What’s better than one Van Damme? Two Van Dammes. What’s better than two Van Dammes? Three Van Dammes… Wait, what? Yes, Jean-Claude Van Damme played three different characters in the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru . Although it may not seem like that big of a deal, this fact still makes me lose my mind every time I hear about it (which is often). That’s why I thought it would be fun to put together this little article on the most bad ass of those three roles, Jean Clawed! Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6

Fast Forward

Gru has long been a fan favorite in the Despicable Me series, but his origins date back to a wildly different movie that Van Damme made in 1989. Cannon Films, then famous for its Masters of The Universe toys, put out a movie called Double Impact (one part to be released each year). It stars Van Damme as twins separated at birth and raised on opposite sides of an American-French cultural divide. One brother becomes a Frenchman (and is played by Jean-Claude Van Damme), while the other brother becomes an American (and is played by J.E. Freeman). That’s right, J.E., not J.C.—the spelling was changed for branding purposes on Van Damme’s end.

Jean Clawed is born (not really)

Jean Clawed is a popular film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Clawed, a member of The Vicious 6. Jean was orphaned at birth when his family were attacked by lobsters; he was raised by lobsters and for most of his life believed he was human, until he met up with Kevin, who whisk(e)s him away to London to live among humans.

Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6
Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6

However, Jean soon discovers that because he’s part lobster…he has big metal claws for hands and a metal lobster claw for an arm. Everyone loves him though as he’s super charming and always gets them out of trouble!

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Part 1

Gru’s right-hand man is a tough guy who has a giant lobster claw instead of an arm. It’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for someone with lobster claws (I mean, in place of hands), but if you really think about it, Gru and his minions are pretty similar. Gru wants revenge on Vector and he doesn’t care what he destroys along the way. Jean Clawed has had his claw since birth and doesn’t seem to give it much thought either; he seems more interested in destroying enemies with his new appendage than anything else.

Final Battles

Having claw-like hands makes it really hard to do normal things like open doors, pick up objects and use cutlery. These things are very necessary in everyday life, so a lobster claw means Jean Clawed has to carry everything with him everywhere he goes. While many would see these as negatives, Jean Clawed sees them as strengths – after all, what could possibly be cooler than carrying around your own personal chair and table? This actually gives him an edge in combat too; if you’re fighting someone with fists or legs, they’re going to beat you in close quarters – but if you’ve got a giant lobster claw on one arm? There’s nothing they can do to you except run away screaming!

Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6
Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6

The Big Man Himself

Gru used to be known as one of, if not THE best villain ever, until he had a change of heart. Now Gru is trying to be an upstanding guy for his adopted daughters. This isn’t his natural state though. He wants nothing more than to rule over everything with an iron fist (and lobster claw). Gru lives in a sweet underwater lair, goes on covert missions and spends his free time battling rival villains on land or water. As Jean Clawed, Gru is part of a team called The Vicious 6, who each have their own unique personality quirks and abilities. If you thought Gru was ruthless before just wait until you see what he can do with an additional set of limbs!

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What disease does Claude Van Damme have?

Van Damme has a serious case of gout, an inflammatory form of arthritis. Gout is caused by an excess build-up of uric acid in your joints and results in excruciating pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. It’s sometimes referred to as rich man’s disease because it’s more common among wealthy people who have overindulged on red meat over time. Too much alcohol consumption can also lead to gout attacks and if you get them often enough it could eventually cause chronic kidney disease. There are a number of things that doctors recommend people with gout do (dietary recommendations come first) but some prefer surgery when all else fails.

Who is Van Damme’s daughter?

Samara Van Damme (born 1991), also known as Samara Redgrave-Van Damme, is a Brazilian actress and model. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 15, 1991 to martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme and former model Gladys Portugues. Samara was raised with her younger sister Vanessa Van Damme in Los Angeles, California from a young age. She played supporting roles in her father’s films Sudden Death (1995) and Maximum Risk (1996). In 2003 she won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video for Moby’s single We Are All Made of Stars which features both herself and her father. …

Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6
Jean Clawed: The Lobster Clawed badass of The Vicious 6

How did Van Damme get the bump on his forehead?

Van Damme was originally cast as Gru in Despicable Me. As he had been noted for playing villains throughout his career, it was decided that he would be cast as one again. So they molded a prosthetic deformity to put on his forehead, but Van Damme took issue with it and after a couple days of filming demanded that they remove it. This ended up being great for Gru because now he looked menacing without a bump on his head. This was also part of why audiences connected with Gru so well, since people felt bad for him and sympathized with him when he finally got rid of his deformity.

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Does Jean-Claude Van Damme have bipolar disorder?

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been a major international film star since 1982. But in addition to being one of Hollywood’s most famous action heroes, he has also become a well-known figure for his erratic, hypomanic behavior. He’s often late to events and cancels them on short notice. He improvises lines on set and occasionally throws tantrums when filming isn’t going exactly as he wants it to go. His moods are legendary: One minute he’ll be laughing with friends; an hour later, he might be giving them the silent treatment while they eat dinner together.

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