If you’re a fan of crime dramas, then you need to add Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to your watchlist! This American crime drama television series has been airing since 1993 and is still going strong today. With a cast and crew list that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, as well as storylines that span over 10 seasons, there’s definitely something for everyone on this show. So what are some of the essential facts about Law & Order: SVU? Read on to find out! Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

What is the cast and crew list for Law & Order: SVU?

With a cast and crew list that is closely guarded, it’s no wonder that fans of Law & Order: SVU are so eager to learn more. The show revolves around various crime scenes and investigations, which gives it an edge over other shows in the genre. With ratings success continuing, there’s no doubt that Law & Order: SVU will be around for many years to come! That being said, we can give you a few insights into the show’s characters and setting. For instance, we know that the show is focused on the detectives in the squad room – from the lead detective to the detectives under him. We also know the show’s setting to be the fictional Manhattan County Police Department. Finally, we know a little bit about the show’s characters – such as the detectives and the suspects. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the Law & Order: SVU universe and start learning about the cast and crew list today!

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Which countries do the episodes of Law & Order: SVU air in?

If you’re a fan of the Law & Order: SVU series, then you’ll love knowing the 10 essential facts about it. For starters, the show airs in over 100 countries worldwide. This includes popular international locations like London and Paris, which have been featured in several episodes of the series. Additionally, different languages are dubbed into each episode for global viewers. This means that even if you can’t understand the dialogue, you can still enjoy the show. Finally, America isn’t the only country that’s been explored on Law & Order: SVU- episodes have also been aired in many other locations, such as Japan and Italy. So, whether you’re a fan of the show in your home country or elsewhere on the globe, there’s never been a better time to tune in!

What is Law & Order: SVU?

If you’re a fan of crime dramas, then you’re definitely going to love Law & Order: SVU. Based on the popular Swedish crime drama of the same name, the show has been on the air since 1999 and follows detectives from the fictional New York City Police Department. Over the years, it has spawned multiple spin-offs including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. In addition to its gripping crime stories, Law & Order: SVU is known for its iconic characters and thrilling courtroom scenes. If you’re curious about the show or just want to know some essential facts about it, read on for a rundown of everything you need to know!

Who are some of the major characters in Law & Order: SVU?

Law & Order: SVU is a hugely popular show that has been running for over a decade. Season 10 is set to air on September 20th this year, and we can’t wait to see what happens. In the meantime, be sure to check out our infographic below for more information about some of the key characters in the show. From Detectives John Munch and Olivia Benson to Assistant District Attorney ADA Barba and SSA Elliot Stabler, there’s a lot to learn about these fascinating characters. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in on the couch, and get ready to learn some essential facts about Law & Order: SVU!

Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts
Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

When was the series originally aired?

Law & Order: SVU is one of the longest-running crime shows in American television history and is beloved for its gritty realism. Originally aired on NBC from September 23, 2000 to May 19, 2017, 191 episodes were produced over 15 seasons. The show has received critical acclaim for its compelling storylines and complex characters. Some of the most iconic moments from the series include the death of Mariska Hargitay’s Detective Olivia Benson in the 10th season and the trials of the detectives in the 12th and 13th seasons. While it’s hard to pick just ten essential facts about Law & Order: SVU, these are a good starting point!

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What are some awards that have been given to Law & Order: SVU?

Law & Order: SVU has been honored with many awards over the years, both at the television and film level. Some of the most notable awards include: the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress, a Peabody Award in 2015, and nominations for many Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. So, if you’re a fan of the show, make sure to check out all of the available information so that you don’t miss out on any of the exciting happenings!

Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

How many episodes are in each season of Law & Order: SVU?

So, how many episodes are in each season of Law & Order: SVU? According to the official website, each season has 22 episodes. That means that the current season, Season 6, is halfway done! If you’re keeping track, that means that Season 6 has aired 18 episodes so far. What’s more, the sixth season premiered on January 13th with a two-hour premier episode that was split into two parts airing on consecutive nights. So, if you’re curious about what happened in the first two hours of Season 6, you can watch the first part on January 13th and the second part on January 14th. As for the rest of the season, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

Are there any DVD releases for Law & Order: SVU?

There are no official DVD releases for Law & Order: SVU, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add the show to your collection. Keep an eye out for future special events, like cast reunions, that could lead to new DVD releases. If you’re a fan of the show and want to add it to your collection, be prepared to purchase unauthorized DVDs. However, don’t worry – there are ways to get the show without breaking the bank. eBay or Amazon are two great places to look for rare or discontinued items related to Law & Order: SVU. So whether you’re a diehard fan or just want to have a little bit of everything, the Law & Order: SVU series is definitely worth checking out!

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What are the different storylines of Law & Order: SVU?

Fans of Law & Order: SVU know that each week is a suspenseful ride as they follow the investigations of the Special Victims Unit. With 10 different storylines spanning over the show’s many seasons, there is always something new to watch. Some of the most well-known episodes include “The Burning Bed” and “I Called It Murder.” Be sure to tune in every week to see what happens next on Law & Order: SVU!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the show’s plotline about?

Plotline of Law & Order: SVU typically revolves around the investigations of the Special Victims Unit (SVU) in New York City. The team of detectives and prosecutors work to bring perpetrators of serious crimes to justice. Over the years, many celebrities have appeared on the show, including Diane Keaton, Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and more.

Law & Order: SVU: 10 Essential Series Facts

Who are some of the cast members, and what do they play on the show?

Some of the cast members of the show include: 1. Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson 2. Christopher Meloni as Captain Donald Cragen 3. Michael Malice as defense attorney Cyrus Beene 4. Tamara Tunie as forensic scientist Serena Southerland 5. Ice T as Detective Odafin Tutuola


With so much information packed into this short blog, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential facts about the Law & Order: SVU series for you! From the cast and crew list to the different storylines, make sure to check out this blog for everything you need to know about this iconic crime series. Don’t forget to leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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