While talking to Lesley-Ann Brandt at San Diego Comic Con, we asked her what she thought about playing Mazikeen on Lucifer, and how much of herself she saw in her character. Here’s what she had to say… Lesley-Ann Brandt on Lucifer

The journey

She had always thought she was going to be in Hell with her father, but when he abdicated, she came to Earth. As his second in command, and one of his most trusted advisors, it’s always been my understanding that she would be next in line if he decided to retire. Of course, things didn’t exactly go according to plan for her since she wound up running into a demon from her past—Lucifer Morningstar.

The role

The show focuses around a former ruler of Hell who, bored and unhappy as an LA nightclub owner, is investigating murder cases to pass time. It is described as Chinatown meets The X Files. Created by Tom Kapinos (Californication), Lucifer has been picked up for a full series after initially being commissioned for 10 episodes. Currently filming its pilot episode in Vancouver, production will move to LA from September onwards.

Lesley-Ann Brandt on Lucifer
Lesley-Ann Brandt on Lucifer

Her favorite scene

I loved working with all of them, really, she said. But I’d have to say my favorite was a scene in episode four where we saw Maze tear someone apart and eat him alive. It was so satisfying to shoot that scene because it was violent but so fun at the same time!

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Funniest moment

The funniest thing about playing Mazikeen is that I get to say and do things that I’d never say or do in real life. Her sense of humor is a bit twisted, so she says things and does things that probably don’t make sense to most people. But I really enjoy getting to be someone else for a while every week. She is completely uninhibited, which allows me to let loose creatively.

Favorite guest star

When I first came onto Lucifer, [director] Brad Anderson and [showrunner] Joe Henderson asked me, ‘What’s your favorite guest star?’ And I said, Morgan Freeman. I was like a broken record at their door. So one day they called me and they were like, ‘Morgan Freeman is going to be in an episode with you.’ It’s been pretty awesome.

Favorite line

[Working with] Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro has been really cool. We’re all professional, but we’re always just kind of…hanging out together because we don’t know anyone in L.A., so we might as well hang out together.

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