Lucifer ’s mum is back with two new names—Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe—in the Season 6 premiere, which begins streaming on Netflix on May 8 (Supernatural Wednesdays). In the episode, titled They’re Back, Aren’t They? Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) are left reeling after the birth of their daughter, Charlotte Richards. Not only does she turn out to be the spawn of Satan, but she also has some violent tendencies and seems to have inherited Mum’s temper as well. Oh boy! Lucifer Mum Returns as Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe

In The Beginning

Tricia Helfer had an extended run on Lucifer as both a Lucifer mother (Mum) and a middle-earth mum. Most recently, she played Dr. Kelly Nieman on Colony but her work dates back to Baywatch Nights, The Drew Carey Show, She Spies, John Doe, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Lucifer has already been renewed for a third season so be sure to watch for it in 2018/2019! If you’re not watching Lucifer you should be – it’s hilarious! But if you’re interested in seeing Tricia Helfer dating back to 1994 then you might want to check out her work on The L Word too… that show was awesome!​ ​​​​

All I Want is My Baby Back

In both new episodes, Ella has given birth to a baby boy, whom she names Michael. And while Dan rejoices in his son’s birth, he quickly learns that new dad jitters are far from over when he discovers that all three of his partners have their own,

Lucifer Mum Returns as Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe
Lucifer Mum Returns as Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe

very different ideas on how to raise him. Meanwhile, Pierce (played by Tom Ellis) is plagued by visions of another child, sending him down a dangerous path; Chloe realizes her growing feelings for Lucifer; and Detective Pierce’s wife (Tricia Helfer) returns with vengeance on her mind after learning about her husband’s recent indiscretions.

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She Came Undone

Season 2 will be here before you know it, but if you’re not already hyped to see Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) mother back on screen, you will be once you read what Fox told us about his next two girlfriends. Are they connected? How do they stack up against his (ex?)wife Chloe (Lauren German)? TVLine called up showrunner Joe Henderson to get answers — and a few more questions. Read on for our Q&A, then look for Season 2 of Lucifer to premiere Monday, Oct. 2 at 8/7c!

Reflections on My Future Self

When I reflect on my future self, I feel like a lot has changed. The person that was still in high school just ten years ago is completely different from who I am today. But one thing that has remained constant through those years are my passions for family, learning, community service, and helping others. My vision for my future self is to build a life where these things can flourish in abundance – so much so that they help me contribute to social progress. Because if we want real change in our society, we need community leaders who are guided by an unwavering commitment to inclusion, fairness, empathy and diversity. These four principles underlie every decision I make now; they guide me on how to live a meaningful life of purpose.

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The Good, the Bad and the Mad Men

Lucifer fans were elated to learn that Tricia Helfer was returning to reprise her role of mom/Goddess in season 2, but many of them weren’t exactly pleased with how she returned. Now, we get a look at what Lucifer’s mother is up to in both her lives: We saw her first as Charlotte Richards, a new lieutenant for Pierce (Tom Welling), but then again as one of his targets. But then he walked into an apartment and it was none other than… Mamma! Yep, Lucifer’s folks have found each other, apparently looking for something big — and that big thing just might be… him?

Lucifer Mum Returns as Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe
Lucifer Mum Returns as Charlotte Richards and Shirley Monroe

A Potent Spell

The Good Place’s January 3, 2018 episode was a powerhouse of storytelling. We first met Charlotte Richards (Tricia Helfer) when she was one of God’s assessors in season 2, checking to see if people had earned a place in The Good Place. She then made a second appearance as Lucifer’s mum, who escaped from The Bad Place for an afternoon of murder and mayhem. Now, it appears that TGI is to be served up yet again with another visit from Mom! As much fun as it will be seeing Tricia Helfer bring both roles to life at once, I find it interesting that we are also getting new character, Shirley Monroe (also played by Helfer). Well played writers!

Borrowed Time

The Devil is dead. Or is he? The Supernatural season premiere, The Bad Seed, reveals that Lucifer survived his gunshot wound from Exodus thanks to his mother (Tricia Helfer). Instead of bringing him back to life, she cut out his heart and took it with her into another dimension so that she could always have a hold over him. It seems that Mommy dearest has returned in time for a couple episodes of Lucifer as a member of Chloe’s new LAPD team. However, much like with Abel, everyone will soon learn how dangerous her presence can be. Do not cross Mother if you want to stay alive.

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Who is the mother of Lucifer’s daughter?

As Lucifer fans have been aware since last fall, episode 14 of season 5 of Lucifer will introduce viewers to Lucifer’s daughter for a second time. The episode was filmed back in December, 2017, when Supernatural alum Alaina Huffman played Lucifer’s daughter/Charlotte Richards in a one-off role during which she met with her father only to reveal that she is married and expecting her first child.

Lucifer’s mother?

We think it’s safe to say that we will see Lucifers Mom in season 3 but exactly how she is used i.e., a single episode or an ongoing story line remains to be seen. I personally hope we see her at least a couple of times in season 3, if not more.

Does Lucifer’s Mom have a name?

LUCIFER fans know her by a variety of names. Some may say she’s a goddess, or Mother, while others choose to label her Mum. In fact, both of these titles have been used during different seasons of the Fox hit series. So which is it? What’s Lucifer’s Mom name? Well, fans may not be too surprised to learn that Tricia Helfer prefers one title over another when it comes to playing characters on LUCIFER.

Do we ever see Lucifers Mom again?

It seems that way. Fans might have wondered whether we would see Lucifer’s Mom again when actress Tricia Helfer appeared on Season 5, Episode 14 of NCIS as Special Agent Lori Weston. It turns out we will get to see her once more but only in flashbacks to a time before she fell from grace. According to NCIS writers she is there because of her role with Tobias Jones (guest star Darren Pettie) who has gone missing at sea after telling Delilah (Lauren German) a big secret about her father.

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