Actor, comedian, producer, and writer Joel Kim Booster is one of the brightest rising stars in comedy. He was named one of Rolling Stone’s 25 under 25, co-created and co-produced the hit Netflix animated show Big Mouth and its spinoff series The Other Two, and his own comedy special Fresh Off the Bloat debuted on Comedy Central in 2017. But he truly shines when he gets on stage to perform stand-up comedy, which he did over the weekend at Boston Calling music festival alongside his podcast buddy Guy Branum. Joel Kim Booster’s Stand-Up Routine is Unmissable

An Introduction to Joel Kim Booster

A good friend of mine is currently going through some major life changes and she wanted to see a comedy show. I knew just the person to contact, Joel Kim Booster. I had seen him in a few web series and was impressed with his acting, writing, and comedy. He has also written for Big Mouth and The Other Two as well as acted on Shrill and Search Party. From this I knew he would be an amazing comedian at her show. I got tickets for the two of us and made plans to meet up beforehand. When we arrived, there were only two other people there! We quickly got drinks and waited anxiously for Joel to come on stage. We were not disappointed! His set was so funny that by the time he came off stage my sides hurt from laughing too much!

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About Role As Nicholas in Loot (TV series)

As Nicholas, Joel Kim Booster portrays a sharp and sometimes sarcastic gay millennial.

In fact, the character of Nick is so relatable to gay millennials that he was voted Most Likely to Fall in Love with Joel.

The show has received rave reviews and was awarded the 2019 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

A Day in the Life of Joel Kim Booster

In my day, I usually start by waking up to a text from my mom. It’s usually something like I hope you have time for your mother today or I just wanted to let you know I think about you every day and I love you so much. Every morning we have the same ritual: she sends me a text, and then I send her one back telling her how much I love her and that she’s my hero.

Joel Kim Booster's Stand-Up Routine is Unmissable
Joel Kim Booster’s Stand-Up Routine is Unmissable

What’s So Funny About Group Chat?

I’m an introvert, I’m a minority and I’m a woman, he said. It’s not like I have any other obstacles in my life. He joked about how his friends would ask him to go out with them, but then text him later to say I can’t hang out, I gotta take care of my kids.

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Defining Myself through Comedy

I feel like I am really a comedian before anything else. It’s what I love the most and what I’m the best at. Joel Kim Booster, born and raised in Indiana, started doing stand up comedy when he was 18 years old. When asked how it felt to be on stage for the first time, he responded: I don’t know. It felt good?

Owning my Race & Culture with Humor

I’m a Korean American and my parents are from Korea. Growing up, I was so embarrassed about my culture and trying to assimilate into American culture. It wasn’t until college that I found the power in being different.

Who is Joel Alexander Kim Booster?

Joel Alexander Kim Booster is an American actor, comedian, producer, and writer. He co-produced and wrote for Big Mouth and The Other Two and as an actor has appeared on Shrill, Search Party, and Sunnyside. In 2022 he wrote, produced, and starred in Loot. His stand up routines are both unmissable and unforgettable.

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What is Kim Booster doing now?

He currently stars in the Netflix series, The Other Two and is a writer for NBC’s show, Sunnyside. In 2019, he will be starring in Loot on TBS as Nicholas.

In 2018 he was named one of Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch and also starred in his first stand-up special for Comedy Central: Joel Kim Booster: Please Select Your Gender.

What religion is Joel booster?

He was raised by a Jewish mother, but identifies as an Atheist. He grew up in the Midwest and went to college at Brown University where he studied theater. As a comedian, he often talks about being black and gay in America.

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