Meet Denver, the Korean actor best known in his native country as Kim Ji-hoon, and one of the stars of the world’s most-watched TV show, Money Heist. If you’re an American fan of Money Heist, you may remember Denver as the charming organizer of the greatest heist in history—a man who later changed his identity after being caught by the police to reemerge under the name Kim Hyun-soo. With season 2 scheduled to air soon, it’s time to learn more about Denver himself! Meet Denver : the Korean Actor Taking on the Role of fan-Favorite Heist Planner

Meet Denver

Kim Ji-hoon is a South Korean actor. He’s won numerous awards for his film and television work. More recently, he’s earned international acclaim for his role in 2017 hit Money Heist. Now Ji-hoon is embarking on an American venture with Netflix’s Death Note. The Hollywood Reporter called him one of Asia’s most versatile actors, adding that he was poised to become a global star. He talked to The Wrap about what it means to him to have been cast as Light Turner—and shared some thoughts about his upcoming roles in projects like A Soap (tentative title) and Real Crimes: The Abduction of Richard O’Conner (in postproduction). Below are highlights from our conversation

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Early Life

Kim Ji-hoon was born on July 14, 1975 in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He was inspired to become an actor while in high school, and he soon enrolled at Dongguk University’s Acting School. His first role came early in his career when he appeared in a 1997 stage production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Meet Denver : the Korean Actor Taking on the Role of fan-Favorite Heist Planner
Meet Denver : the Korean Actor Taking on the Role of fan-Favorite Heist Planner

He then landed bit parts in several films. His big break came three years later when he played President Park Chung Hee opposite fellow rising star Jung Jae Young as Lee Seung Chul in Il Mare. Kim’s portrayal of Park earned him Best New Actor honors at both Baeksang Arts Awards and Grand Bell Awards.

Professional Career

Kim Ji-hoon was born in 1975 in South Korea. He is an actor and stuntman best known for his roles in several Korean dramas as well as English language films such as The Dark Knight Rises and Spectre. Kim Ji-hoon began his acting career with a few minor roles at local theaters before transitioning to larger projects in 2004 with a role on a popular local television series. Since then, he has appeared in dozens of TV shows including action thrillers and romantic comedies. His first big break came with a starring role on 2008 drama series Boys Over Flowers which became one of South Korea’s most popular TV programs and landed him critical acclaim within Korea.

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Personal life

Kim Ji-hoon was born in Busan, South Korea. He spent his childhood in Japan and France before returning to South Korea for high school. During his youth, he developed a passion for music and regularly practiced singing and playing guitar. After graduating from college with a major in theatre studies at Dongguk University, Kim moved to Seoul where he worked as an extra on several films. In 2008 he was cast in his first role as Pierre in French director Luc Besson’s sci-fi adventure film Arthur & Lancelot opposite actors Gérard Depardieu and Stephen Rea.

What Seoul Thinks About Him?

The first season of Money Heist introduced a heist planner named Denver (Kim Ji-hoon) as a quiet yet intense character.

Meet Denver : the Korean Actor Taking on the Role of fan-Favorite Heist Planner
Meet Denver : the Korean Actor Taking on the Role of fan-Favorite Heist Planner

This year, for season two’s adaptation Money Heist: Split in Two, fans were worried about what would happen to their favorite planner as his role was minimized in favor of other characters. But then episode three aired and Kim Ji-hoon proved that he can still steal scenes—and hearts—with his charming yet fierce charisma. Since then, Twitter has been flooded with positive comments about Kim Ji-hoon after each episode airs. Some even went so far as to say they fell in love with him all over again!

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Twitter Post Reaction

I’m a big fan of Money Heist, so I was stoked to see Kim Ji-hoon (Jin) will play Denver in an upcoming episode. While people online seem split on whether or not he’ll be able to pull off being one of our guys, I think there’s no doubt that Kim Ji-hoon will bring something new and exciting to Money Heist! A Kdrama with a unique comedic style can always use more comedy. I can’t wait!

The End

Money Heist’s Heavily Anticipated Second Season Is Almost Here! By Jeong Yeon-je. January 4, 2019 — 11:00am EST In many ways, 2018 was a successful year for Netflix’s Money Heist—which also goes by La Casa de Papel. Based off Televisa’s Spanish TV series El Barco, Money Heist is a crime drama that takes place in Spain. It follows an intricate heist plan that revolves around stealing €2 billion from an armored truck carrying it to an airport.

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