Yoo Ji-tae, Professor, and Money Heist Korea are all terms that have become popular in South Korea recently, as the KBS show has taken the nation by storm since its premiere in early May 2017. The series also stars Wang Bit-na and Lee Je-hoon, with Yoo playing the role of Professor, who heads up the fictional Financial Crimes Unit of the National Police Agency’s Criminal Investigations Division. Here are some facts about Yoo Ji-tae you may not know about before viewing Money Heist Korea… Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea

Born in Dangjin, South Chungcheong Province

Yoo Ji-tae (born 1972) is a South Korean actor, known for his roles in period dramas. He debuted as an adult actor with Kkonminamok (1994), and became known to audiences through hit series such as Queen Seondeok (2006) and Dong Yi (2010). His latest television works include JTBC’s ongoing drama Money Heist, alongside Han Hyo-joo and Go Ah-sung. The series is a remake of French heist thriller, originally written by Laurent Le Pen. With 2 episodes left to air, it has drawn more than 10 million viewers for KBS2 on Sunday nights. It airs on Netflix outside of Korea with English subtitles.

Family Background

Yoo Ji-tae is originally from Hapcheon, South Gyeongsang Province. At 14 years old, he went to Seoul to become an actor and passed an audition by screenwriter Hwang Jeong-il (Filmmaker) of Scandal Makers. He made his debut as a young adult star with major roles in dramas such as I Love You and Stars Falling From The Sky. As for his filmography, he played a minor role in E J Yong’s debut film Bad Guy which swept various awards and earned him Best New Actor Award at Grand Bell Awards.

Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea
Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea

Acting Career

Before his debut as an actor, Yoo Ji-tae was a model for Ford Models. During his modeling career, he went to New York to study theater at Brooklyn College. His parents then moved from Seoul to Paris where he could pursue acting more fully. After working as a freelance artist for two years, he debuted in 1996 through films such as Lovers’ Concerto and Tough Guy’s Love. He has since worked on various TV dramas and films while still maintaining his stage career. Most recently, he starred opposite Lee Jung-jae in 2013 film The Attorney, which received praise at several international film festivals including Cannes Film Festival.

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Representative Works

Looking at his career, it would be an understatement to say that Yoo Ji-tae is a successful actor. He’s been nominated for and won multiple awards, including best actor honors for 2013’s Poetry. That year he also made his directorial debut with Kokaji: The Power of Speech. In 2015, he starred alongside Lee Byung-hun in one of South Korea’s highest grossing movies of all time, Inside Men. Last year he was part of another blockbuster hit with A Violent Prosecutor. This summer you can see him as a professor caught up in a bank robbery scheme on Money Heist Korea , which airs on Netflix June 15th.

Reputation and Public Recognition

Despite his refusal to play idol dramas on television, however, viewers responded positively to his acting and he has found success onscreen as well. He is also extremely popular overseas, playing supporting roles in several Hollywood films, including as a police inspector in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 film Inglourious Basterds. With millions of international fans, he is one of only a handful of Korean actors with such an international presence. Yoo has often appeared on magazine covers and earned popularity through public appearances and interviews with fans. His humility and authenticity are two more qualities that have made him one of South Korea’s most respected actors both at home and abroad.

Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea
Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea

Who will play Professor in Korean Money Heist?

It was known that Korean actor Yoo Ji-tae will be appearing as a professor, who is smart and extremely attractive, in a global hit series called Money Heist. His action scenes were quite intense. He said, I think I have to show my intellect rather than showing off my muscular body, then spent more than 30 minutes practicing alone before filming. For example, he did not understand how to use google at first and had to learn from basic. Therefore it took longer for him to film his scenes on his laptop. Finally he succeeded with flying colors. The professor’s role will show off his body and mind like never before. You can catch him on Money Heist soon!

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Is Yoo Ji-Tae popular?

Yoo Ji-Tae is well known for his role as Insu, a prominent member of Gyeongseong’s royal guard, and his expert swordsmanship skills. He is said to be popular among drama fans for his warm image and acting talents. Fans were also touched by how he was a perfect gentleman during filming despite their tight schedules. Apart from dramas, he is also famous for his roles in films such as The Showdown (2015) where he played Choi Kang-Do, which earned him critical acclaim. For years on end now, there have been stories stating that Yoo may have had plastic surgery done as he has transformed into an entirely different person over time.

How tall is Yoo Ji-Tae?

175 cm (5’9) Yoo Ji-Tae is one of South Korea’s most celebrated actors. His first major role was opposite Hyun Bin in 2003 film Old Boy, and he has since garnered international fame with supporting roles in The Good, The Bad, The Weird and My Sassy Girl. He’s currently appearing on Netflix’s Money Heist: Plan For Escape where he plays Professor Kim Hyun Kyu – a driven, obsessive criminologist who works for Interpol.

Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea
Meet the Professor: Yoo Ji-tae stars in Money Heist Korea

Is Money Heist Korea a remake?

The Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) was a Spanish film and TV series that started as a movie but went on to become a hugely popular TV show, both for its cast and for its story. In fact, it was Netflix’s first European original. Now it looks like streaming giant Netflix has managed to get another hit with its new co-production from Spain, La Casita de Papel—which translates literally as The House of Paper—which launched on December 20, 2017. It comes from Atresmedia Cine (the production arm of Grupo Antena 3). Netflix will stream it globally outside of Spain and Portugal when it airs.

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Is Money Heist being remade in Korea?

According to Variety, South Korean distribution company CJ E&M has acquired rights to remake Spain’s La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) as a drama series. The original version featured eight one-hour episodes that aired on Spanish television, and starred Álvaro Morte as a safecracker who recruits a team of expert thieves and locks them inside a Royal Mint facility for 24 hours, saying they can leave with 5% of all money held there as long as they don’t release any alarms. With only four episodes left before their mission is complete, several members of the group begin fighting over how best to divide up their riches. It sounds like an incredibly good idea for a TV series!

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