Do you remember the first time you watched Stranger Things? I sure do! I was enthralled with the story of a young boy who goes missing, and his mother’s journey to find him in this hidden, mysterious town. The show takes on an even more fascinating aspect when we learn about Max Mayfield, Billy’s younger stepsister, and the tomboy who catches the attention of both Lucas and Dustin. As each episode passes, we begin to see that Max isn’t your typical teenage girl–in fact, she has experienced some pretty strange things since her arrival in Hawkins… Max Mayfield and the Strange Things She’s Experienced

Authoritarian Government

In December 2016, New York magazine reported that Netflix was producing a new series with Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of Wayward Pines. The series is set in suburban Indiana in 1983. The show tells the story of a family whose home life starts to unravel following a mysterious disappearance that may or may not have been caused by supernatural forces.

Her Father’s Death

During a spring break road trip, Max (Sadie Sink) loses control of her stepfather Billy’s camper van. He is killed in a crash when he is ejected from it during an argument with her mother, Karen. Max blames herself for his death. When she returns to Hawkins she begins experiencing supernatural visions such as shadows moving on their own and having recurring nightmares about Billy’s death.

Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced
Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced

The last episode shows Billy reunited with his family at Christmas time in heaven after he was taken by evil forces and tortured for information about Eleven.

The Demodogs

Dog-like creatures created by Dr. Brenner; they are under his control via verbal commands. Their main objective is to attack or kill all human beings, but otherwise will avoid them if possible. They are not shown to be particularly fast nor strong, being easily dismembered by Lucas (though they possess surprisingly high pain tolerance) and can be killed with just a few gunshots. However, they appear to be very resilient as some of them live long enough for Will Byers’ telepathy to take effect after he had been trapped in The Upside Down for a week straight.They also have enhanced healing abilities as many wounds taken during their fight with Lucas disappeared shortly afterwards when both dog-creatures were still alive.

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How did she join the cast?

The young actress has been growing up on screen for audiences, ever since her role as Kimmy’s stepsister, Tina on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015–present). The 14-year-old starlet also appeared in Netflix’s Sandy Wexler (2017) as Ronny Cammarelle. But Sink gained notoriety after landing a role in Netflix’s Stranger Things as Billy’s younger stepsister Max Mayfield. When asked about being cast in such a demanding series, Sink explained that she was taking it one day at a time. I am super honored to be on Stranger Things with such an amazing cast and crew, I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced
Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced

So why is she considered strange?

In July 2017, Stranger Things announced that actor Sadie Sink would be joining its cast for season two. Since her character is in high school, it was important to find an actress who was able to realistically play a teenage girl. Director Shawn Levy said they found Sink by just scouring through literally thousands of young women in America. A mother whose children knew one of Sink’s younger brothers submitted her video to Netflix. She came in with hair extensions, a headband and giant glasses—we were like ‘This girl is perfect’, said Levy. She doesn’t look like anyone we’ve seen on screen before. – Wikipedia

Is it because of her stepbrother?

Lucas Sinclair is a nice guy, who becomes Max’s first friend at Hawkins Middle School. He also starts to fall in love with her, but she does not return his feelings. Max also befriends Dustin Henderson after he defends her from some bullies. It is hinted that he has a crush on her too. Max hangs out with Lucas more than she does with Dustin because of his lack of social skills. When Lucas invites her to Mike Wheeler’s party she tells him that there will be lots of drinking which changes his mind about inviting her along with him and Dustin.

Is she really a little psychopath?

After her younger stepsister, Sadie Sink, first read for Max in April 2016 and was then cast as a guest star on Stranger Things, it took Netflix until August to confirm that she would be promoted to series regular for season two. We found our Mad Max, Ross Duffer said in a statement at the time. I think you guys are going to love her. He went on to praise her chemistry with Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Noah Schnapp (Will). It really feels like they could have grown up together, he added.

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What do we know about her friends?

