Discord, the free text and voice chat app designed specifically for gamers, recently made an exciting change to their login procedure. Now, instead of typing in an email address and password every time you want to log in, all you have to do is scan a QR code with your webcam using your smartphone camera! Here’s how it works. Log in to Discord with a QR Code

How to Generate a QRCode

The final step is generating your QRCode. In order to do so, we’ll first need an image of your text. There are many options out there, but I use an app called QR Droid on my phone and recommend it as one of many good options. Open up QR Droid, select where you want to save your file (in Documents or Dropbox), and then type out what you want printed on your QRCode. Save that file! We’ll be using it soon!

Scanning the QR Code into your Discord Account

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Once you have your QR code, scan it on your device. Scanning it will bring up a prompt asking you which server you want to login to. Select yours and tap done. You should now be logged into that server! If it doesn’t work or if there’s an error, double check that you scanned it properly and press scan again if necessary. Finally, ensure that your keyboard is closed for added security!

Adding the Friend on Discord

To add someone on Discord, you need their discord ID. Click here to find out how to get it. After finding their ID, click here to go right into adding them as a friend! Enter their name and click Send Friend Request. That’s it! You’re done! Easy as pie, huh? If you have any questions about adding someone or want more information about how it works exactly, check out our help page .

What’s Next?

If you’re not already on our Discord server, we highly recommend you join up! If you can’t access your computer, try logging into our QRCode on another phone or tablet. Also make sure that it is a recent picture of yourself, and take note of any glasses or accessories (like headphones) so that people don’t think it’s someone else.

Log in to Discord with a QR Code
Log in to Discord with a QR Code

Things to Remember

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At first, it’s going to be hard. It’s always hard at first. But if you just stick with it and practice your skills you will eventually get better, if not perfect. Remember that some people may be better than others when it comes to certain things, but at least you can try them out for yourself, who knows? You might like something that isn’t even on your list!

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