Caroline Lund is Lund & Lagerstedt’s receptionist, and she’s one of the most charming and delightful characters in all of Sweden. She’s played by the delightful Carla Sehn, who you may recognize from her appearances in films like Easy Money 2 and The Girl Who Played with Fire . If you don’t know about Caroline, or if you haven’t seen Season 2 of Love & Anarchy yet, we’ve got your back, because we recently interviewed Sehn about Caroline and her experiences on the show . Here are some highlights from that interview! Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt

Who Is Carla Sehn ?

Carla Sehn is a Swedish actress from Nacksta in Uppland and trained at Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm. She has worked extensively on television, both as a lead and in supporting roles. After her breakthrough in Sture Björkman’s comedy series Allt för Sverige (2009), she was one of five actors who portrayed Blanche DuBois in Sofia Jannok’s version of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire which opened in Malmö City Theatre on October 14th 2012. She also played Blanche DuBois in the HBO film based on Williams’ work.

Carla Sehn Play Role as Caroline

Actress Carla Sehn play role as Caroline in Love and Anarchy movie 2013. Carla Sehn is a Swedish actress who play role as Alice in What Just Happened? In 2008 and Bella in Glass Castle Movie. She also play role as Magnolia on Showtime’s The Big C and Denise Moss on Mr. Selfridge TV Series . She born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt
Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt

Carla Sehn was born on June 27th 1982 in Stockholm Sweden to a Swedish mother and an American father of German descent. Her father was working for IBM which led to her family moving around between California, Texas and Colorado before settling down in Stockholm when she was 15 years old. As a child she took part in several theatre productions which led to her passion for acting developing further. At 17 she started attending drama school at Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm (Theatre School of Stockholm) from where she graduated with honors two years later.

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What is Love & Anarchy?

The role of Caroline was an intense one for Sehn. In Love and Anarchy she found herself in a physically demanding position. When assigned her lines Sehn said I went home and tried to memorize my lines but I couldn’t! And I never have been able to memorize my lines. It’s terrible, they always tell me that it’s just because I don’t know enough words in Swedish and that if I knew more words then it would be much easier. But no matter how many words I learn, it still won’t work. So what happens is that when we shoot all day long I can say all my lines perfectly until we get to one scene where there are many people talking together and then suddenly I can only remember two or three sentences out of ten. But luckily when you’re filming everything is so fast-paced that you just go with it, so even though you forget your lines you end up saying something else instead which works out fine. What happens is also that when we film a scene where there are many people talking together then after lunch everyone has forgotten their lines and so we start over again from scratch!

The Swedish Film A Man Called Ove – A Genre with a Secret Weapon

I grew up on Hollywood films. I was brought up by VHS cassettes and television series that all resembled each other to a significant degree. Or rather they had something in common; they never took risks. And as a writer it’s good to remember that risk doesn’t always have to mean inventing new genres or game mechanics.

Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt
Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt

It can also be about taking an interesting concept and doing it right—with genuine love for what you do. On March 25th Ulf Malmros’ A Man Called Ove will open in Sweden and April 8th in North America, with none other than Rolf Lassgård playing its title character.

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What makes a movie successful?

A movie is successful when it entertains its viewers. For a movie to be considered successful and for everyone involved in making it to get credit for that success, multiple components must fit together perfectly. Every actor needs to be able to perform their role effectively; every action needs to sync with every other action seamlessly; every spoken word needs to hit just right. There is a delicate balance between all of these elements which make a movie entertaining enough for people want watch it over and over again and still find enjoyment out of something they’ve seen dozens of times before. If one or more parts are off – even by a little bit – then you can lose some of your audience or simply not live up to expectations entirely.

The film set of A Man Called Ove

is located in a residential area on Åsögatan Street in Solna outside Stockholm. The location is close to both Solna Centrum and Haga Park. When you see it on screen, it will be easy to recognize it as Ove’s Street. While you are there, you might also like to have a peek inside Ove’s home (his address is Sörledsvägen 46). His house number can be seen clearly while he is waiting outside his door during his infamous encounter with Parvaneh.

The car mechanic – more than meets the eye!

Sure, you might not be able to catch her staring out of dirty office windows on a grey day in December. But Caroline is just as good at getting into trouble. She’s let romance get in the way of work far too often. But no matter what – she’s a great assistant and you can always rely on her for some words of wisdom when life gets tough! (Film poster – Love & Anarchy) In a car mechanic movie?: Absolutely! Even though it may seem like an odd choice to cast Carla Sehn as an uptight receptionist, that’s exactly why she was perfect for it. In fact we wrote our very own film script about it – The Man from Munkedal which was shortlisted for Film i Väst 2014. It turned out to be one of those rare occasions where both director and producer were happy with their casting choice. I really wanted someone who could show that they were smart but also vulnerable, said award-winning director Lisa Aschan about Sehn in our video interview after filming had wrapped up last summer. And I think that Carla has managed to do both really well.

Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt
Love & Anarchy: Caroline-the Receptionist at Lund & Lagerstedt

There Is No Feeling Like It In The World!

All of us have memories from our childhood that are priceless to us. I still remember days when I would run around with my cousins in our swimsuits and no shoes on. We’d roll down hills until we could roll no more and then sit with mangled grass stuck to our skin as we savored ice cream cones. Those days were magical because they taught me what it meant to feel free. There is an expression for that feeling in Swedish, Det finns inget känsla som det här i världen! Do you know how it translates? It means There is no feeling like it in the world!

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Modern Scandinavian women in film and television

Women’s roles in cinema and television often reinforce traditional gender norms and portray women as victims of their husbands or partners. In addition to showing male dominance over women (whether in terms of physical violence or coercive sex), TV and film narratives often deny women agency; they’re powerless onscreen yet we are also supposed to feel sympathy for them. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in Scandinavian society—we see more strong female characters on screen as well as off. Even though men still hold more powerful positions in business and politics than women do, we are seeing gradual change with regards to gender equality.

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