The Incredible Hulk has been many things over the years since the debut of his first standalone film in 2008. He’s been an Avenger, he’s been an anti-hero, and he’s even been the Hulk that we knew from the comics once Marvel was allowed to use him again as part of Avengers 2 and on into Captain America: Civil War. While Hulk may be many things, though, what remains consistent about him is his unpredictability; you never know exactly when he will transform from Bruce Banner into Hulk himself or how long that transformation will last once it does happen. Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

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The Movements in Transformation Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

Watching Bruce Banner shift from man to monster is a special effect marvel. It’s especially impressive when you consider that Ruffalo had to create two separate motions for each transformation. In an interview with io9, he explained that director Joss Whedon (who’s well known for his work on TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly) shot all of Mark’s anger-based transformations first, followed by all of his calm-based transformations. This meant that Ruffalo could focus on creating one movement at a time, rather than having to think about both at once. As if it wasn’t hard enough already!

Method Acting vs Facial Expression Only

When first playing Bruce Banner in The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo did not have to do much to achieve his authentic portrayal of a man transformed. There was an issue of just getting under my skin and acting with my eyes, he told TIME. It’s one thing to read lines and act with your voice, but then when you get someone else across from you, it changes things. So I was very lucky that Joss Whedon wrote some great dialogue for me. But if I had to rely on facial expressions only, that would be hard for me because I can’t really control my face. What I found is that if you can let go and allow yourself to feel what it feels like inside—the heat rising up through your body, or whatever—and really sort of concentrate on that feeling, then all these physical manifestations come out by themselves.

Mark Ruffalos Incredible Hulk Transformation
Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

Hair Styling Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

Hair is a character in and of itself in most superhero movies, and it’s usually a pretty cool one. For Ruffalo’s hair stylist, Oscar Blandi, that meant creating a lot of texture and movement with things like surf wax, texturizing paste, matte pomade and hairspray. But it also meant working with Ruffalo to let his natural texture shine through—no easy feat for anyone with super-short hair like Ruffalo. He has such an amazing head of hair, but he had buzzed it off so many times over his career that he was just tired of looking at himself in a mirror, says Blandi. So we had to give him something different. We didn’t want him to look too soft or too pretty because then you wouldn’t believe him as Bruce Banner; you wouldn’t believe how hard he can get hit and still be able to get up again.

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How Banner balances his two sides

What does it mean to be in control of your emotions? It may sound like an easy concept, but in reality it can be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. This was the dilemma that Mark Ruffalo’s character Bruce Banner faced in the first Avengers film, as his alter ego Hulk had the tendency to lose control and unleash his destructive side on the world around him. In the second installment of this franchise, we see Bruce trying hard to take charge of his life, and he slowly begins to master himself—but just how did he do it? And why is it important?

Before The Black Panther Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

The film is set in 1992, before all other films. The events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Avengers: Infinity War (2018) were made after The Black Panther . This explains why T’Challa has not met any of them before in earlier films.

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Before Infinity War

After Loki used a scepter to transform Dr. Bruce Banner into Hulk in The Avengers, he was able to recover and keep some level of control. However, that peace was shattered when Thanos attacked Earth during a rescue mission with Quill’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Vision. This caused him to hulk out again in full view of everyone but managed to escape before he could cause any real damage.

That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always angry.

In The Incredible Hulk, General Ross realizes that Banner is able to control himself when he becomes angry, and he suspects that by provoking him with images of Betty, he can cause Banner to lose control. Ross also uses a high-frequency sonic generator to make Bruce angry in an attempt to trigger his transformation. This has mixed results: while it makes Bruce angry, Betty was unaffected. Also it makes Bruce angrier and louder.

A Monster Among Us Mark Ruffalo’s Incredible Hulk Transformation

The Hulk first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962), written by writer-editor Stan Lee, and illustrated by penciller Jack Kirby, who co-created many of Marvel Comics’ major characters. Lee cites influence from Frankenstein[13] and Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

After Infinity War

In recent interviews, Ruffalo says he’s open to returning as Hulk in any future Avengers movies. But what would happen if Ruffalo decides he doesn’t want to be part of Marvel anymore? Or if there aren’t any more Avengers movies planned? In an interview with Collider, Ruffalo shares: I think that when we find [Bruce] again in Avengers 4,

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