Discussing her new film, The Man from Toronto, Jasmine Mathews has this to say about her character in the film and what the experience of working on the project meant to her: It was pretty cool to play Lori. I think it’s important for young women to see that there are different ways to be strong, and that you don’t have to be just one way. If you need to cry, or if you need to be vulnerable and sad sometimes – which many of us do – then it’s all right. Jasmine Mathews Brings Intensity to The Man from Toronto

What the Critics Say

Jasmine Mathews is an up-and-coming actress who has already made a name for herself in the industry. She is known for her intensity and her ability to disappear into a role. In The Man from Toronto, she plays Lori, a woman who is caught up in a love triangle with two men. Jasmine brings her trademark intensity to the role, making Lori a complex and fascinating character. You can see that the actor disappears into this part because of how good Jasmine is at telling a story through her expressions and body language. You can tell that she’s conflicted, trying to figure out what is best for her while being pulled in different directions by these two people. It’s such a beautifully acted performance that it leaves you wanting more when it’s over.

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Who is Jasmine Mathews Play Role as Lori

Jasmine Mathews is an actress who is known for her work on television. She has appeared in a number of different shows, including The Young and the Restless and NCIS: Los Angeles.

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