Money Heist Korea has been one of the biggest TV hits this year in South Korea, and it’s easy to see why once you get into it. The heist format mixed with the massive amount of action makes this show extremely entertaining, and the cast all bring their A-game to the table, especially Berlin, played by Park Hae-soo. But how did Park manage to become such an awesome actor in just one role? We can break down his performance into three main categories: physical presence, acting ability, and presentation style. Let’s look at each one in turn. Money Heist Korea: How Park Hae-soo Nailed the Role of Berlin

Why you should watch Money Heist

Money Heist is one of Netflix’s newest original series that you should be watching. Not only is it a South Korean adaptation, but it also features one of Seoul’s hottest stars Park Hae-soo in its lead role as Berlin. Everyone from K-drama fans to Netflix originals enthusiasts need to see Money Heist’s first season. Here are some reasons why! (Source)

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Overview of each character

Money Heist, a Spanish series that recently arrived on Netflix and has been captivating audiences with its intricate plot and suspenseful storyline. This international hit is one of those shows that demands your full attention at all times to avoid getting lost in a sea of mafia lingo, heists and ridiculous number strings.

Money Heist Korea: How Park Hae-soo Nailed the Role of Berlin
Money Heist Korea: How Park Hae-soo Nailed the Role of Berlin

But have no fear—you don’t need any special knowledge to enjoy Money Heist; all you really need to know are each character’s roles.

The unique qualities that Park Hae-soo brings to his role

Throughout his career, Park has consistently proven that he can take on any role given to him. And even if people expected him to play a certain character, there was still plenty for him to develop about that persona in order to fully deliver an authentic and believable performance. Nowhere is his mastery more obvious than in his portrayal of crime lord — and international art thief — Berlin Alexander, aka White Fox. At first glance, it seems as though he’s playing yet another calm, cool and collected role — a regular fixture in Korean dramas who knows how to take things easy.

Final thoughts

The character of Berlin in Money Heist is a mysterious but emotionally deep antihero that shakes up almost every scene he’s in with his strong performance. There was a lot riding on his casting, and director Choi Dong-hoon has admitted that he went through hundreds of actors to find someone capable of living up to his vision for Berlin. Actor Park Hae-soo (Hello Schoolgirl) wasn’t even an established star at the time, but after hearing about how he had shined in an audition for another role, Choi decided to consider him for Berlin. After a few rounds of auditions and careful consideration, Choi ultimately offered Park his breakout role as Berlin.

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Is Park Hae-Soo famous?

Park Hae-Soo is a South Korean actor. He first gained recognition in 2004 for his role in the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. He then starred in a series of films and television series, notably Maundy Thursday, The Scorned Queen, Arang and the Magistrate, Fated to Love You and The King 2 Hearts. He also headlined Emergency Couple (2014) as a veteran firefighter with beauty blogger Lee Jin-kyung.

Money Heist Korea: How Park Hae-soo Nailed the Role of Berlin
Money Heist Korea: How Park Hae-soo Nailed the Role of Berlin

Is Park Hae-Soo a dad?

Park Hae-Soo has finally confirmed that he is, in fact, a dad. On May 22, both his agency and his wife were quick to clarify a comment that he made during an interview with local media outlet OSEN on May 21. During said interview, Park was asked about what kind of role he wanted to take on next. His reply? A dad. He went on to explain further about a certain character that comes up often in scenarios written for him. There are still characters like that who are very smart and quick, said Park.

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Is Money heist a remake?

No, Money Heist is not a remake. The original series began its broadcast in Mexico, and was inspired by real events. Since then, it has become an international phenomenon airing all over the world in different languages. Even though some parts have been changed for TV audiences, Money Heist remains faithful to its source material. But how is it that Netflix has managed to create such a great crime drama? You might be surprised to learn that there were quite a few challenges along the way. Let’s take a look at what went into creating Money Heist!

How old is Hae-Soo Park?

I hear that all your life you have acted but, maybe when it’s been a while since you were last on TV, did you feel any pressure because of it? How did your role as Berlin make you feel? : A person who always has to act at work. Is it hard? Do you take acting classes? : What do we need to know about Money Heist ? You seem to have many projects going on. What is your schedule like for next year? : We can see that, after a break from acting for 8 years and finally coming back as some super spy character in Mr.

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