Lucas, Dustin, her mother, her father (who is a cop), and Eleven are currently her only friends. Lucas is attracted to Max and she seems to like him too. Dustin likes Max but only as a friend. Her mother has grown more trusting of Lucas since he saved her from being shot by Billy; she eventually learns about his time in Hawkins Lab through him. Although Max’s father dislikes Lucas at first, he accepts that he does know about Billy’s past now so as long as Lucas keeps his distance from him it won’t be an issue between them anymore.

What does this mean for season 3?

There are no details about Max’s role in season 3 at present, but it is clear that she will still play a part. The ending of season 2 saw Billy (Dacre Montgomery) go missing, with Will taking his place in The Upside Down. Now that Will has returned to his normal life, there is no one to save Billy from whatever terrible fate awaits him in The Upside Down. As such, fans can expect that Max will join forces with her friends once again in order to find Billy and bring him home. This would mark her third journey into The Upside Down—the first two being when Eleven accidentally dragged her through during their escape attempt at Hawkins Middle School and again when she was forced to return during the end of season 2.

Does Dustin have a crush on Max?

Both Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) seem to be in love with Billy’s younger stepsister, Max. Though we know that Max ends up dating Lucas by season two, is it possible that Dustin might have feelings for her as well? As often stated on the show, both characters are too young to properly express their feelings about relationships or sexuality so it could come down to who she interacts with more naturally. If there is some truth to these rumors then you probably shouldn’t miss out on all of Stranger Things 2 when it hits Netflix October 27th.

Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced
Max Mayfield and the Strange Things Shes Experienced

Does Sadie Sink play Max in Stranger Things?

With season 2 of Stranger Things having just been released, many fans are looking forward to spending their holidays binging on all nine episodes. Since Sadie Sink (aka Max) is a new addition to our favorite gang of monster hunters, you’re probably wondering: how much do we know about her? Well, if there’s one thing we learned from Stranger Things season 1 it’s that nothing is certain when it comes to Hawkins.

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Are Max and Billy siblings?

The status of Max and Billy’s relationship (brother/sister, step siblings, etc.) is never really discussed in Stranger Things. But one thing is for sure: they do not seem to be very close. In fact, Billy only appears in a handful of episodes throughout seasons 1 and 2. Some have even speculated that Billy may not even be Lucas’ biological brother at all.

Does Max Mayfield have powers?

At first glance, Max appears to be nothing more than a normal girl—an average tomboy who just so happens to be Billy’s younger stepsister. But there is much more to her than meets the eye. It has been teased that Max has experienced some strange things in Hawkins, Indiana. Some of these strange occurrences have happened in conjunction with other people who have had similar experiences. As seen in season 2 episode 5, Dig Dug, Max said she saw something under a car when suddenly someone walked out from behind it. When Lucas asks what she saw, she tells him nothing. The shadowed figure was described as a man dressed up like a mummy carrying an ax. Could it be that Max has supernatural powers?

Who is Dustin Henderson’s girlfriend?

Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield (seasons 2–present), Billy’s younger stepsister, and a tomboy who catches the attention of both Lucas and Dustin, eventually choosing Lucas. Her parents recently moved from California to Hawkins, so she is staying with her stepbrother Billy.In 1984, she is 8 years old. In 1985, she is nine years old. Her middle name is Elizabeth.

Does gaten have teeth? Max Mayfield and the Strange Things She’s Experienced

Has Stranger Things ‘ Gaten Matarazzo ever gotten braces? So many fans wanted to know! In an exclusive interview with Glamour, Gaten revealed that he actually did get braces. He had his teeth straightened after filming season one of Stranger Things . While you’re probably wondering how on earth it’s possible for him to eat during production, don’t worry: It was only for a few months. Braces are typically very visible in photos, but Gaten says his were almost invisible. The 19-year-old actor is currently in Atlanta shooting season three of Stranger Things . His new character Billy looks about 16 or 17 years old. Will Max still be crushing on Billy when we see him again?

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