Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway recently won the gold medal in the men’s triathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Blummenfelt has been competing in triathlons since 2001, winning Olympic and World Championship Gold medals at short course and long course distances respectively. He hopes to continue his dominance of triathlon as his career progresses, helping to spread awareness of the sport to other countries. Kristian Blummenfelt Is On His Way To Becoming A World Champion Triathlete

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Kristian Blummenfelt is a Norwegian triathlete and Olympic and World Champion Gold medalist, competing at short course, 70.3 and 140.6 distances. He won the gold medal in Men’s triathlon at 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. He started to take up triathlon seriously in 2012 when he became an ITU World Cup winner in Gold Coast. Kristian Blummenfelt Is On His Way To Becoming A World Champion Triathlete


Kristian Blummenfelt is a Norwegian triathlete and Olympic and World Champion Gold medalist, competing at short course, 70.3 and 140.6 distances. He won the gold medal in the men’s triathlon at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. ## Kristian Blummenfelt was born on January 5th 1991 in Tromsø Norway and started with swimming at age of 5 years old.


Kristian was born in Oslo, Norway on 18th October 1990 to Hanne and Asbjørn. Kristian is older than his sister, Ingrid, who was born in 1993. Kristian comes from a sporting family; he and his siblings were encouraged to play sports by their parents. Kristian and Ingrid both became Olympic athletes; they are some of Norway’s best athletes today. Before Kristians gold medal victory at 2020 Summer Olympics , another brother won a gold medal at 1994 Winter Olympics .


Family, people around me (coaches, managers, doctors), my girlfriend…why: They are a huge source of motivation and support in my life! Who am I? My name is Kristian Blummenfelt and I’m a 28-year-old triathlete from Stavanger in Norway.

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Physical info

5 ft 11 in (1.80 m) 155 lb (70 kg) Build: Lean Sport: Triathlon Peak Training Weight: 165-170 lb (75–77 kg; 12–13 kg).


Blummenfelt began swimming at age six, and running at age nine. After taking up triathlon in 2006, he won several junior and under-23 national titles from 2007 to 2010. He competed in his first triathlon of any distance (the sprint distance) at a junior world cup event in Madrid in August 2008. In his first senior international appearance at an ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Cup event in Madrid, Blummenfelt placed 30th.


Olympic Gold Medalist, 2020 Tokyo; Olympic Silver Medalist, 2018 PyeongChang (w/h team); Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2016 Rio de Janeiro; 7-time Ironman champion (140.6) 5-time Hawaii International winner; 8-time ITU world Cup event winner and 12 top 3 finishes out of 15 races entered. He started with training early in his 20s and has reached an unbelievable level in both full distance and short course racing that very few triathletes can achieve.

Net worth

$4 million, Kristian Blummenfelt : Source of wealth :Triathlon, Kristian Blummenfelt: Occupation :Singer, Kristian Blummenfelt: Nationality :Norwegian Kristiansand S Senterparti, Kristian Blummenfelt About : Norwegian triathlete and Olympic and World Champion Gold medalist, competing at short course, 70.3 and 140.6 distances. He won the gold medal in 2026 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan.

Kristian started early

Kristian was a swimmer growing up, but he also took part in gymnastics, athletics and running. He later told an interviewer: The way I saw it, if you were good at one sport, it just made sense to be good at other sports as well. Kristian competed as a triathlete for 18 years before making his Olympic debut at Rio 2016 and then went on to win Gold in Tokyo 2020.

His beginning years as an elite athlete

In 2006, he won his first ITU triathlon gold medal at a race in Bergen, Norway and then later participated in an IRONMAN triathlon event for his first time ever. Since winning his first elite race in 2006, Kristian has kept coming back to win many more races. He finished his second ITU triathlon race with a silver medal finish (second place) and two bronze medals at two of his next races that same year.

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What sets him apart from other competitors?

