A defense attorney is put in an interesting position when her client confesses to murder but she believes he’s innocent and wants to help him get off scot-free. In the 2011 thriller The Lincoln Lawyer, both Kim Hawthorne as Janelle Simmons and Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Haller find themselves in such a situation, despite the fact that the former is running for District Attorney against the latter (see Figure 1). However, since Hawthorne’s character works on the opposite side of the courtroom from McConaughey’s, he ends up helping her more than she helps him. Janelle Simmons: The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney

Who is Janelle Simmons

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Janelle is a first-generation college graduate. In 2008, she graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a minor in Social Welfare. Shortly after graduating from UCLA, Janelle began her career as an assistant to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles (2006-2008). From there, she went on to become an Assistant District Attorney for L.A., during which time she tried over 20 felony jury trials. In 2012, Janelle became a partner at Arifjan & Associates until 2017 when she was invited by Kim Hawthorne to join his campaign team running for district attorney…

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Who is Kim Hawthorne

Kim Hawthorne is a seasoned lawyer who has worked in Los Angeles County’s District Attorney Office for over 30 years. She is a strong leader with extensive experience fighting hard cases and will take on both violent and white collar crime as well as domestic violence. She will be tough but fair, representing all citizens of Los Angeles County. Hawthorne has been running with a popular movement to hold judges accountable and address racial bias in our justice system by implementing cameras in courthouses so that every trial can be recorded to ensure transparency while protecting witnesses from intimidation or threats from gangs or syndicates of corrupt police officers.

Janelle Simmons: The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney
Janelle Simmons: The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney

Kim Hawthorne as Janelle Simmons

The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney March 1, 2013 by Kimberly Davis California’s electoral process has a new star. Janelle Simmons, played by Kim Hawthorne in The Lincoln Lawyer, is running against incumbent district attorney Alvarez (Ryan Phillippe) in a race that becomes violent and ugly. In The Lincoln Lawyer, Ryan Phillippe plays Mickey Haller, an unconventional attorney who runs his practice out of his car. After Haller lands a high-profile client named Louis Roulet (Matthew McConaughey), he hires Janelle to work as his investigator on the case.

Early life

Janelle Simmons has been in office since being elected in 1992. Although her career seems to be at a standstill, she is getting a lot of media attention after playing defense attorney Janelle Simmons on the popular TV show, The Lincoln Lawyer. Though she claims that she was only acting and not actually doing her job, many people believe that when her character defends an obviously guilty man it gives an untrue portrayal of how our justice system works. As one viewer said, Who would want someone like that defending them? There are also accusations that she took ideas from another district attorney named John Milton and included them in her show script without any attribution. These allegations come as no surprise to anyone who knows about John Milton.

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Case against her father

Hawthorne is reprising her role as Janelle Simms, who made a cameo in season 1 when she met with Mickey Haller after he got out of prison. She reappears in season 2 as an attorney running for district attorney on a platform of getting tougher on crime and eliminating plea bargaining. Hawthorne is best known for starring opposite Will Smith in Suicide Squad and playing Special Agent Renee Walker in 24 Season 6.

Janelle Simmons: The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney
Janelle Simmons: The Lincoln Lawyer Running for District Attorney

Case against Damian McRay

Kim Hawthorne, who is running for Los Angeles District Attorney on a platform of anti-corruption and criminal justice reform, today announced her candidacy with a full-page ad in LA’s two major newspapers. The ad depicts Kim with Damian McRay, who had been convicted of five felony counts including murder and manslaughter before his conviction was overturned. McRay will stand trial again later in 2011. Hawthorne faces an uphill battle as she attempts to unseat Steve Cooley, who is one of President Obama’s appointees to our nation’s Department of Justice. If elected in 2012, Janelle Simmons would become Los Angeles’ first female district attorney.

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Run for DA

Janelle Simmons, a defense attorney known as The Lincoln Lawyer, is running for Los Angeles district attorney in 2016. She’s made a name for herself representing notorious criminals, such as suspected Grim Sleeper serial killer Lonnie Franklin Jr., pro bono. Most recently, she represented R&B singer Chris Brown after he was involved in an altercation with Rihanna. But even if she defeats current DA Jackie Lacey to win her office, will her past work represent a conflict of interest? Would it be in her best interest to recuse herself from high-profile cases involving celebrities and Hollywood executives? Or will her experience provide unique insight into these types of cases that other prosecutors lack?


Janelle became a lawyer and dedicated her life to serving justice. Her specialty is taking down organized crime syndicates. She grew up in her father’s house and learned everything she knows about law from him. She’s trained by assassins and is good at figuring out when people are lying. This can be seen in season 4 episode 6 Everybody Says Don’t where she was able to tell if Mike, who was pretending to be another prisoner in order to get into Sona, was lying or not while he kept on insisting that he had nothing to do with it all but she knew he was involved due to how often he looked over his shoulder.

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