Maggie Shaw has been through many things since she joined the Seven, but in the end, nothing could prepare her for what she experienced on her last mission with them: Her own burnout. Like any fire that burns out of control, burnout can quickly destroy what’s left of an agent’s will to fight and their desire to live. While there are ways to prevent or limit burnout, it often comes on suddenly and without warning, making it all the more devastating. Maggie Shaw’s Burnout

Prepare your body

A common side effect of using your powers for a long time is muscle fatigue. It can be scary, but it’s natural—and it’s an important part of finding your limits. Feeling sore after sparring is a sign that you need to back off, rest, and recover. It doesn’t mean you should stop doing what you love because you might get hurt; instead, focus on improving your workouts over time to make sure they don’t take a toll on your body.

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Train hard, be patient

It can be frustrating when you feel like your results in training aren’t matching your efforts. The best thing to do is be patient and keep training. Some workouts you’ll crush while others may be harder, but it all balances out in time.

Maggie Shaw's Burnout
Maggie Shaw’s Burnout

Avoid unhealthy habits

If your body isn’t in a good place, you won’t be, either. Avoiding unhealthy habits helps to keep your mind and body at their optimum level of performance. These habits include: tobacco use, illegal drug use (cocaine, heroin), excessive alcohol consumption (5+ drinks on a regular basis) or gambling. By keeping these bad habits out of your life you will see an increase in productivity and better health both physically and mentally.

Schedule alone time into your routine

Shifting your routine to include a little me time is one of those little tweaks that can make a big difference in your stress levels. Give yourself a few minutes to work out, listen to music, take a walk or simply sit and breathe every day. Use these free minutes to indulge in an activity you enjoy that gives you time alone with your thoughts and clears your mind. Meditation, reading or listening to music are all great examples of practices you can get started with right away.

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