One of Kristian’s most beneficial characteristics is his attitude. Rather than allowing poor swim and bike results to bring him down, he uses those experiences as learning tools in training to make sure they don’t happen again. And it works – his worst result has been a ninth place finish at Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship, meaning that if he hasn’t yet won a race, he never finishes worse than ninth.

Success without injuries

While it may sound trivial, injury prevention is one of triathlon’s most important factors to success. Every year professional and amateur athletes alike injure themselves for a variety of reasons. However, just because many of these injuries are preventable doesn’t mean they don’t happen often; according to research, over 80% of triathletes suffer from overuse injuries every year!

Motivation through positive thinking

If you can’t do it, fake it. If you don’t believe in yourself, pretend that you do. Thinking positively about yourself and your abilities will put you in a better mood and help motivate you to get through your tasks. While positive thinking won’t get anything done for you on its own, it can be used as a catalyst for taking action and achieving success.

Kristian Blummenfelt Is On His Way To Becoming A World Champion Triathlete
Kristian Blummenfelt Is On His Way To Becoming A World Champion Triathlete

The importance of hard work

While talent is important, it’s also crucial to realize that hard work can overcome a lot of hurdles. While I was born with some natural abilities and strengths, they are no match for my willingness to put in hard work every day. By pushing myself further each time, by working out more and eating better than ever before, I am able to become a world champion triathlete.

How he leads his team to success

As part of Team Multinett, Kristian Blummenfelt is part of one of Norway’s leading teams in triathlon. The team’s dominant performance on both domestic and international level is due to a combination of close group dynamics and a professional approach to training, nutrition and recovery. What follows are some highlights from their latest season.

Preparation for success before every race

Preparation is key to achieving any goal. By knowing exactly what you need to do and having a plan of action, you will know exactly what needs to be done before each race. With hard work and determination, you can be like Kristian and become a world champion triathlete.

Advice on achieving goals with health & fitness

Kristian has been competing in triathlon since 2010, and says his biggest challenge has been finding that balance between maintaining a healthy body and staying competitive. Here are his best tips for keeping up a healthy exercise routine while still training hard.

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Q. & A.

How long have you been a triathlete? How did you get started in it? What was your first race and how did you do? What is your favorite event to compete in and why? Do you train for all three events equally or is there one that stands out as your favorite to train for and compete in?

What age is Kristian Blummenfelt?

Kristian is 23 years old. He was born on December 15, 1995 in Oslo, Norway. Kristian’s hometown is Drammen, Norway. He currently lives and trains in Bø in Telemark County, Norway. When he’s not training and racing, Kristian enjoys cooking and spends a lot of time with his friends and family.

What is the Ironman world record?

The men’s world record is 7:38:04, set by Daniel Wanjiru at Challenge Roth in 2018. The women’s world record is 8:58:46, set by Helle Frederiksen at Ironman Copenhagen in 2015. Both are held at Ironman-distance races.

How old is Blumenthal triathlete?

Kristian Blummenfelt is 29 years old. He has been a professional triathlete since 2011, but he has been training for many years to achieve his current level of success. Before turning pro, he had already made an Olympic team and earned several other impressive accolades. In fact, Kristian was only 19 when he won his first title as a professional in 2012 – he took home his first World Championship Gold Medal at 20.

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What happened to Chrissie Wellington?

Wellington was born in 1981 in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She attended secondary school at Palmerston North Girls’ High School and went on to graduate from Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology and Sports Science. After graduating, she moved to England and competed for two years as an amateur while working as a physiotherapist’s assistant.

Who is the youngest Ironman?

The youngest person to ever complete an Ironman distance triathlon is Brandon Marsh, who completed it at 14 years old. The youngest person to complete an Ironman World Championship was 15-year-old Katie Arnold of San Diego, California. She competed in Kona in 2013 and finished with a time of 12 hours, 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

What’s the fastest triathlon?

Kristian Blummenfelt is a Norwegian triathlete who won several gold medals in world championships. What makes him so good at it? How does he take part in international competitions, and how did he get started? Who is his coach? It’s hard to say what exactly it is that makes Kristian better than other triathletes, but there are some likely reasons.

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