Khalid Abdalla has been cast to portray Selim in the upcoming Netflix series of Moon Knight, according to Coming Soon. The actor will be playing one of the most important characters in the Marvel comics on which the TV show is based. For those who aren’t familiar with Selim, he’s an avatar of Osiris, the Egyptian god of death and rebirth, as well as leader of the council of Egyptian gods and protector of all that is good in Egypt. He also plays an integral role in stopping Seth and his army during their attempt to take over Egypt and wipe out any enemies of Seth. Khalid Abdalla To Portray Selim In Moon Knight

Who Is This Guy?

Khalid Abdalla is an Egyptian actor who became known internationally for his portrayal of Saladin Ahmed Hamoudi in Adam’s story on NPR’s This American Life, and it has been said that he is among one of a few up-and-coming actors to watch out for. He also played Adham Al–Merfari in season 4 of 24, Abduwali Muse in season 3 of Falling Skies, and Jafar in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

Who He Was in Ancient Times

An ancient avatar of an Egyptian God, he was also known as Osiris and Ra-Horakhty. Both Ra and Horakhty were combined into one entity later called Horus. Selim leads a council of Egyptian Gods consisting of Anubis, Bast, Hathor, Isis, Neith, Serqet and Tefnut to name a few. Each Egyptain God (and Goddess) represents something different to Egypt such as fertility or war…etc.

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Why He’s A Good Fit For Moony

This casting is a great way to bring his portrayal of Cal in Night at The Museum to life and a fitting debut for someone with Osiris-level experience. He’s proven he can be a powerful, versatile actor with roles in movies like United 93 and Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings. Since both films were directed by Scott Derrickson, it seems like even more of a no-brainer than it already was.

What Marvel Is Saying About Him

Marvel describes him as an avatar of Osiris and leader of The Council of Gods, which has been confirmed to be a group that includes Anubis, Bastet, Geb, Hapi, Horus, Isis and Nephthys. His power is so great that he can be in many places at once.

Who is Moon Knight?

Marc Spector is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, and first appeared in Batman #429 (March 1983). Spector is known to comic book fans by many names, including Marc Spector, Moon Knight, Knight of Vengeance, Protector of Innocence, and even at times simply as his street name from his mercenary days, Jake Lockley. He most often fights crime dressed in a white suit that both protects him from injury and reflects moonlight. A primary feature of his costume is a fabric mask which he sometimes has lined with silver to better reflect light.

Khalid Abdalla To Portray Selim In Moon Knight
Khalid Abdalla To Portray Selim In Moon Knight

Creator – Brian Wood

Brian Wood is no stranger to adapting comic book stories for different mediums. He has already done it a few times with DMZ, Northlanders and X-Men: Season One. He’s currently writing The Massive for Dark Horse Comics and will be tackling Conan at Dark Horse in November 2012, as well. For Marvel, Wood wrote Ultimate X-Men #47, which introduced Wiccan & Speedball and was their first appearance in print. He also wrote The Ultimates 2 #1, which was published in February of 2009. Perhaps most famously, he rewrote Iron Man: Extremis with Warren Ellis when it was adapted into a five issue mini-series by Marvel Comics and Epic Illustrated.

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Showrunner – Doug Petrie

Petrie took over showrunning duties from creator Steven S. DeKnight after Season 1 and is currently filming Season 2 in New York City with Petrie’s fellow Daredevil alum, Marco Ramirez, on hand as an executive producer. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel when I first stepped into it, Petrie said of adding more Marvel material to his schedule. But then he remembered that he’s not one for crowds or big cities — a perfect fit for small-town Marc Spector. I love it! he said. It’s really nice to do something that is small and real and gritty.

Cast – First Look

Khalid Abdalla (the love interest in Star Trek, The Kite Runner, 24) will portray Khalid Selim Osman. Known as one of Egypt’s most notorious and powerful crime lords. He is also an avatar of Osiris and leader of his council of Egyptian gods. Because of his true lineage, he was a key figure in all manners of Egyptian affairs— politics and commerce – until recent events have forced him to step away from public life. He has now returned to reclaim his crown, with deadly force if necessary. Farooq is incredibly charismatic but possesses an incredible power within him that he fears deeply—to an extent that could be detrimental to others.

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Hashtag – #KhalidAsMoonKnight

Marvel’s latest TV offering Marvel’s Moon Knight is finally taking shape, with a sprawling cast and crew to match. Of all of its additions, one in particular has piqued my interest: none other than Khalid Abdalla (American Ultra). Sources close to the project confirm that he will be portraying Marvel character Selim—known as Khonshu in his mortal form. Khonshu is an Egyptian moon god. He initially held a role akin to that of Ra: leader of gods and ruler of Earth. However, over time, he was usurped by Osiris and Anubis until eventually relinquishing his position entirely.

Where to Watch

-Title: KHALID ABDALLA TO PORTRAY SELIM IN MOON KNIGHT -Release Type: Movie -Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction Director(s): Andy Goddard Cast : Matt Letscher as Dr.

Trailer Reaction

Marvel announced that Egyptian actor, Khalid Abdalla, would portray Selim in Netflix’s new live-action adaptation of Moon Knight. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation as to what role he will play. He has been compared to Uatu from Guardians of The Galaxy and even Gambit from Deadpool. However, I believe his character will be based off Osiris which would explain why Marvel chose an Egyptian actor for such a key role.

Trailer Description

When Marvel and Hulu released a teaser for a new series, no one knew what to expect. The trailer gave very little details about plot or characters, instead using long shots to build anticipation for a show that will redefine streaming television. It seems as though Hulu is looking to challenge Netflix by offering up something different in their upcoming show, Moon Knight. Based on a Marvel Comic book of the same name, Moon Knight revolves around Marc Spector (Winslow) who returns home after spending years on an island honing his fighting skills and tactics only to discover that all is not well in his old haunts.

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