The Linux mascot, known as Tux, is an adorable little penguin who seems to be popping up everywhere these days. But why the penguin? It’s not the first animal that comes to mind when you think of Linux or open source software, but it has certainly grown on us over the years and feels perfectly suited to represent what the operating system does so well—be cool, efficient, and reliable no matter what kind of weather you’re in! It turns out there’s some serious backstory behind Tux, though—an entire history of penguins! Linux Mascot: A Bird? A Bear? Nope It’s a Penguin

Why Penguins are Cute
Penguins are cute and cuddly. They have an adorable waddle when they walk, but one of their most notable features is their giant beak! Since penguins are such small birds, their beaks are larger in order to fit more fish into them as they eat.

Why Penguins Are Friendly
The penguin is known as an intelligent creature with a good sense of humor. This friendly reputation may have started with its habit of being playful and jumping into people’s laps in zoos. The penguin is also called Penguo by New Zealanders (taken from its Maori name Pengwyn). In fact, New Zealand’s national rugby team is called The All Blacks.

Linux Mascot: A Bird? A Bear? Nope It's a Penguin
Linux Mascot: A Bird? A Bear? Nope It’s a Penguin

Why Penguins Are Suited to Be Our Linux Friends
Penguins are interesting creatures. They live on an island that is covered with snow and ice for most of the year. However, penguins have adapted to their frozen habitat by growing thick layers of feathers and fat to insulate them from their frigid environment. Due to their waddling gait and lack of mobility on land, they have had to learn how to swim better than any other aquatic animal in order to hunt prey in their icy home. Penguins are some pretty tough birds!

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Why Penguins Can Make Great Teachers
The most obvious characteristic of penguins that make them great teachers is their size. If you are going to be teaching a group of children with intellectual and physical disabilities, it’s hard to beat a life-sized model when it comes to emphasizing scale and demonstrating magnitude. Because they stand around three feet tall and weigh between 30–40 pounds on average (1), these feathered educators will dwarf your students if they come into your classroom. Linux Mascot: A Bird? A Bear? Nope It’s a Penguin

The Truth about Tux
Many computer users know of Tux but may not know why it is he is called Tux. The name itself comes from an abbreviation of Tupperware because Linus Torvalds used to use his sister’s Tupperware bowls for serving his lunch. The creator even noted that since he was using Tupperware, it made sense to call his penguin mascot Tux.

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