Kiki Travis, played by Moriah Brown, ghosted in season 3 of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’. This marks the character’s third appearance on the show and the second time that Kiki has died and been brought back to life as a ghost. In the previous season, Kiki married her long-time love interest Brandon when she received devastating news that she had cancer. She was scheduled to have surgery at the beginning of this season but never made it, dying just before she could even step out of her home and leaving behind her husband and their two children. Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Meet the ghost of Kiki Travis

Moriah Brown portrays Kiki Travis, a young mother who was killed in a drive-by shooting, in season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost. Brown is a newcomer to the show, but she’s already making waves with her performance. We sat down with her to chat about the role and what it’s like to be a ghost on television. There are so many layers, Brown said. I love that you see different sides of her. She continued by saying that it’s hard not to want to compare herself to any other actresses who have played this character before, but that ultimately she has enjoyed the challenge and growth this project has given her as an actress. It has been such an honor, she said.

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Meet Lucifer’s Right Hand Woman, Cherelle Lewis

Moriah Brown is one of the stars of Power Book II: Ghost, and she plays the role of Kiki Travis. Kiki is a lawyer who works for Lucious Lyon (Omari Hardwick), and she is also his right-hand woman. She is loyal to Lucious and always has his back, no matter what. That’s why when he needs someone to fight off some new rival on the street, she jumps in without hesitation. Although it may seem like a risky move because this new enemy is much bigger than her, Kiki fights them with all her might and makes sure they know that Lucious can be taken down!

Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Behind The Scenes With Dr. Zephyrine Gershenson

Zephyrine Gershenson is a ghost who haunts the Power Plant in season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost. She’s also a scientist who worked on the power plant’s nuclear reactor. Her character is based on a real life scientist named Rosalind Franklin, who was instrumental in the development of the atomic bomb. When asked about her experience with acting for this role, Dr. Gershenson had this to say: It’s been so much fun! It’s been so fun to watch the show because it’s not just acting in one spot but I get to do all these different things and I feel like my characters is really living and breathing.

There are some moments where she (Rosalind) breaks down and that feels very personal, said Dr.

Episode 1 – Chapter One

Kiki Travis is a ghost in season three of Power Book II: Ghost. She was killed in a car accident at the end of season two and her spirit now haunts the St. Patrick family home. Her main focus is on her son, Tariq, whom she blames for her death.

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In the season three premiere, Kiki hauntingly appears to Tariq in his bedroom, telling him that he needs to make things right or else she will never be able to rest in peace. He doesn’t know what she means until he visits her grave with his friends later that day. They find out from a local cop that there were two other people in the car with Kiki when it crashed – one being Tariq’s friend Durell Harris. The officer tells them Durell ran away after Kiki died and hasn’t been seen since, but warns them not to tell anyone about this because it would put Tariq’s life at risk if they do so because their families are enemies.

Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Who are new characters for Power Book 2?

Moriah Brown will be playing the role of Kiki Travis, a new character for season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost. Her character is described as a smart and savvy law student who has a keen understanding of the law. She will be working alongside Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) as they try to take downghost. The series also stars Michael Rainey Jr., Gabrielle Dennis, Andy Bean, Angelica Ross, Naturi Naughton, Omari Hardwick and LaTanya Richardson Jackson. The show premieres on Freeform July 31st at 8pm ET/PT with two back-to-back episodes.

Who is the Producer of Power Book 2?

The highly-anticipated third season of Power Book II: Ghost is set to premiere on Sunday, May 2nd, and fans are eager to see what’s in store for the characters. One of the most talked-about aspects of the show is the character of Kiki Travis, played by Moriah Brown. Audiences have seen Kiki go through a lot over the past two seasons and viewers will get to see more of her story in season three.

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 We wanted this season to be different than last year, said Showrunner Lexi Martin. So instead of it being about reuniting with your family, it’s about being separated from your family. It starts off with people trying to find each other because there was that huge separation at the end of last season where everyone went their separate ways and now they’re starting to meet up again. So they’re all trying to find each other while also trying to figure out how they can start their new lives. Viewers can expect some familiar faces as well as some new ones.

Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of 'Power Book II: Ghost'
Kiki Travis Is A Ghost In Season 3 Of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

Who plays chef on Power Book 2?

Moriah Brown stars as Kiki Travis, a ghost who haunts the St. Patrick family in season 3 of Power Book II: Ghost. Brown is a newcomer to the cast, but she’s already made an impact with her haunting performance. Kiki is a mysterious character, and it’s yet to be seen what her ultimate goal is. But one thing is for sure: she’s not going to let the St. Patricks get away with anything. And even though she doesn’t have any memory of her past life on earth, she does know that something terrible happened that led to her death. We’ll have to wait until season 3 airs this fall to find out what that terrible event was!

Who is Moriah Brown?

Moriah Brown is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Kiki Travis in the third season of Power Book II: Ghost. Brown has also appeared in the television series Blue Bloods and The Following. Her film credits include Iron Man 2, Takers, Young Hearts Run Free, Malibu County and Ivory Tower. In addition to acting, Brown studied theater at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.

She holds a degree in psychology from Fordham University where she graduated cum laude.

Brown speaks fluent Spanish and some Portuguese.

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