When Mel’s little sister was first introduced in season 1 of Virgin River, her character was, shall we say, not the most pleasant woman on television. What she did to Mel and her friends in the season finale was enough to make anyone turn away from her in disgust—and that was just the first time. But as the seasons have progressed and her role has grown and changed, Joey Barnes (played by Jenny Cooper) has shown that she can be very kind and caring, much like Mel always knew she could be. Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes: A sister’s love knows no bounds

I. Background

TV shows are always looking for ways to keep their audience coming back for more. One way they do this is by adding new characters and storylines to the show. Virgin River does just that with the introduction of Mel’s older sister, Jenny Cooper, played by actress Rachel Melvin in season 1 and 2 of the series.

Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes: A sister’s love knows no bounds

II. Scenario

When Mel finds out her best friend has been diagnosed with cancer, she quickly packs her bags to return to Virgin River for the first time in years. The only person who can understand what she is going through is her older sister, Jenny. Jenny is an aspiring actress living in Los Angeles and has always been there for Mel when needed. This time around, it’s her turn to be there for her baby sister and give back all the support that Mel has given her over the years.

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III. Highlights

What is the hardest part of being a big sister? Sometimes it can be difficult to find the balance between being a friend and knowing when you need to step in. That struggle has been expertly captured by Jenny Cooper, who plays Mel and Joey’s older sister, in Virgin River. As the family matriarch, she is often torn between her various duties to her children and her need for independence. The show highlights how difficult it is for a single parent to juggle everything on their own.

IV. Trivia

1. Jenny was born on April 16, 1988.

2. She is a graduate of the University of Miami with a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in theater arts.

3. In 2011, she started studying at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in Hollywood, California and since then has been working professionally in film and television productions, commercials, voice-overs, and theater productions all over Los Angeles.

Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes: A sister's love knows no bounds
Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes: A sister’s love knows no bounds

4. Jenny’s favorite book is The Alchemist.

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5. When she first got to L.A., Jenny had a bit of trouble finding her place in the industry because her last name sounds more like barnes than cooper.

6. But it only took a little time for her talent to speak for itself, and soon enough she landed her first recurring role on NBC’s critically acclaimed show Community as student Annie Edison (2010–2015).

V. Reception

I have been watching Virgin River from the beginning, and Jenny Cooper has done an amazing job portraying her character.

Cooper does a wonderful job of portraying the loyal, caring, and fun-loving character of Joey Barnes.

The relationship between sisters Mel and Joey is one that I look forward to watching every week. One episode in particular stands out to me as one of my favorites. In Neighbors, it was revealed that Mel had gone through a tough time when she was younger, but never told anyone. She confided in Joey, who then flew all the way to Virgin River just so they could talk about it without being overheard or seen by others. It showed how important their bond is even though they’re separated by distance; they would do anything for each other because they are truly family.

Who plays Joey Barnes in Virgin River?

The role of Joey Barnes is played by Jenny Cooper. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance and English Literature. She has had parts in shows like Criminal Minds and The O.C. In Virgin River, she plays Mel’s older sister who lives in Los Angeles and puts her life on hold to help raise Mel’s three children when their mother dies unexpectedly from an embolism.

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Who is Breckenridge’s sister Jenny Cooper?

Breckenridge’s sister, Jenny Cooper, is the character played by Jenny McCarthy in the TV series, Virgin River. She is the older sister of Mel and Joey Barnes. When Mel leaves Los Angeles to go live with their dad in Virgin River after her mom dies, Jenny helps Mel get a job at the local diner and finds a place for her to live.

Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes: A sister’s love knows no bounds

Who is Joey Barnes on The Bachelorette Season 1?

Joey is the older sister of Jenny Cooper. Jenny and her family live in Virgin River with their Aunt Raylene who is a widow and lives on the family property. The show starts with the death of their father from an accident, but their mother had died when they were both young. The sisters have been there for each other since then and are very close.

Who is Joey Barnes in Melinda Monroe?

Melinda Monroe, the youngest of three sisters, and the only one living in Virgin River with her husband Jack and their daughter Sophie. Melindra is the wife of Jack Monroe, who died while they were vacationing in Virgin River. Though she has a difficult time dealing with his death at first, she eventually comes to see his death as a blessing because it led her to meeting him and having a beautiful daughter with him.

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