Lucifer is an American urban fantasy television series developed by Tom Kapinos that premiered on January 25, 2016, and concluded on September 10, 2021. It is based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg taken from the comic book series The Sandman. The show features Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, who after becoming bored with his role as Lord of Hell resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for Los Angeles, where he has opened up his own nightclub called Lux in order to join the city’s elite. Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero


It is said that when Hell wants you, it comes for you. In our case, it was Netflix. On January 25th, 2016, when Tom Kapinos’s Lucifer premiered on Netflix and introduced viewers to a stunning reimagining of one of comic books’ most beloved characters, executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer was able to successfully break down hell’s firewalls once again. By creating yet another gritty yet charming antihero set in modern day Los Angeles, he reignited public interest in an existing character in what could be considered Gaiman’s crowning achievement.

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FOX [HD] on YouTube Video for Lucifer TV show posted by FANDOM. Lucifer has developed a bad reputation in Hell because he refuses to torture souls. Instead, he opts for an innocent until proven guilty approach which gets him exiled from Hell.


The character of Lucifer Morningstar is one of my favorites from Neil Gaiman’s work. I remember reading a few pages of Sandman as a teenager, not really understanding it at all. But Lucifer immediately caught my attention, and has remained so ever since then. So when Fox announced they were working on a TV series based on his story in late 2015, I was overjoyed! But let’s be honest: casting hell awaited them. No one would accept just anyone as Lucifer Morningstar! Luckily we got an amazing cast with everyone fighting for their role and having real chemistry between each other. Let’s take a look at who was chosen for our favorite anti-hero! And who could have played him better?


Two of their favorite aspects are that Lucifer is an antihero and its setting in Los Angeles, California. For example, one of their favorite songs Good Intentions opens with a quote from Depeche Mode’s 1986 song Shake The Disease (The world has grown cold) which fits into Lucifer’s creation (according to Neil Gaiman). This character was created because his DC Comics publishers wanted a darker character than those they normally featured. They also particularly liked it when he turned against God in The Sandman comic book series. Tom Kapinos writes that Lucifer is a character who is well known for being able to start revolutions while going out at night and having fun—but he can get bored easily.

Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero
Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero

Chapter 1 – Devil in the Details

Before telling his devilish story, creator Tom Kapinos explains his passion for creating a series based on Neil Gaiman’s characters from The Sandman. With Lucifer Season 3 premiering on NETFLIX in 2021, Devil in the Details discusses his earlier works that led up to working with Gaiman on material like Lucifer. Chapter 2 – The Boy is Mine: We find Lauren German starring as Detective Chloe Decker. Decker first meets Lucifer when he comes into her home and tricks her into eating cake with him! Tom Ellis stars as Lucifer Morningstar and there’s a lot of chemistry between him and Detective Chloe Decker. When they are together they make each other smile and laugh while they solve cases together. Their relationship takes a turn when she finds out his true identity!

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Chapter 2 – Born Under Sin

In every person’s life, a defining moment comes where they make a decision that irrevocably changes their life for better or worse. For Lucifer Morningstar, his path toward sin began when he became tired of being second best. His older brother would always be one step ahead of him, and his father was never proud of him. Eventually, he left Hell and took refuge in Los Angeles as an actor and nightclub owner under his birth name, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). He has fallen from Heaven because he decided to live without rules, without having anyone judge him or look down on him.

Chapter 3 – Can’t Buy Me Love

Refusing to Sell Your Soul in Order to Get Ahead (Lauren German) The actress Lauren German played a character named Chloe Decker on Fox’s hit show Lucifer. Although her character was a police detective, she was also a devil worshipper who was dating Satan himself. Her character was so popular that fans of Lucifer were demanding that Fox renew it for another season even though it had been cancelled. The fans were passionate enough about Lucifer that they started an online petition, and within just two days, more than 100,000 people signed it. The petition worked and Fox decided to renew Lucifer for another season! How did Lauren German manage to get so many people behind her? How did she convince Fox to give her show another chance? It’s because Lauren German is not just an actress; she’s also a master marketer!

Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero
Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero

Chapter 4 – Sinner Takes All

The Sandman – In Sinner Takes All, we are introduced to Chloe and Dan’s first case together as partners. The story opens with an introduction to Lucifer, who is not yet aware of his true nature (it was implied that prior to becoming aware of himself, he was actually just a primordial force). We also meet Marnie Stonebrook who has been looking after Trixie since she escaped from Lucifer’s grip. Trixie is severely wounded and has been missing since her escape while Marnie struggles with horrible visions. She eventually calls Chloe for help and is forced into giving up Trixie’s location in exchange for safety from Lucifer. When officers arrive at their location they discover that Lucifer had already taken care of them.

