One of the worst backup dancers in the history of backup dancing is a man named Kevin Earl Federline, also known as K-Fed. Though he has had an interesting career as both a singer and dancer, his fame—or infamy—arose from his marriage to pop sensation Britney Spears and the child custody battle that followed their divorce. Let’s take a look at how Federline became such an unfortunate, though talented dancer, and what happened to him when he tried to escape the long shadow cast by one of the world’s biggest pop stars. Kevin Federline the Worlds Worst Backup Dancer

The Rise to Fame

K-Fed’s big break came at age 18 when he was cast as a backup dancer for teen superstar Britney Spears. Though many expected him to be fired soon after being hired, he was kept on for two years during which time K-Fed became one of Britney’s closest confidants and it was rumored that they were romantically involved. Kevin Federline the Worlds Worst Backup Dancer

The Bottom

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met in 2004 at a charity golf tournament. They started dating in early 2005, and were married on September 18 of that year. The day after her marriage to Federline, Spears filed for divorce from him. She cited irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce. Rumors began circulating that he may have been abusive towards her during their relationship. However she has never specified any such abuse publicly.

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Why Most People Are Afraid to Ask For Help

The ability to ask for help is a critical skill. If you never ask for help you will die. But people hate asking for help, even though they’ll do anything else to get what they want out of life. Why?

Tip #1: Stop Talking Yourself Out of Asking For Help

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Tip #2: You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Surround yourself with a team of professionals who can help you along your journey. Kevin is lucky enough to have a competent attorney and legal team to walk him through his divorce proceedings (rightfully so as he did in fact marry Britney Spears). While you probably don’t need that kind of help, don’t be afraid to hire experts to get an objective opinion on your business plan or pitch deck if you’re unsure. The more eyes on your pitch, the better it will end up being.

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Tip #5: What If An Employee Quits Over Her Job Offer?

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Tip #6: If Money Is Holding You Back…Remember This…

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5 years ago Kevin Federline was an American backup dancer for Janet Jackson and others. He married pop star Britney Spears on September 18, 2004. A year and a half later, they were separated with Spears filing for divorce which became final in July 2007. Their union produced two children: Sean Preston (born September 14, 2005) and Jayden James (born September 12, 2006). This is how you define failure.

The Inevitable Rise

After quickly becoming a backup dancer for some of today’s most popular artists (Justin Timberlake, Pink, Destiny’s Child), it was only a matter of time before Kevin Federline would eventually find himself in front of an audience. What he lacked in talent and charisma was made up for with his incredibly driven determination to make it big.

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The Fall from Fame

There once was a backup dancer named Kevin who went by K-Fed. He hit it big when he started dating American singer Britney Spears, with whom he has two children. However his romance ended soon after a child custody battle began. His children would be taken away from him and given to their mother, Britney Spears.

Kevin Federline the Worlds Worst Backup Dancer
Kevin Federline the Worlds Worst Backup Dancer
  • Children: Sean Preston Federline, Jayden James Federline,
  • Born: 21 March 1978 (age 44 years), Fresno, California, United States
  • Height: 1.83 m
  • Spouse: Victoria Prince (m. 2013), Britney Spears (m. 2004–2007)
  • Albums: Playing with Fire
  • Siblings: Chris Federline, Kurtis Allen Bleak

Reflecting on What Went Wrong

While Britney Spears was on stage in Las Vegas, dancing with dancers dressed as zebras and other animals, Kevin Federline was putting his backup dancing skills to use. As a backup dancer for Britney Spears over a decade ago, he was required to perform alongside her on stage during her Oops! … I Did It Again tour. Little did he know that these two years would turn into an eternity of bad decisions that continue to haunt him today.

Back in the Spotlight?

After a recent family court hearing regarding his two sons with Britney Spears, Kevin Federline may be headed back to Hollywood and back into celebrity spotlight. Although it might be hard for some people to sympathize with him given that he was reportedly paid a substantial amount of money by Ms. Spears during their marriage (as much as $20 million), we can all relate to being in an ugly breakup and feeling like getting back in touch with our old friends. And so we ask: Will Kevin ever make it big again?

Lessons Learned

One lesson learned from K-Fed’s backup dancer career is to be a master of your craft. No matter how famous you are or how much money you make, if you can’t back it up with great dancing talent, all is lost. If there were ever a backup dancer hall of fame, Kevin would be its first inductee. But we all know that being good at what you do doesn’t always pay off in life.

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