Mindhunter has been one of the best shows on Netflix since its release in October 2017, and the show has only gotten better as it moved past its first season. The show’s 10-episode second season released its first episode on October 13, 2018 and became instantly renewed for a third season before it even dropped the first episode on Netflix. Here are some of Mindhunter’s most memorable moments from the entire series so far. While this list includes some spoilers, you may want to watch the show yourself before diving into these episodes, because there are lots of great surprises in store! Mindhunters Most Memorable Moments

Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff)

In Episode 2, we see Holden reaching out to interview renowned death row inmate Edmund Kemper. We also see his vulnerability for perhaps the first time in a scene where he sits alone with Kemper and, after initially trying to charm him by talking about his nickname—Big Ed—and how he envies how much he can eat at one sitting, starts to break down in tears when it becomes clear that Kemper is growing more and more impatient with him as they run out of time.

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Bill Tench (Holt McCallany)

The most memorable scene, without a doubt, is when we put all of our cards on the table. Holden and I explained that we were coming to him as an expert in a specific field—catching killers—and that he was in charge of making us into experts in that same field. We said, You tell us what we need to know. And Bill fired back: I don’t have all night!

Wendy Carr (Anna Torv)

When Agent Carr first appeared on our screens, we had no idea just how important she would become. Not only is she instrumental in helping Holden and Bill close cases, but she’s also a source of support for them as they navigate their new careers. However, Anna Torv’s character brings something else to Mindhunter: humor.

Dr. Wendy Carr (Faye Reagan)

A psychologist and FBI consultant, Carr is credited as being one of Netflix’s earliest LGBTQ characters. Carr also has a secondary character arc that involves her relationship with her husband (Jake Weber) and son (Dylan Smith). Though it doesn’t play out in every episode, Carr struggles to be both an effective parent and professional. She even grapples with what it means to be a feminist while working alongside misogynistic agents, who brush off her insight based on her gender.

Mindhunters Most Memorable Moments
Mindhunters Most Memorable Moments

Dr Section

Dr. Francis Frank Moriarty was a consultant and field agent for FBI criminal profiler, Jack Crawford (Holt McCallany). He is described as an educated psychopath who initially worked with imprisoned serial killers to get them to provide insight into their behavior in exchange for reduced sentences or behavioral therapy. In 1991, Dr. Moriarty began working directly with Special Agent Jack Crawford in a collaborative effort which led to his increased involvement in high-profile cases involving incarcerated serial killers.

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mindhunter book

In 1988, John E. Douglas published his first book, titled Journey Into Darkness: An Investigative Account of Serial Murder and Its Investigation. Since that time, he has published ten more nonfiction books including Mind Hunter: Inside The FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and Obsession.

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