If you’re not familiar with Lujza Richter, you’re missing out on one of the most dynamic actresses in Hollywood right now. Richter stars as Liv, one of the lead roles in AMC’s hit television show Vikings and her character consistently garners rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Lujza Richter Talks about the Influence of Viking Gods on Her Acting

Lujza says Everything I did was very instinctive

I’m an actor, I am portraying a role, my character. She is not me. I need to stay true to her and portray her in as authentic a way as possible. She is not me; she is Liv; she has Liv’s heart and spirit, but she does not have my eyes or my face or my body language.

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She wanted to feel like a warrior princess

Before filming began, Lujza asked her costars and director to help her channel her inner warrior. As she put it, I always wanted to feel like a warrior princess. (And isn’t that every bit as epic as Thor?) So take a cue from Lujza’s playbook and just go for it. Who knows where your brave new world will take you?

She researched Norse mythology to discover her character’s origins

In preparation for her role as a viking in Valhalla Rising, Lujza researched Nordic mythology and history to create a backstory for her character. The idea is that [my character] has been around since he was 15, says Lujza. He’s over 1,000 years old, but he still looks 25. Rather than deciding to remain stuck in one era or another throughout his long life, she says that he grew restless and traveled across Europe, including Norway and Iceland.

Lujza Richter Talks about the Influence of Viking Gods on Her Acting
Lujza Richter Talks about the Influence of Viking Gods on Her Acting

She had freedom to develop her character as she wanted

All I knew was that I was going to play a girl in her 20s who thinks she’s worthless. And it was pretty easy because I don’t think my character is worthless. It’s hard when you only have four pages and you don’t know what your character is thinking at all, but it worked out great in my opinion. The gods really influenced me, especially Odin and Loki.

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Lujza recalls acting in front of thousands of extras during ‘the big fight’

The crowd was cheering for blood, so I had to concentrate a lot. The director shot multiple takes and picked his favorite. It was great fun, she says. Afterward, Lujza was covered in fake blood and feathers but too excited to notice: I kept waiting for someone to yell ‘Cut!’ but no one did.

She describes the role of being an actress in films set in medieval Europe

There’s a big part of me that feels like I’m dressing up in costumes and playing pretend, which can be quite fun. There’s another part that feels like it’s actually who I am at my core, some sort of spiritual aspect that is not just an individual personality but something more connected to humanity as a whole. It was important for me to allow both parts to flourish while I played Liv.

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