The Vampire Diaries fans were shocked and saddened when the character of Jenna Sommers, Elena Gilbert’s aunt, was killed off in season two, but they may soon be even more upset to learn that Jenna’s aunt (and legal guardian) will be returning to the show! Sara Canning, who played Jenna during the first two seasons of The Vampire Diaries, has announced that she will be returning to the show for season eight as her character’s doppelganger, Adelaide. Season eight of The Vampire Diaries premieres on October 21st. Jenna Sommers Aunt Returns To The Vampire Diaries

Sophia Myles returning to TVD

This is big news for a lot of reasons, but first and foremost: it’s so awesome to see Elena and Jeremy’s aunt/legal guardian Jenna (Sara Canning) back on TVD! It’s also worth noting that Sophia Myles was originally tapped to play Elena Gilbert on TVD before Nina Dobrev landed her role.

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25 facts about Sophia Myles you probably didn’t know

Sophia Myles is best known for her role as Elena Gilbert’s aunt, Jenna Sommers, on The Vampire Diaries. Some facts you may not know

17. She has played in 5 different television series: Fingersmith (2005), Bones (2007-2011), Once Upon a Time (2012–2013), Animal Kingdom (2016) and Collateral (2018).

What’s next for Sophia Myles?

After playing mysterious vampire hunter Elena and Jeremy’s aunt Jenna, Myles left The Vampire Diaries during season two. Now that she is returning to TVD in season eight, she tells us what we can expect from her character and whether or not we’ll see her again after that.

Photos from tonight’s episode featuring scenes with Jenna/Sophia Myles

link (DO NOT ADD ANYTHING HERE) The CW premiered a new episode of their hit series, The Vampire Diaries last night featuring an appearance by Elena and Jeremy’s aunt Jenna/Sophia Myles. Since being killed off in season two of The Vampire Diaries, she has been absent from season three and for two episodes in season four.

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Sneak peek behind-the-scenes photos from tonight’s episode featuring scenes with Jenna/Sophia Myles

Jenna Sommers, who plays aunt to Elena and Jeremy and legal guardian to Jeremy after his parents died in a car accident. Over season two, fans were introduced to a vampire named Jenna Salvatore (that’s her on right with Ian Somerhalder at 2012 PaleyFest). In season three episode 17 (By The Light of Dawn), viewers saw that it was only Klaus masquerading as Jenna.

Official CW photo of Jenna returning this week on TVD

Just saw her return on episode 2 of season 7 titled, Lost Girls. She will also be back in episode 3. I don’t know if she’ll appear again but she does have dialogue in episodes 3 and 4. Here’s a photo from episode 1 of season 7 that aired last night

Jenna Sommers Aunt Returns To The Vampire Diaries
Jenna Sommers Aunt Returns To The Vampire Diaries

Why did Sara leave TVD?

I don’t know that I can answer it properly without going off on a huge tangent, but basically, after season 2 of TVD, I had a series of conversations with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson about what was going to happen next for my character. We talked about who she was and where she was coming from and what her journey was and how it was going to play out.

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Does Jenna get turned?

We will see Jenna again on The Vampire Diaries. However, there are no plans to turn her into a vampire at this time. I will say that she has been in a very difficult place for quite some time, and that is something we’ll have to deal with, along with her returning. There’s a lot of history between Elena, Jeremy and Jenna. This was just one giant emotional wringer for all of them.

Who is Jenna to Elena?

There’s no doubt that Elena Gilbert and Jenna Sommers were close once upon a time, but what will happen now that Jenna is back in town? Luckily for us, two of TVD’s hottest stars — Nina Dobrev and Sara Canning — were up to take on our burning questions. . . . Nina: I am beyond excited about it. She’s coming back! Sara is such an amazing actress, so to have her return is fantastic.

How is Jenna related to the Gilberts?

Sara Canning is cousins with Candice Accola, who plays Caroline in The Vampire Diaries. As a result, Jenna and Caroline are aunt and niece. According to Canning, she was only told about her character’s connection to Caroline during season two. I had no idea that I was actually related to her until halfway through season two, she said. I found out just like everyone else did.

Does aunt Jenna come back to life?

Sara Canning, who played Jenna Sommers (Elena and Jeremy’s aunt) on The Vampire Diaries is returning to TVD in Season 8. According to EW, she will return for a 5 episode arc later in season 8 as she has been kidnapped by Kai Parker.

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