I love La Casa de Papel. While I prefer to stick with watching Spanish shows and films, I have to say that Money Heist was pretty enjoyable. When you’re not thinking about what’s going on, it’s a beautiful thing to watch: amazing cinematography and so many cool camera angles.

Money Heist Korea stars Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo - a must-watch for fans of the original!
Money Heist Korea stars Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo – a must-watch for fans of the original!

I think it’s worth giving Money Heist Korea a shot because we already know how amazing La Casa de Papel is, so there’s no reason not to try out its remake. That being said, from my experience (watching both) Korean subtitles are quite difficult to follow…so be careful if you aren’t familiar with Korean!

How Similar Is Money Heist Korea To The Original?

Of course, there are some differences between Money Heist and its Korean remake, but overall they are surprisingly similar. If you like Money Heist, you’ll definitely want to watch Money Heist Korea—it does an amazing job of bringing over all of the best parts from its predecessor while keeping it relevant to modern audiences. Fans of Kim Seok-yoon’s film will be pleased to see how closely it has been replicated in terms of plot and structure, while new viewers will have no trouble jumping right into it with little difficulty. Although most movie remakes don’t work out very well in Hollywood (see: The Magnificent Seven), Money Heist and its Korean equivalent have exceeded expectations on every level. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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Watch Money Heist Korea To Stay On Top Of K-Drama Trends!

Money Heist Korea is one of those shows that you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re new to K-dramas. From its thrilling plot line, stellar cast and crew, and an overall high quality production process – it’s a show that money can buy. It’s certainly not your typical run-of-the mill television drama; combining elements from action movies, horror flicks, crime dramas and more. The heist plot line alone means there will be twists and turns around every corner, even if you think you can see where everything is headed! If you aren’t already watching Money Heist then get on it – there are only 16 episodes in total so what are you waiting for?

Money Heist Korea stars Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo - a must-watch for fans of the original!
Money Heist Korea stars Jeon Jong-seo as Tokyo – a must-watch for fans of the original!

What Makes It A Good Time To Be An International Fan?

Crime drama Money Heist has recently blown up internationally, with millions of new viewers due to its presence on Netflix. The show was co-produced by Sony Pictures Television Spain and Atresmedia in Spain, with Televisa and Netflix partnering on international rights. With it gaining ground outside its native Spain, now is a great time to be an international fan of one of 2017’s best shows. You can find out why everyone is talking about Money Heist by reading our detailed guide to what makes it so good.

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How old is Jeon Jong Seo?

She was born on February 28, 1999, making her 18 years old. She’s set to turn 19 later in May 2019. How did she get her start in show business? : Back in 2014 when she was 15 years old, Seo made her debut in JTBC’s drama called Good Manager, playing Park Hae Young’s (played by Ji Sung) first love who had passed away. While that may not have been considered her breakout role by many, it is definitely worth noting that before Good Manager, Seo had no acting experience whatsoever.

Does Jeon Jong Seo has Instagram?

Well, when you watch Money Heist online, you can’t help but notice that Jung has some pretty nice dance moves. The Banker’s sister is played by singer-actress Jeon Joon Seo who appeared in both season 1 and 2 of Lawless Lawyer. And yes she does have an Instagram account with over 170k followers where she posts fun behind-the-scenes pictures from her show. Though it appears she deactivated it once after deleting all her posts…she seems to be back on Instagam now but doesn’t post very often… It might be interesting to see how many Instagram followers would pile up if they could share more info about themselves and their projects? I don’t know…to each his own?

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