Chapter 5 – Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

One of my favorite parts of any Lucifer episode is watching him be a liar. This week, we see Lucifer lying about one thing but being truthful about another. No matter how much he lies to Detective Decker or Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), he never breaks character, and in fact admits his truths out loud as his lies. The moments where he blurs between truth and fiction are what make him such an intriguing character and offer a window into why he’s chosen Hell over Earth. When it comes down to it, though, I think that Lucifer has an unfulfilled desire for love—and if anyone in his life were able to give it him, it would be Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Chapter 6 – City of Angels

As we have seen in previous chapters, Lucifer Morningstar is an extremely complex character. His very nature defies conventional classification as both a hero and an antihero; some may argue that he is neither of these things. While he certainly possesses heroic qualities and behaves like one at times, his other traits—his constant meddling with human affairs, his egocentric nature, and so on—leave much room for debate. Where does Lucifer fall on such a spectrum? Are his noble attributes greater than his vices? Is he less of a fallen angel than Morpheus was (at least according to Dream)? And is his ceaseless desire for redemption merely wishful thinking on his part? Or does it reflect genuine altruism?

Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero
Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero

Chapter 7 – Dog Dean Afternoon

Lucifer loved us. The chaos, all of it – he enjoyed it, but he loved us more than anything else in his cage. He wanted to destroy us for some reason, but I know that deep down he really did love being with us. I’m sure God can understand that kind of conflicted love better than we can. He’s had a lot more practice with conflict between Him and His creation after all. We were given free will, so of course there would be consequences. That was our job as humans on Earth – to make choices, right or wrong. Lucifer made his choice when he rebelled against God and took a third of Heaven’s angels with him in an attempt to overthrow their creator. He failed miserably and was cast out into Hell where he would remain until Judgement Day when Michael would lead an army against him and his demons while Gabriel led an army against Satan himself at Stull Cemetery in Lawrence County, Kansas where they would fight until one side fell or both sides were destroyed.

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Chapter 8 – What Would Lucifer Do?

Lucifer’s philosophy. Are you living up to it? In which we look at some of Lucifer’s famous quotes, translate them and explore what they might mean in real life. All great heroes have a code, an ethos that governs their lives. Perhaps you think What Would Jesus Do? is too mainstream for your rebellious tastes (yes, I know he wasn’t technically a hero), but maybe What Would Marilyn Monroe Do? doesn’t quite fit either. Well, allow me then to suggest another question for you: What Would Lucifer Do? He certainly isn’t mainstream — perhaps not even a true hero — and yet he is an immortal icon who has fascinated people for thousands of years.

Chapter 9 – Stairway to Heaven

Capping off a marvelous run, Lucifer takes a last trip back to Hell where he encounters his mother who has been usurped by his half-sister and finds out that they never wanted him to leave in the first place. This sets up all kinds of lovely philosophical questions about free will and predestination before our hero finally settles down on Earth as Amenadiel’s brother-in-law and ends with a very touching Christmas message. There’s hope for us all, folks! It’s been a joyous year watching Lucifer develop as not only one of our favourite TV shows but also one of our favourite characters…even if he is the Devil. But let’s be honest here—he’s hardly evil.

Chapter 10 – Sympathy for the Goddess

Maze and Lucifer Share a Drink (Maze Gets Closure) Chapter 17 – Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Trixie and Dan in Habeas Corpse (The Ladies Man vs. The Cynic) Chapter 7 – Flukeman: Chloe’s Past with Vince Reynolds (She’s All That, He’s a Loner) Chapter 13 – Attack of the Sleepless Dead Men: Eve in Episode 2.15, Candy Morningstar (How Come You Don’t Love Me? )

Q & A

Is Lucifer a God?

 I don’t think he is. Well, at least not in that sense. He may be closer related to a god than any other angel but he most certainly does not possess the divine powers of God himself as his name might imply. If anything, Lucifer is more like a fallen and therefore corrupted version of an archangel. Now Lucifer has done some awful things during his time on Earth.

What does name Lucifer mean?

Lucifer is a Latin word that means light bringer or light bearer. Lucifer is both an angel and a demon who fell from grace for disobeying God and becoming Satan, Lord of Hell. This character has been featured in films, television shows, and books since its debut in 1979 as Mephistopheles in Faust. Characters named Lucifer can be found in Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Divine Comedy (Dante), La Divina Commedia and John Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Why was Lucifer Cancelled?

