One of the best parts of watching Lucifer is the show’s treatment of the character of Mazikeen, who first appeared in the comics as one of Lucifer’s demons and now acts as his bartender and bodyguard at his LA nightclub, Lux. On the show, she seems to be treated more as Lucifer’s friend and ally than as an antagonist. Let’s take a look at who she really is and what drives her actions in both the comics and on the TV show. Mazikeen: Lucifer’s Confidante and Ally

What we know about Mazikeen

We know a lot about Maze – but not enough, really. (Part of what makes her so interesting.) First introduced in Season 2 of Lucifer, she began as one of many secondary characters. However, Lesley-Ann Brandt’s performance was riveting from the start. Maze immediately became fan-favorite character on an already popular show; and eventually, writers gave her more story to tell. Here’s what we do know: She is very loyal to Lucifer Morningstar; they have a history together that predates his time in Hell; and she clearly cares for him deeply – some would even say she has romantic feelings for him.

The Character in Relationships

The TV series character Mazikeen, who is played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, is far more than just a loyal sidekick or a mere confidant to Lucifer. Maze, as she is referred to by all who know her, was a demon of legend in Hell. She helped craft horrifically intricate torture devices for her fellow demons before she became a favorite of Lucifer Morningstar—the lord of Hell himself. To say that their relationship was complex would be an understatement.

Mazikeen: Lucifers Confidante and Ally
Mazikeen: Lucifer’s Confidante and Ally

Fan Reactions

While Lucifer Morningstar spends his days as a consultant for the LAPD, Mazikeen spends her time behind the bar of Lux. During one particular episode she came to him, asking if she could walk with him on a case he was working on. She said that it would be nice to have an adventure like they did in Hell…that it had been a while since they last did something interesting together. She could tell that something was bothering him but tried not to push, waiting for him to confide in her when he felt ready.

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Mazikeen (pronounced MAH-zee-ken), also known as Maze, is a demon who served in Hell as Lucifer Morningstar’s (also known as The Devil) head torturer. Her full name means God of Death in Hebrew. On Earth, she works behind the bar at Lucifer’s nightclub, Lux. She is portrayed by Lesley-Ann Brandt. Maze has long red hair with matching red eyes. Her skin is pale white like most demons. She wears dark eyeliner and black lipstick, but otherwise little makeup. Maze usually wears leather pants or shorts with high boots or sneakers, tank tops or short sleeved shirts over long sleeved shirts or sweaters, and occasionally leather jackets or vests. Occasionally she will wear dresses when going out to clubs on her own time. When working as a bartender at Lux, Maze wears an all black uniform consisting of a button up shirt that buttons down to her navel exposing her cleavage and stomach along with black pants and tall boots with thick soles for protection from thrown bottles and glasses when dealing with unruly customers that are causing trouble in Lucifer’s club.


Mazikeen is a witty, fun-loving demon. While working as a torturer in Hell, she developed a begrudging respect for humans, since they were capable of suffering on such an unimaginable scale. After being sent to Earth by her boss Samael to kill Lucifer Morningstar, Mazikeen has grown fond of her new boss. She is one of his closest allies and confidantes, acting as an enforcer when needed but usually taking on more behind-the-scenes duties like running his club or checking up on Dan . Mazikeen takes great pride in her work, feeling that she does her job better than anyone else could because she genuinely enjoys it.

Mazikeen: Lucifers Confidante and Ally
Mazikeen: Lucifer’s Confidante and Ally


In Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, he created a bar with characters in it. Within those stories, he added Maze as an angel turned demon who bartends in Hell. Maze has always been one of my favorite characters because she reminded me of some aspects of myself. She is a physical manifestation of her soul. In her own words she said, I was not like other demons… I was always cold, but I did not mind being cold. This sounded familiar to me; my parents said that I was so calm when I was born that they thought there must be something wrong with me.

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Mazikeen is an Naberius demon, a third-tier power. Her powers are listed as Supernatural strength, agility, stamina, durability, and longevity. She also has healing abilities that allow her to both heal others and reconstitute herself after being blown up in a car bomb. She can teleport herself from one location to another in a short amount of time by changing her molecular structure. Mazikeen also possesses incredible pain tolerance; during her fight with Amenadiel she was stabbed through the back of her neck with a sword. The wound healed within moments. Later on, Lucifer stabs Maze through her abdomen with his angel blade which also heals instantly.


One of Maze’s primary weaknesses is her sense of obligation to Lucifer. She abides by his rules even if she doesn’t agree with them. The other weakness she has is her relationship with Dr Linda Martin. The two have a history, having been in an intimate relationship prior to Maze leaving Hell for Earth, and on several occasions are seen fighting over issues related to their relationship or flirtatious gestures.

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Did Mazikeen actress have a baby?

Had a baby with Lee Pace. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) is no longer alone in her relationship with fellow TV actor Lee Pace (Vandal Savage). The co-stars have tied the knot in a private ceremony, E! News has confirmed.

Who originally played Mazikeen?

Mazikeen was played by Lesley-Ann Brandt in season 1 of Lucifer. Mazikeen is set to return for Season 3, with Tricia Helfer playing her on a recurring basis. Mazikeen returned to Hell at the end of Season 2 because she made a deal with Amenadiel when she fell in love with him. She would not be returning in season 3, but will appear again sometime during season 4, as per Tricia Helfer’s tweet. Mazikeen is now being played by Tricia Helfer after having auditioned for another part on Lucifer , whom Thomas J. Wright later stated he created specifically for her. She reprises her role beginning in episode Vegas With Some Radish.

Was Mazikeen replaced?

A recent episode of Fox’s Lucifer left fans in a tizzy over news that Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) would be leaving town, as showrunners related her actions to Brandt’s personal interests. However, viewers may not have to worry so much about Maz’s exit.

Why did Naevia actress change?

In early January of 2016, actress Lesley-Ann Brandt confirmed on her official Instagram account that she would not be returning to Lucifer as a regular cast member. The Season 3 finale episode was written with an eye towards wrapping up Mazikeen’s story-line in case Brandt’s exit came to pass; Maze remains one of my favorite characters on television, and I will miss her greatly when (if) she returns in a future season. In addition to posting with fans via instagram photos of her time working on Lucifer, she also posted some amazing behind-the-scenes pictures showing Mazikeen’s evolution over three seasons.

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