With a cast and crew list that is closely guarded, it’s no wonder that fans of Law & Order: SVU are so eager to learn more. The show revolves around various crime scenes and investigations, which gives it an Over the years, many celebrities have appeared on the show, including Diane Keaton, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and more.

Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

Who are some of the cast members, and what do they play on the show?

Some of the cast members of the show include: 1. Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson 2. Christopher Meloni as Captain Donald Cragen 3. Michael Malice as defense attorney Cyrus Beene 4. Tamara Tunie as forensic scientist Serena Southerland 5. Ice T as Detective Odafin Tutuola


With so much information packed into this short blog, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential facts about the Law & Order: SVU series for you! From the cast and crew list to the different storylines, make sure to check out this blog for everything you need to know about this iconic crime series. Don’t forget to leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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