Overall, we came to a very difficult decision. It was just not sustainable, Fox entertainment president Michael Thorn told reporters Monday at Winter TV Press Tour 2018 in Pasadena. We felt we had opportunities with Lucifer in terms of ‘American Horror Story,’ which is obviously a fantastic franchise for us. Ultimately we didn’t feel like it was performing as well as we would have liked it to. That was really largely for economic reasons in terms of how much profit a show can generate in an off-network situation. This also means that season 4 will be your last look at Lucifer on television, unfortunately.

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Has Lucifer ended?

Fans of Lucifer were shocked to hear that their favorite TV show was being cancelled. However, fans need not worry! This is only because they will be showing reruns while they try and sell it to another network. If all else fails, there is always Netflix! The streaming service has picked up a number of shows after they have been canceled including The Mindy Project and Arrested Development. While we wait for an announcement from Fox, let’s take a look back at why we fell in love with Lucifer in the first place.

Did Jesus have a wife?

It is usually assumed that Jesus was not married. Several reasons are given for believing that he never married, including his early age at death and his preaching against marital infidelity. However, some have suggested that Jesus may have been married with children. Among proponents of such theories are Sir Leigh Teabing, a fictional character in The Da Vinci Code, who claims (without supporting evidence) that Jesus was actually married to Mary Magdalene as well as several notable Catholic prelates including Pope Benedict XVI and Carlo Maria Martini.

Who is Lucifer’s brother in the Bible?

For many, a character like Lucifer is hard to forget. In many ways, he’s iconic of all that we expect from our villains—bold, brash, and cruel. However, even evil has a family tree. This fun fact looks at how Lucifer relates to his brother in Biblical terms: Satan. Through literary influences like Milton’s Paradise Lost and John Fowles’ The Magus , we learn that brothers share more than just genetics; sometimes they share roles as well. If you’re looking for some entertainment over Spring Break or want something new to read on your Kindle while watching Lucifer during prime time TV slots, pick up one of these (or both!) books! You won’t be disappointed with how you spend your vacation days off!

Does Amenadiel become a God?

The series was renewed for a third season on May 3, 2017. On July 19, 2018, Fox renewed it for a fourth season. The writers announced on December 7, 2018 that they were approaching halfway through writing Season 4. It is scheduled to premiere in early 2021. We’re going to do our best and we have a lot of cool ideas, said co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. We’re also very aware that we need to not wear out our welcome. In an interview with TVLine after its renewal, Kevin Alejandro (who plays Dan) stated he thought there would be at least two more seasons of Lucifer. I think so, he said when asked if he thought there would be more seasons beyond four. I think [the showrunners] have something really special here.

Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero
Lucifer by Tom Kapinos: A Tribute to the Fallen Anti-Hero

Is Rory Lucifer’s daughter?

It’s no secret that season two of Lucifer will feature a lot more of Lucifer’s human alter ego, Dan. There has been some speculation that if he did have a child in Los Angeles it would likely be a girl and given recent events on Arrow, maybe that girl is his daughter? The theory first surfaced in 2015 after fans noticed some striking similarities between Dan and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Both are handsome, wealthy white men who were played by similarly aged actors (Tom Ellis & Stephen Amell) in similar TV shows airing at similar times.

Why does Amenadiel have black wings?

That question has been at the center of viewers’ minds ever since Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his brother, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), made their debut on Fox’s Lucifer. Why would an angel have black wings? Since it was a major plot point in season 1, it seems as though we may get an answer sometime soon in Season 2—and possibly from a surprising source. The man who portrays Amenadiel is apparently not just willing but also excited to share what he knows about why his character has some darker feathers. D.B.

Who is Samael?

In Kabbalah and Christian mythology, Samael is an important archangel. In Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, he is also seen as a fallen angel, a guardian angel of death, and heavenly prosecuting attorney who God charged with judging humanity. He was one of the seven archangels listed in Jewish apocrypha and ancient texts. (Wikipedia) However, in Milton’s Paradise Lost Book IV line 640 , Samael is described as one of seven archangels who stand watch around their father’s throne;.

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result 2016 People’s Choice Awards Favorite TV Comedy Lucifer Nominated 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series Lucifer (1 episode, The Last Heartbreak) Won Critics’ Choice Television Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Lesley-Ann Brandt Nominated 2017 Producers Guild of America Award Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy Lucifer Won Saturn Awards Best Fantasy Television Series Lucifer Nominated 2018 Saturn Awards Best Actor on Television Tom Ellis Won

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