Jarl Haakon, also known as Harold Fairhair, was king of Norway from c. 872 to 930 CE and the first king of a united Norway. He founded the Fairhair dynasty which ruled Norway until 1387. Under his rule, medieval Norway’s overseas trade and ecclesiastical relations expanded, while Christianity became the predominant religion in Norway and its laws were codified. Jarl Haakon’s story

Where he came from

Jarl Haakon was born in Norway. His father is Viking royalty, and his mother is a fierce Viking warrior. While he was growing up in Norway, Jarl quickly earned a reputation as a talented hunter and shrewd negotiator. While these skills are useful on a trading vessel, they would prove even more useful when King Horik decided to form an invasion fleet to attack Wessex.

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What made him who he was

Jarl was not his real name. He was born in Sweden as Hrolf Njalsson, son of a great warrior called Njal, who fell during The War of Vengeance. Since Hrolf was a true son of Njal he had inherited some of his father’s traits. Amongst others that meant he had no sense for politics and diplomacy which were important for an Earl to possess.

Jarl Haakons story
Jarl Haakon’s story

His relationships with other characters

Ragnhild, Ingvar, Athelstan and Ragnar. Season 1 (spoilers) – Jarl haakon met Ragnar Lothbrok when they were both young. They became fast friends but their friendship suffered a great deal when Ragnar killed Jarl Gorm and everyone thought it was Haakon who did it, but since he would never kill one of his own people he let himself be hanged so ragnar wouldn’t get in trouble.

How his death affected everyone else

Many viewers were wondering what happened to Jarl Haakon after he was killed at Ragnar’s hand. Valhalla took him and prepared for his arrival for their upcoming battle.

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