Peaky Blinders just added Johnny Dogs to its cast. He’s played by Packy Lee, and he’s going to be the newest addition to the Peaky Blinders crew in season four and beyond. Johnny Dogs will likely be integral to the plot, so here’s what you need to know about the actor who plays him, as well as his character in the show, including how he got involved with Peaky Blinders and when his role began on the show. Johnny Dogs is the Newest Addition to Peaky Blinders

What we know about John Johnny Dogs Dolan from season 5

he’s a true Romani gypsy from Ireland, and he travels through America and South Africa before settling in London in 1902. In series four we find out more about Packy Lee, such as how his mother died giving birth to him and that an Irish family raised him after his father went mad (Mum took off when he was born). According to Arthur Shelby, Packy is one of us. He’s a man who prefers fighting with words over fists; unlike John Shelby who’ll almost always take a stab at solving conflict with brute force.

Who does Cillian Murphy look like?

Earlier in his career, Cillian Murphy could have been mistaken for either one of Keanu Reeves’ brothers. In recent years, Murphy has opted for a rugged look with longer hair and a new beard. Murphy has also grown out his facial hair to play Tommy Shelby on Peaky Blinders, which returns for Season 4 on Thursday. Murphy himself said it best: The writer [Steven Knight] describes him as James Dean but bigger than life so I think he’s actually taller than me.

Johnny Dogs is the Newest Addition to Peaky Blinders
Johnny Dogs is the Newest Addition to Peaky Blinders

While you might not look exactly like Johnny Dogs, it doesn’t hurt to grow out your facial hair like Cillian Murphy if you want to look more like him.

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Meet Packy Lee

With his cropped hair, thick frame and deeply set blue eyes, it’s easy to see why Packy Lee made an impression as one of Season 3’s most popular characters on Peaky Blinders. A big personality in a small package, Lee plays Johnny Dogs in creator Steven Knight’s 1920s Birmingham-set drama. Brought up with four sisters and two brothers on a farm outside Liverpool, Lee made his TV debut in 2009 as a contestant on Soccer AM before moving into theater and film. He impressed producers so much that he was asked back for seasons five and six, when he played coach Gareth until he moved on to bigger things as Tommy Shelby’s right-hand man.

How realistic are Peaky Blinders?

Each season gets more interesting than the last. However, there are a few things that aren’t as realistic as one might expect. In most of their scenes, they’re wearing two or three hats at once! The seams don’t even move! To begin with, it would be very difficult to breathe with so many hats on your head; but even assuming that weren’t a problem (it totally would be) there’s not much support for triple hat wear on your head. At best, you could pull off a trilby and a fedora, but no one can pull off a cowboy hat and any other piece of clothing. But it definitely wouldn’t look as good in an ensemble with one single hat that fits snugly!

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What’s your favorite character?

I think my favorite character in Peaky Blinders is Handsome John, played by Packy Lee. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters in any show or movie. I like how he seems kind of bad, but then again a good person at heart.

Johnny Dogs is the Newest Addition to Peaky Blinders
Johnny Dogs is the Newest Addition to Peaky Blinders

He always has everyone’s back and looks out for them, which shows his integrity. The scene I really enjoyed was where Johnny came into a fight late and kicked everyone’s ass with ease using his speed and accuracy, not too mention his spear type weapon! He was calm as usual, never too worried about anything but helping someone else or doing what needed to be done at that moment in time! What do you think about him? 🙂

What do you think will happen next in the show?

If we’re talking about plot, I have absolutely no idea. But from a production standpoint, Peaky Blinders will continue its excellent work with music. One of my favorite things about series 3 was how it used several different genres of music to differentiate time periods and moments in a scene. While there are only three episodes left in season 4, I hope that trend continues for future seasons because it really does help make characters and scenes even more dynamic. (For example, when Tommy was riding in Ireland and We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank by Modest Mouse came on.) It also makes me excited for what direction they go with it in series 5! Do you like what they did with season 4?

How well do you remember season 1 through 4?

Now, most of us have watched season 1 through 4 several times but how well do you remember them? This list could go on for a long time so I’m only going to list 10 questions. Let’s see how many we can get right. Good luck! And as always if you get stuck, leave your answers in comments below. Also feel free to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.

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Was Johnny Dogs a Lee?

There are a few prominent characters in Peaky Blinders with last names that appear multiple times. One of these repeats appears at least twice, on two different documents: Johnny Dogs (or Johnn Lee). On both occasions, his name was written as if it were one word: JohnnLee. Why might he have gone by that nickname? Well, according to historian Chris Phillips, there were two men of note who went by John Lee. The first one was a songwriter and performer in 19th century London who performed at all kinds of events — but more often than not for underworld figures. The second was nicknamed John-in-the-Gutter or just Dog. He was convicted for passing counterfeit banknotes with Benjamin Kuhr in 1823.

Are the Lees in Peaky Blinders Irish?

No, and people make it a big point in saying that. The Lees are part of Birmingham’s Chinatown and make their living running gambling houses, bookmaking operations, loan sharking…basically things that are illegal and make money. That’s what they do. It’s how they survive as a family. So yeah, they have connections in Ireland—enough connections that Tommy manages to get his hands on Thompson submachine guns—but no one ever identifies them as Irish. They’re just Chinese guys with Irish ties who run around Birmingham wearing flat caps, overcoats, suspenders (braces), bowlers and carrying guns. They have all that typical Chinese stuff you might see if you visit Chinatown today in America or anywhere else for that matter.

What was Alfie Solomons dog called?

Skip was Alfie Solomons Bulldog. Only one season before he called it a day as far as I remember – or maybe two. If I’m honest, he lost interest and didn’t even seem to like making his lines up anymore. Can’t say i blame him though. Scripts were shit after series 2,3 and 4

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