As House of Cards approaches the end of its fourth season, I decided to take this time to introduce you to the man who is set to become Frank Underwood’s nemesis in season 5, James Martinez, played by actor Freddy Rodriguez. Though Frank seems omnipotent and unstoppable, there’s one man that can bring him down from his throne: Congressman Alex Romero (Martinez). James Martinez the only man who can stop Frank Underwood

Who Is James Martinez?

James Martinez is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Alex Romero in House of Cards. He’s been acting since 2001 and has appeared in several television shows and movies. He’s also starred in two short films 21 (2011) and Vespertine (2014). The talented actor is also very active on social media and posts regular photos to Instagram. In fact, he posted a photo of himself at a screening of season five with Doug Stamper himself, Michael Kelly!

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Who is Alex Romero?

Alex Romero, who is portrayed by James Martinez in House of Cards Season 5, is a Democratic congressman from Texas. He was once a rising star in his party, but an unsuccessful run for governor of Texas and an extramarital affair left him mired in controversy and political irrelevance.

James Martinez the only man who can stop Frank Underwood
James Martinez the only man who can stop Frank Underwood

How did he go from political underdog to sitting on the most powerful committee in Congress?

Many of you may remember James Martinez from his brief stint on House of Cards as Peter Russo’s district director; he also plays a small role in The Dark Knight Rises. It was announced last month that he’ll be starring as Congressman Alex Romero for at least one episode of season 5. Here’s what it takes to go from D.C. bureaucrat to head of a major congressional committee

Can He Really Stop Frank Underwood?

With Kevin Spacey suspended from House of Cards, showrunners have a challenge: How to write out Frank without simply killing him off? (Spacey was originally slated to appear in two episodes of season 6.) Enter James W. Martinez as Alex Romero, a Democratic congressman who leads the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Frank’s alleged abuse of power.

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Why it Matters

In season 4 of Netflix’s hit show House of Cards, actor James Martinez plays Alex Romero, a Democratic congressman and leader of a House Intelligence Committee investigation into Frank Underwood’s alleged abuse of power. Over five seasons and 53 episodes, House of Cards has been both an ode to political drama and satire.

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